131 | E agora CÃOZINHO ? – Sailing Around the World

131 | E agora CÃOZINHO ? – Sailing Around the World

As the famous phrase said: Sailing is fixing the boat in the most beautiful places in the world! When something goes out of routine
It seems that everything is already out of routine. And that I think so much in boat life
as in life on earth it doesn’t change! We were ready to take a walk with
Google, behold … the engine rope broke !! Google now I do not know how you’ll go! It’s windy unless your father rows look where the beach is … Like when the car battery runs out
early in the morning and you’re late Like that!! Gives a mess in
day but then it hits Beto had put another rope but now burst And Google lying down waiting? Google sometimes the car breaks down,
son there is nothing do! We are here in the dilemma, thinking what we do if we go to Olbia, where there is pier, because of the dog right ?! Or if we go to another beach because now it’s windy and it’s risky we go out with him because the beach is far away Was it a Google scam ?! Come on! We’ll be leaving soon, I just don’t know where! We will ! Come ! So we are moving to the
beach back here. I hope there isn’t wind so we can go out with Google right love ?! Beto in charge! Anchors on top. Let’s see scenes from the next chapters In the end right choice to have come
to this side it’s very quiet, look at the sea … What’s up … Let’s paddle! That is a bursting dog,
let’s go Google! Second try! Let’s go for a walk, come! He doesn’t believe, nor move anymore! Then the dog comes to the beach, look … Carnival! are you happy son? is it carnival there? It is? Before you go on, did you know that 60% of the people watching us haven’t subscribed to the channel yet!?! If you are not registered yet, how about signing up ?! It helps us a lot If in doubt, leave it in the comments! Day of changing the lamp actually we will trade these things here that are in bad contact And then Marcelo from Portugal who has a
nautical shop sent to us that we were looking for damn
and didn’t find in a nautical shop We had to solder, one of them we lost because in welding we missed! Only 6, 7 left I enjoyed that I took the tool box from its place to fix some things that
were outstanding! Among them I decided to face the water maker When everything starts to go wrong some things start to go right! Our water maker that we thought had no way in life the bottle is almost full! How many
minutes love ?! 3’37 “, 3’38” I had to fill the bottle in 4 minutes, that means: it will fill! We had already given up hope but I said: Love with baby shark, we
will need at least a little more water This water maker does very little,
it makes five liters hours but it is 12 volts, does not waste battery and everything! Finally Mor! 4 minutes ! 4 minutes the time it was to make this little bottle! The water quality we already know will be bad, because the membrane is all still, sect how long 2450! 2450, it’s terrible! Ps in the Google pot What’s up love?! Are you happy ?! Now yes right ?! Started to see a light at the end of the tunnel? Since we installed it was not producing the amount of water promised so I decided to send a video to Katadyn and analyzing the video they answered me hours later The problem was the very soft hose between desalination filter when changing the hose it started to work perfect now we have five liters per hour and only four amps of consumption I still had to change the gas before the afternoon ride I took the thin rope we had in
boat and I did the rope quickly The beach is beautiful beautiful beautiful it is super shallow but as you saw there is a wave because the wind turned but the wave no so we’re rocking a little bit in the boat today so we decided to leave for
little ride it’s half past six but we will spend an hour here at the beach Sunset beautiful, wonderful that is too Now let’s go back home Finishing the day successfully It all started wrong and in the end it all worked out fixed motor rope water maker repaired exchanged gas What else happened today love? nothing more All wonderful! And the place we are anchored is even more beautiful! Leaving this paradise we were about three or four days we’ll go to the city we need to do supermarket the pregnant woman is eating a lot later we will continue our north mission to Boniface there is a strong wind coming The Mistral Which fits well in the Boniface Strait so we will wait a little
to go north And the drool dripping? Haha ha Thaís giving the finishing touch I’ll prepare myself here because … CARBONARA! Did not burn! the egg got to the point Look what a beautiful dish! Wonderful, tasty and juicy Look .. back in the market and Betinho already in the dishes! And now I start this whole process of ziplocking Because look at the amount of trash that comes with it then I have nowhere to throw trash Look at the amount of packaging that
go to the trash! Froid right ?! Here is everything that goes into the freezer, hamburgers separated in two here the chicken breast also separated two by two two chicken! Here the ground beef, the ground beef these here I will leave because after it opens one delivered and I will not put in the freezer. This one I won’t take out of the package either because after it opens the cheese gets drier This one, and this one, we’ll probably eat tomorrow! And bacon! But the rest goes to waste Someone caught fire,
someone caught fire! It will knead all my breads there that must be stored! you do not want to stored ?! You want to catch fire !! Well, here in Olbia last night someone knocked our boat He was a Brazilian, Nicolas! They have the catamaran here, they just moved, a month ago they moved to the catamaran. Very beautiful their catamaran is Sunreef 60! Giant, looks like a house, most beautiful thing! But they don’t have the main one: A Brazilian flag and we went to have breakfast there today and now I’m going to bring them flags as a gift! Oh and who meet us like that or see our boat, knock on the door! Just like Nicolas who knocked on our door last night! It’s great to meet people! Look at the size of the
boat ! It’s beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Everyone stops to look! Small but will look great! Thank you ! Let’s go from Olbia, yesterday we had a wonderful night on the catamaran at Carol and Nicolas’s Oca They called all the kids, we know a lot of nice people two americans, a couple from sweden all with son! One at four months, with the four-month-old son, cutest thing! The wind is very good north direction that is where we want to go, to Bonifácio! So we will enjoy it and they will stay because most are heading south! So here we have Oca, where you went to the party yesterday, all the kids jumping like crazy here then there, that green has the Yurk which is from the americans a catamaran 44 Then we have the people from Sweden in this monohull! And then we have an American again on a catamaran! It was a very nice night,
people from Sweden have two children Americans have three boys, the other american has a four month old baby and Carol and Nicolas have three
children so it was a nice experience,
talk to so many mothers who have their children on board it was a amazing experience! Putting away the fenders and just look at the
wind helping us is coming here ripple, wind so we will open the genoa here inside the canal of Olbia And let’s go out with Genoa because today promises !! But you will see more things in the next episode! Thanks for watching the video if you liked it don’t forget to “thumb up” because this is very
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That’s how we funded the videos. Until next week, bye and fair winds!

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  1. Beto e Thais e possível vcs alimentar o tempo dos vídeos.eque a gente fica até segunda feira pra ver vcs e é pouco tempo obrigado

  2. Olá Beto, Thaís, Dom e Google !!! Agora é só curtir as férias até janeiro !!! Não consegui ir até o Guarujá, mas estou de olho na agenda de vcs. Quem sabe antes de irem embora não nos encontramos. Abraços e boas férias !!!

  3. Parabéns Thais,boa cozinheira e o Beto,arruma tudo no barco.Comecou uma manhã meio complicada,mas deu tudo certo do Cãozinho,pode ir passear.Belissimo lugar Olbia,lindos Catamarãs.Que bom estão de férias.E em janeiro começam na labuta,,Estou melhor,mas ainda repouso!!!!Boa semana, 😘 aos meus queridos 4 amigos👌🙌🙏⛵💚💙♥️

  4. ola!!! sou o Carlos de curitiba gosto muito de assistir suas aventuras, gostaria de receber um oi de vcs, e como faço para adquirir uma camisa ? gnde abraço e ótimo fim de ano.

  5. Muito bom….adorei…a comparação com a bateria…é bem isso…
    E quem tem cão tem patrão….😂😂😂🐶🐶
    Por um momento achei que tinham "batido no barco"…rssss
    Beijo em todos…

  6. Boa noite amigos do mar td bem com vcs 4 parabens Thais em ver vc bonita e animada com a gravides. e falando com pessoas com filhos a bordo vc fica mais animada amiga. um forte abraço e bons ventos saude e paz para vcs ok veleiro catarina cabo frio RJ

  7. Amigos navegadores….Boa gestação para os dois ! Toda vez que o googlelino vai nadar ele tem que tomar banho para entrar a bordo?? Bjs!

  8. Vou ser sincero, acompanho o canal por causa do Cãozinho, odoro Golden, mas de resto também esta muito bom, valeu.

  9. Gente vocês são demais, o meu marido começou a mostrar-me os vídeos de vocês e está super inspirado para largar a vida do escritório e mudar para a casa sobre as ondas. Parabéns pelos vídeos e excelentes ventos pra vocês. Ah! e muitos parabéns pelo baby. 🌹

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  11. Olá parabéns. Gostaria de saber porque o barco de vocês têm a bandeira dos Estados Unidos e não tem a bandeira do Brasil nele para identificar quando vocês chegam nos portos que são brasileiros ? A nossa pátria é tão bonita e o Brasil é tão bem recebido no mundo.

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