Hello everyone my name is Alina and I am very
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cheers on my channel 100,000 subscribers !!! I thank each of you for what you
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all the time my channel has existed I I learned so much about creativity that I don’t even
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Well, today we will create this huge new year gnome with his
hands! I don’t even have words, t and I can’t describe that to a hundred thousand subscribers I
I can sew such a gnome myself if honestly, I don’t know how to sew, this is mine
sewing debut, I hope you will not be much scold me in the comments if I will
to do something wrong, but I hope it You’ll like the video, because look
what a cool dwarf! saw a lot of different videos on YouTube about
creating little such dwarfs from socks with groats but it’s not all for me
interesting since it’s already 100 times already many repeat! but this
I haven’t met a huge gnome and so I got a burning desire
I hope to sew just such a huge one like it! subscribe to my channel!
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reviews, I read, some take on note, just love to chat with you,
I will be grateful to you! but we let finally look, I can’t wait any longer
share with you how you can create gnome at home and even in such
volumes on the Internet I found a picture with templates for gnome and stretch them
8 sheet program, and since at home I have a printer, I printed these sheets,
and if you don’t, you can go to printing salon, you with
print pleasure, in this video I I will work on the floor as too
large volume and I needed what you everything fits in one picture
and such a large template should get out
then with adhesive tape I glue everything sheets link to this finished template i
I’ll leave in the description under the video you can Download is very easy to download and
just on top I always place under video be careful next you need everything
neatly cut and that’s why I glued all the details so that later
they have not broken up gradually cut everything out and I’m already in
anticipation of what I will do and after about minutes of action I have
it turned out to cut large patterns and that’s how they look and as i said
Unfortunately, I don’t remember how to sew before mom told me that I’m in the fifth
classroom at school barely as with her help I sewed a skirt, but gnome, I do very
wanted and yet so afraid that I can’t succeed in
unfortunately the most difficult thing was to sew in I tormented one with him for about an hour
to pin everything very smoothly but nevertheless, I succeeded and I am sure
you will also succeed if you are exactly the same just like I just don’t know how to sew
the main thing is arm yourself with a thread machine and with fabrics you will succeed in principle
such a dwarf is very budget me all the materials came out for 500 rubles
although in stores similar to gnomes 1 – 2 and 3000 rubles, I think you have met me yet
saw the legs of such gnomes snowmen also looks very very
interesting and since your home this year I adorn completely in white and gray
tones and gnome I did exactly in such shades but of course you can
choose red blue green even look very beautiful with scottish
such gnomes choose what you most like
Next, let me show you what I am I will sew the gnome fix price myself
found just such a pillowcase dairy the colors she is very soft and I think just
suitable for mittens with legs for gnome and of course you will need fabric
sulfur with polka dots is a matting cost I took exactly 1 meter 190 rubles
meter the seller in the store advised me to take
white calico and it combined perfectly with me with a pillowcase from a fixed price on gray
fabrics on the back I translate first torso gnome and for me so it
it was even more tedious work rather already I wanted to start sewing
but still without this work anywhere and the second torso detail will need
flip mirror arrangement for translation of templates I used the usual
the pen I don’t have any crayons soap and other accessories then everything needs to be cut take
good scissors to keep the edge level these two blanks should
get it and it will be the body of my gnome further on the pieces of gray fabric I translate
handles need 4 such blanks too need to translate on the back and preparatory work on
cutting patterns will win me took about an hour and a half and such
neat in the players should get cut 4 things further from the same gray fabric I circle
one thing is needed then cut out and get an even circle further on the pillowcase I translate mittens
they also need to cut four things after I translated the first template
I turn the mitten over to the mirror display and draw again
I was afraid that this is not pillowcases for me enough for mittens on the leg but I have
everything turned out so you can also boldly take a fixed price such pillowcases
it turns out these mittens but they the material is very loose and therefore I
glued two layers of hot glue home the master class is not for the faint of heart so
let’s say you need to try to get chic and beautiful big gnome
which you can do with your own hands such mittens should be further
translate the legs here you do not need to display mirror arrangement since everything
stick equally on the same way hot glue all blanks and since the fabric was wrinkled I’m all
ironed well and here you can ask me a question
Alina and where are the blanks on the cap they will be a little later as I said
that with a cap I suffered a little finally start sewing two pieces
I sew the trunk together, I sew on the back to the front we have
it turned out beautiful I’m not flashing completely from the top this is which
narrow i leave space as well below I don’t sew up so that later we
were able to attach the bottom and for gnome i don’t picked up some special wrong
decided everything as usual white further when I have sewn further when I
sewed two parts of the body starting attach the bottom with small
I also attach the needles to the inside front side
if any terms i will use incorrectly think you to me
excuse me since this is my first sewing video on the channel and so it should
at first I was worried that I don’t have enough size, but as it turned out
the bottom corresponds to the base of the body then we flash everything on a typewriter and I
gradually removed the needles and so I got a way to sew a nose
the first time I turn the workpiece and here so it should be
from above, as you can see from me left a small hole through
which I will stuff my gnome syntepon the seams look very neat sturdy
even she honestly did not expect that it can happen to me but everything is possible
say that the main and most difficult part for me behind then stuff
scraps of sintepon its gnome these trim you can buy at any studio we
bought a very big bag and one one hundred kilograms only 20 rubles is
much cheaper if you buy ready white pure sintepon also take
sintepuh or some foam balls generally remove that filler
which you find I stuffed very tightly and tried not to be on the surface
bumps after we are tight stuffed gnomes with synthetic winterizer sew on top
holes I did it manually and I don’t I know the name of this seam spied
I am also on the tube in the sewing video but I think you can also find and understand and this seam above it will not be visible under
cap do not worry and so tight and very pretty
the basis for gnome turned out Well it turns out already very cool on
it becomes even more interesting to me agree it is such a pleasant feeling
that when you planned something for you it turns out to bring life to life
then I sew the handle blanks too I fold two blanks with the front side
together and stitch from the top I I am completely stitching and leave it from below
hole so that you can fill hand further sewn mittens from the top
parts also leave a small hole at first was afraid that my machine wasn’t
take such a fabric but it worked out look what cute mittens for gnomes
I turned out they are very soft I I’m glad I chose just such a fabric
the handle itself also looks great all the seams even let’s try on together
can i put my mitt in hand and yes everything goes well there
small folds but it’s nothing scary and make me
to connect the hand, I first stuff the mittens synthetic winterizer so that it is voluminous then insert the handpiece and
flashing on a typewriter as shown on video
doing this very carefully was afraid that not will succeed further through the left hole from above
fill the hand with a padding polyester from the top leave some space for that
so that in the future we can do well sewn a handle to the very body for
decor in the store I bought a small lace cut
she is so soft and very pretty I decided to decorate this lace
mittens but you can make mittens completely
stick some snowflakes to another stars in general remove what you
if you want, there’s a simple trivial matter bows here is such a cute mitten for gnomik u
I got it from the top of the arm you need holes
exactly also sew up as we did on torso I’ve already accelerated a little
it turned out two hands mittens in the opposite direction
then sew their gnome to determine this is the place where you would like pens
the gnome was located but I myself handle located approximately in the center along the seam
I sew them manually and I need it do very carefully here is such an inconspicuous seam I have
it turned out if you raise your hand there is nothing can not see and now I have already sewn two hands
very happy finally it turns out some shape for gnome with handles
you can play and I think if you will to do for the child he is very
I will like it further on a typewriter in a similar way my legs first
the idea was to make long legs for dwarf but then when I cut out
I understood all the templates that they will not be here I decided to leave very well
as stated by pattern doctors in full and it turns out
cute little leg from the top i also left a hole in order
I could put it inside synthetic winterizer and here did not want legs
were sewing up manually hole through which we placed the synthetic winterizer Next, we sew the legs in advance, I already
noticed where they will be located to me and I didn’t have any difficulties
I sew them manually and arrange exactly where the seam with dan
so the legs will turn out as much as possible neat and natural like that
it should turn out in my opinion already very well had not even distinguished from
toy stores and such a foundation gnome I did it now
Of course not very similar to him, but further look and you’ll see everything is still difficult for
it turned out to sew me a cap since I cut out and first on the fabric along the body
but then it all didn’t fit me remade several times and changed
I then sat down the camera in general with grief I sewed the base of the cap in half
decided that it should coincide with torso and cut out patterns of white
tissue but then I realized that from the top
the head narrows and the patterns will not fit I applied the fabric directly to gnome
I decided to cut off the top I cut the pattern on the top to
the length that I needed with I will do the same with the second workpiece
decided that I would be of such volume enough and the cap will not be large Next, I first sheathed the lower part
bending about a centimeter and the edges this is done so that the edge is
neat and not poured further serves blanks along the sides I ask but I can tell you right away that he is me
nothing happened when I became trying on a cap for gnome he turned
too big but look so quite not good
I decided to pin the excess tissue with needles and then flash the pony Now when I’ve done it completely
finished gnome I measured the size for you cap itself
and it turned out to be the bottom bottom of me It turned out about 55 centimeters and themselves
side parts of 50, then I asked for cars or excess fabric I certainly
I cut out the cap and turn it like this ready he already looked at me he
turned out just in size and so he sits perfectly on gnomes not
like well and we finally at the finish direct complex elements are already behind
it remains only to make a beard nose and pompon for cap and then home i
found flesh-colored felt and cut I roll a piece of 10 by 10 centimeters
ball sintepon and start to shape the nose live with felt sintepon to the center By the way, the nose can be a little
decorate white paint make it snowy or make
pink about the eye eyes I originally planned but at home
unfortunately did not find suitable in black beads and therefore made without them glue on hot glue nose for gnome
it can be sewn but glue is excellent too holds I made the beard itself out of the fur that I
gladly gave mom from the old down jacket so you can too
use this material fur and cut I need parts you can
buy special white fur which also sold in textile stores
I put glue on the bottom of the fur and glue stolen top part so from the top so
As the synthetic winterizer was visible, I bent it saw a big variation on the internet
mihai made it white red gray plait braids make dwarf girls
very interesting and inspiring adjusting gnome’s beard somewhere
I glue it so that everything is neat on the cap I stick the pompom which
made of knitting threads so do pomponchik can be viewed on youtube and
there is a lot of video and I didn’t show and so amazing
scandinavian gnome I got try to make it confidently yours
kids and you will like him well what am I I hope you liked this video and it was
useful and you too caught fire idea create a similar gnome will be very happy
if you repeat and that’s all, see you in
following creative and new year’s videos !!! bye bye!

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