Я Сломал PES 2020 Mobile | Новый BOX DRAW Worldwide Club Stars

hi hi hi pesers with you
of course walrus promised dropbox new who left us on Monday to
there are no legends in it but there are blacks in it players and many are already writing dropbox bottom
there is no ronaldo but i have no strength hiring hurts i will tell you so guys i’m now
I take dropbox as a chance to catch in takes so that then change to the necessary
there are no players on this account purple cancer i don’t have i collect
ordinary and why not collect for this part of them all the more so gap to spend so far
what’s not what honestly not really me I believe in dropbox and with legends in the future
although on the other hand I would like to believe maybe once a month let’s say this
would i do konami in place but how do konami yourself understand this for
us remains a secret except black players there is good gold + there is gold
which I have 2 pieces of which also can be launched on an exchange but also in
total half a million as usual i will merge money as you see on your account
enough therefore forward and starting with the black ball does not fall here
juventus 19 car number you have 19 number one party received
carbon students or not and not like confuse like jars
well not bad on this account me him no plus some silver ones too
I will leave some for exchange some are just interesting players if
will come across too, I will leave why not by the way I rode in
online with your mates while he is there completely without violets, I tell you
I’ll say no, I don’t make much difference felt they are also playing great
if they are in a good mood and meaning to put a pure purple composition
I think, well, a little bit is lost, and here no ruben dias drops out today I no
today today, of course, he was caught in special issue + w mass I have it and
by the way plays low on low ratings but I’ll leave it, I’ll leave it possible
someone silver interesting you can change so far is not bad in
the first almost black ball in the second ruben dias which is at least interesting under
gold compositions universal protector and in the third party I also catch a black ball
Marcel and who is black there and you probably most likely there m yes he is right
midfielder not so much we have rights midfield
in the game but right from one position midfielder plus plus barrel i
which double means it will go to exchange here is the only thing for me while I’m bye
I thought about which team to assemble here I slowly began to collect stars
of the past I have flowing jawing and those who is following my instagram knows
change the full ribery buffon naturally there is a full in principle after the update
Ibrahimovic full can be added to it besides, it would be just from such
old players already but is it really guys who are quite worthy of the title
the legend when they finish their career is not know write in the comments who else
can I take it will be in principle interesting and maybe I’ll put together a team
such old men and basically somewhere in some tournament them and
about kata unfortunately his opponent in the league
I don’t know Europe, I’m waiting for the end toss more precisely, I’m waiting for Misha
write naturally and then honestly say I don’t follow me personally communicates
group administrator and personally tells me all the news here
I use such a bad person what to do what to do so
nothing interesting happens to me here turnip hour milan take is also possible
will go in exchange and maybe it won’t go I know while it is possible for example full Milan
collect here there is gullit there is maldini there is a bar asia who’s there
us from Milan again and there is massaro is everything seems to be useful adida is
Of course, it seems like everything according to Milan maldini will be well yes 6 sort of like 6
the pilgrim doesn’t fall interesting pay him guys
attention who collects silver compositions or just a composition of young guys 188
centimeters best stats in the past parts of the mod those who did not play in 19 shorter in
at the very beginning of the game, his special card in Monaco special issue we have a woman
or he didn’t need it yet and consoles he was shorter this hell rocked to 99 and
his height was not 188 but 193 if I didn’t wrong or 194 shorter imagine
Ibrahimovic building 99 this was he just killed pellets
known problem around the beginning of the year nur on a sieve in
at the beginning of the season he was injured and on all year he almost got into shape d
that is, he was constantly on the down arrows it’s like a hollow player and on the other
his sides just screwed up this pair shape just already cut out of the game i don’t
I imagine how people are bombing which don’t play this game too much and
let’s say they collect it for a long time craft some conventional neimar
him You yourself know Neymar quite often
injured here broads injury all he draw up and you spent a month to
raise money for this is my hack so craft it through out of economy you
spreads in such a pig because this is realism but we are not in reality
game and we play the game therefore choose arrows channel remove
arrows remove the form it is not necessary we want a normal damn eSports
football so that everyone has an equal chance they provoked to hear this
the mood of the players which of us will be getting an edge on the field it’s not
ok galena immediately goes to FIG I’ll probably leave sanchez
and Anderson will also leave as you see he is not a new player, then such a hall
I already have a player, which means he will come you give me in principle, in principle, I
ready as you can see for any dropbox i now look in dropbox legends 3
million seven hundred and fifty thousand how worth the past i’m ready to merge completely
the main thing is that there are legends that Do I need enough on this account?
person 5 in my opinion by jassun that’s for sure beckenbauer whom I
perfectly fished for the new year just Like if you sympathized with me
arshavin 3 who is who else I am not 30 and infected
but in principle it wasn’t even in the game has not yet been shown
Like everything means wearing means 44 total lacks
in short very very few and I hope that all the same this year I can collect it
I want to finish on this account next year I have all the black players in
the game is absolutely and I have all the legends in the game is absolutely true and what the hell is that
guys I think I broke the game damn deduced
okay, now let’s try again so with kinda came to without in not fulfilled
i go good players quietly paki come to an end but something
black though right 30 players and opened 3 blacks they gave me everything in principle
as a percentage as promised and gives annoying of course a little bit such a thing
sometimes better they gave less sometimes gave more but apparently more
gives someone else I’m looking at screenshots and there guys have a very catch
not bad well and I want to say help I played a little bit, I took the scouts
Manchester United and Liverpool but I don’t know who I will not paint from
liverpool probably makes sense craft tags for it makes sense to craft alexander
Arnold from Manchester makes sense craft of course Rashford
someone else there is still a good golden Martial can in principle lingard can
but in general, playing them the way there is quite not bad ones who are worth crafting
this is not to say that it’s super super cool reward for the car but it is quite
not bad and friends don’t know how much now there is a scout at the auction
four star these clubs but I think now I will fall in price
because people got them in the match yes and while more powerful it’s not even necessary
win give about 500 points for defeat
so to pick up the scouts of this you need six matches just go into the game and
wait until mother ends in my opinion no problems and basically saving
will not remove this garbage from me in the meantime black from milan falls out of course this
the novel or the other two points are not there if konami does not remove this garbage then when
match yes and will the main basis is your blow then I think
a huge number of people will just enter the match just wait for the end
match and thus gain the necessary points for needed rewards
good or bad i don’t know with one parties as if people would receive prizes
there is nothing on the other hand I myself do not against pressed for the show let her there herself
something runs to me what’s the difference but I I do not spend time and most importantly I do not spend my
nerves on floating nasty online when also
the game can be against you and then in general, the scribe wants to climb the wall
so that a will be a double impression with On the one hand, I’m just for free
get all the prizes and then again I against but prizes should be given as
when some skill for some kind of victory and people can get them just like that in
in general, in general, I do not know write your opinion what do you think about this will be me
interesting to read in the end it here is the only new regime which judging
everything will be presented to us this year therefore therefore it is necessary somehow
discuss it or something maledom doesn’t fall out I have a good speed
acceleration can be interesting a silver striker so few skills
attacking midfielder but plate center forward with style
attacking midfielder who work will not mean goes to hell why are you
I need such a full-time while I have everything there are 4 black balls I caught but
there must be two more floors purely interest you give me two
black ball guys i want to exchange and anything so that I have an end to me
ends in bavaria I have collected juventus I have assembled an arsenal I have assembled
some club of the middle peasants is needed and and here you can take up some
oh for such a club where players take interesting and
and so it’s all playable that some tournaments could they
ride okay while I stop at the club old men by the way yes at the old men club a
then I will think about something another interesting way Ibrahimovic
what color what color at night and still I think it turns out for black he’s already
a bit old and not so skillful although knowing for he himself will come to the office to on
the world is all on pin this will be a rating of 99 It would be nice if I would pretend that he
also because of us they kicked us for being in the game was boring b cool dad co2 yet
I have two black goals interest rate well, well, no luck
lucky an hour will fall in one lost two black balls or two so far in a row black
ball italy no juventus golden 83 plus but golden 2
4 number of swearing at swearing and apparently judging by the face
he is a good central defender I have it kind of like I have
juventus bran even a replacement and even with two charges can be done if much
want plus legends too therefore therefore with juventus I do not
no problem well and let’s get the last pack what’s called a little dot put in this
while by ningen I hope you enjoyed it I broke the game, she has my healers
buggy hung but nothing gives me monaco started
martina pass if I’m not mistaken right midfielder or right
striker of goodness you are striker victims martinez and nothing else interesting
in general, guys like that buy them from I got half a million 4 black balls
not enough to give more or less gold even my beloved jack who is in
this tank did not give me horror sheer still euro broken alright
write that you opened the ward without it lifting up boxing with you was a march to new
meetings bye bye

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