10 Cool Cat Facts

Powers If humans have cat features, they’d be super
humans. Because cats can jump up to 7 times their
height, apparently has better hearing sense than dogs, can see 6 times better than normal
humans at night and has a “righting reflex” enabling them to survive large falls of up
to 20 meters high. Though apparently anything below or above
20 metres could actually injure them more because a cats terminal velocity of freefall
is achieved at about 21 metres. The longer their fall before reaching their
maximum velocity, the more time for them to relax, position their body upright using their
righting reflex and to prepare for impact. Milk You might think milk is good to give to your
cats but cats are actually lactose intolerant. They can handle milk while they’re still kittens
but when they grow up, the enzyme in their gut called lactase disappears. Though, cats drink milk either because they
like the taste or because they are attracted to the high fat content milk gives. Thus low fat milk is the worse milk you could
give a cat. Boxes Ever wondered why cats love boxes so much? Studies have found boxes gives them a sense
of a safe zone where they can crawl into and hide. Because when cats feel anxiety, they would
opt to hide in cramped and dark places where most things can’t reach them. Another reason why they like boxes especially
cardboard boxes is because of its insulating properties which helps the cats to regulate
its temperature and feel comfortable. So basically for them its the best place to
relax and unwind. Weaknesses
If you see cats with blue eyes and white fur, sadly enough, they’re most probably deaf. Another thing which is not necessarily weakness
but they can’t enjoy eating sweet things because they lack the taste buds to taste anything
sweet. Kinda sad. Skeleton Cats have more bones than humans. For a normal human adult, the amount of bones
should be 206 bones while cats have a range of 230 to 250 bones each. Why is there a range and not specific amounts
you might ask? Well this is determined on how long the cats
tail are and how many toes the cat has. Hunting Cats may be domesticated but they have been
and are deadly hunters. Their claws are kept in check from being too
dull or too long by scratching against coarse materials. Their playful behaviour of chasing toys is
actually training for their bodies and the bells given by humans thinking it would help
birds and other small animals from cats can actually help the cats be more stealthier. Something like a ninja training to move without
ringing the bell. Their body is best for hunting small animals
such as small birds or mice or even small lizards. Now their tiny hooked, rough tongues are for
licking the extra meat from bones, they are also very convenient for grooming their coat
of fur. Affection For cat owners you want to believe that they
love you. Well maybe. They might also think of you as property. We all know cats show their affection through
rubbing themselves on people or other cats or things. This is because they have glands on their
face, tails and paws that releases a scent which acts as markers. They also use their urine as markers for their
property, a much more stronger marker. So if you notice your cats urinating on things
around the house other than the litter box or outside, it means they feel like they don’t
belong and would mark everything it can as their own. Egyptian Cats The cat’s glory days were during Ancient Egypt. They were respected, loved and fed by everyone. They are seen as magical creatures with magic
powers that guards their children and homes. Some even worshiped the cats because of the goddess named Bastet who had the power to become a cat. Cats were so special in that, when a cat dies,
the owner would mourn by shaving off their eyebrows and if the cats were killed, even by accident, the one who killed would be sentenced to death. Sleeping Cats usually sleep for more than 15 hours
a day, kittens and senior cats need more sleep. This sleeping habit is in their genes. They need the sleep for conserving energy
after a long..uh short day of hunting. They are mostly nocturnal being more active
during twilight or nighttime. Though they sleep a lot, they are actually
light sleepers and could wake up quickly and back into action if needed. Meowing and Body language Cats rarely meow between each other. They usually just meow to get the humans attention
or to acknowledge the human. The only time a cat meow to other cats is
when they are in heat or when they’re fighting. Cats mostly communicate using their body language. Years of observing cats and watching cat documentaries and shows, lead me to these conclusions: Wide unblinking eyes, ears perked and head
up means that they are on edge or alert. Ears perked, tail going side to side with
force means they are pretty agitated and is quite like a ticking timebomb. Eyes blinking slowly for stray feral cats
means something like, I won’t hurt you and I trust that you won’t hurt me, but don’t
come any closer. And eyes blinking slowly for domesticated
cats usually means I trust you. There’s a lot more but I think those are the
important ones to make sure you know when or when not to approach a cat.

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