5 Dog Gadgets You Should Have

5 Dog Gadgets You Should Have

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  1. ▶️ Link To All The Dog Gadget Listed
    #5. Petspeak➡ http://www.mypetspeak.com/
    #4. Buddy➡ http://www.squeakerdogs.com/
    #3. CleverPet➡ http://getcleverpet.com/
    #2. Dogtellingent➡ http://www.dogtelligent.com/
    #1. I fetch➡ http://amzn.to/2CeRB3K

  2. #2 indeed. When my husky was a pup we lived on the move. Had a reflective leash that I thought was the best. This is an awesome addition.

  3. It should be called "5 Things to Waste Money On". These are ridiculous. When you use tech to contact your dog it confuses them. They hear your voice but can't find you. It causes them anxiety. The last one is okay for the owner who is too lazy to exercise their dog, but at least the dogs can enjoy it.

  4. Notice how all of the creators of this shit are nothing more than millennials. Figures, since millennials find even spending time with their dogs too hard. Lazy asswipes, I guess the traditional ball and stick is too outdated for todays culture. I wonder if dog owners had to go through this product bullshit 100 years ago.

  5. "Should have" implies that these are things you can get. Most of these were failed kickstarters. You really should take this down or change the title.

  6. wifi and tracking are done by Radiation …your putting the #1 killer of tissue ….on your body and now your dog or dogs…youll spend a lot of money for treatments and meds later …. but you'll look COOL TODAY !

  7. 2:06 Collars for brachiocephalic dogs are No Bueno. It puts pressure on an already taxed airway and makes it very hard for them to breathe. Also makes it very difficult for air to be transported to the heart. Causing a possible heart attack. So, no, would NOT suggest this for a dog with a brachiocephalic/"flat" face. Too much risk involved.

  8. What about a doorbell that you put on your back door so I can let her out when I'm gone and pet her in when I say so

  9. Holy fucking shit! I can talk to a dog… I don't think I'm ever talking to a human ever again after getting that gadget!

  10. Think the only useful gadget is iFetch cause if the owner of the dog is old and can’t play then that will help.

  11. 1 this is never gonna work
    2 but if it did all it whoud be is GIVE ME THE HOTDOG

  12. Goes to look at the smart collar
    €900 please
    Bish no (idk if that’s the actual price it’s just a joke)

  13. can someone give me the actuall link to the buddy collar because it isn't they're or is it seriously the prototype and same with dogtelligent i dont get it

  14. So I was watching this video and at around 5 min there is the dog dish with the buttons. If you connect, wifi, a heart monitor, and the ability to send that data, you could use the same training system to save lives of older dog companions (people). Heart monitor detecting irregular patterns would make the light flash and the dog receiving the treat would transmit the monitor data to medical responders.

  15. Introducing the Roomba. Hours of entertainment for your dog and the internet. it also picks up your dog's hair because it sheds like crazy. And the best part is it does all this while you lie on the couch.

  16. Please make one of those for our wives. Make sure it has an integrated camera, since no idea where they keep sneaking around all the time a few years down the normal marriage path.

  17. how can i purchase the dogtelligent collar
    can some tell me the link takes it to a site that doesn't have the product as shown in the video… ugh

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