A Feeder’s Feline Love

A Feeder’s Feline Love

(ourbetterworld.org) I’ve been feeding the cats every night for the past 18 years. Rain or shine, every day they all wait at the same place at the same time for me. (an Our Better World story) (by James Khoo, Fazrin Affendi, Alicia Lim, Cera Goh) I started with feeding one cat. After that I saw so many cats, I started feeding them. And when they grown sick, in my heart, I’d feel that I need to bring them to the vet and take care of them. In a month, I would spend between S$400 to S$600 just on food. I also feed supplements to elderly cats. Apart from that, I also feed them colloidal silver. I just drop that into their water once a week to give them anti-bacteria protection. Sometimes I get donations. If not, most of the time I pay with my own money. I work till 7pm. I’ll eat my dinner and I’ll go down at 10pm. I’ll come back home at midnight and sleep. I don’t have any forms of entertainment. I also can’t go out after work to meet anyone. When I’m not feeling well, I just have to force myself to go and feed the cats. Because there’s really no one to help me. They were abandoned and they can’t take care of themselves in the streets. And some of them are so timid, if there’s no one familiar to feed, they will just run everywhere and even get run over by cars. Some of the cats will be so stressed that they will take at least a few months to a year just to get used to me. Paneerselvam is part of a network of caregivers supported by Cat Welfare Society (CWS) that feeds and looks out for stray neighbourhood cats Cat Welfare Society (CWS) has been educating a lot of people a lot of residents who go to the feeders and say that it is illegal to feed the cats and that it’s a bad thing. So at least CWS, through their education, bring awareness to cat-feeding and raise awareness on responsible pet ownership and the importance of sterilising cats. If anyone wants to donate food, they can donate directly to CWS and it will be passed to me. They also conduct regular donation drives at other pet shops. I find that it’s very meaningful to my life. At least I’m doing something for the poor, voiceless animals. And that keeps me fulfilled. They’ve been a part of my life, part of my family. (ourbetterworld.org) (Telling stories. Inspiring action.) (our better world) (POWERED BY SINGAPORE INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION) (Join Our Community)

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  1. Why don't you feed them raw meat and milk, it will be far more cheaper and the street cats have a strong immune, it won't do them any harm..
    But you are really an angel!! God bless you.

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