三毛猫姉さんの絶景秋晴れコロコロ【Eng CC】

Neko-Kichi “Hello everyone.” Neko-Kichi “I just came to a certain park.” Neko-Kichi “By the way, I have something I really want to do today.” Neko-Kichi “Now I’m looking for a place for that.” Neko-Kichi “… Well!” Neko-Kichi “That observation deck should be nice.” Neko-Kichi “It’s a very nice view.” Neko-Kichi “But I can not do it here after all.” Neko-Kichi “There must be other more suitable places.” Neko-Kichi “I will walk by myself from here.” By the way Neko-Kichi, what are you looking for from a while ago? Neko-Kichi “It’s still a secret now.” Neko-Kichi “If you follow me, you will understand.” Neko-Kichi “A wonderful view.” Neko-Kichi “This place has perfect sunshine.” Neko-Kichi “I decided to do it over there!” Neko-Kichi “Let’s start!” Neko-Kichi “Neko-Kichi Rolling fine autumn sky!” Hey Neko-Kichi, It is dangerous if you roll in such a place. Neko-Kichi “I will keep rolling!” Neko-Kichi “Anybody can’t stop me anymore!” Neko-Kichi “I want to do more …” Neko-Kichi “I’m sure I can make a better rolling if we go up to that!” Neko-Kichi “Rolling with a beautiful view is the best!”

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