A Tribute To A One Of A Kind Tiger

A Tribute To A One Of A Kind Tiger

On April 23rd 2016, Big Cat Rescuers anxiously awaited for the arrival of our newest rescue and birthday boy, Hoover the tiger. Through the collaborating efforts of two amazing organizations, Animal Defenders International and Big Cat Rescue, we were able to provide Hoover with a life of retirement he truly deserved. [Music] Little did Hoover know that the long and tiring journey from Peru, all the way to Florida in the United States, was going to be his paradise and forever home, after suffering 11 years of abuse in the Peruvian circus. Through these efforts, Big Cat Rescue gained many new followers and supporters that helped us provide Hoover with the proper care he needed, and it has also helped us provide great care to our other big cat residents as well. Hoover finally arrived and everyone gathered round with tears of joy as he stepped foot into his new enclosure. He was safe and he was home. [Music] [Chirping] [Music] [Bone crunching] [Groaning] Hoover! Hi! [Music] But not every great story has a happy ending. Hoover was brought in with what looked like an infected dew claw on his front paw. It turned out to be cancer and the dew claw was removed. [Music] Shortly after, the cancer aggressively came back, so we removed another toe and hoped to save his life. Not much longer, we noticed Hoover limping on his good front leg. We found out that Hoover was suffering from severe arthritis and he was already maxed out on pain medication. His cancer had returned once again and he had developed a different cancer in his bones. There was nothing left to do, but to end his suffering. We are happy Hoover got to spend his last remaining years here at the sanctuary, instead of him performing to make people happy. We did everything we could to make him happy. He was treated with love and respect. [Music] Hoover was truly one-of-a-kind and we are going to miss him so much. But we will continue to fight and be the voice for these big cats that cannot speak for themselves. Run free Hoover. EDITED-PC-MGN-DQ

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  1. Rest well, Hoover 💖
    I’m glad he got to spend his last days surrounded by love and warmth, comfortable too. He’ll never be forgotten

  2. 💙😢 thank you big cat rescue for sharing Hoover's journey with the world. Run free now hoover the groover, you were and always will be loved by the many that followed your journey at bcr

  3. You are truly beautiful people for giving this suffering cat a home and a haven for the last years of his life. I have to thank you for giving him the freedom he always deserved. <3

  4. I can understand why the narrator started tearing up a bit. When you see an animal alive and living on a regular basis, and get to watch them be happy, and see their character, and value that character and life… and then have to see that animal pass, it doesn't really matter what kinda animal it is, it's an emotional thing.

  5. You made the final years of his life absolutely wonderful……you could have given no greater gift to such a magnificent animal…..RIP Hoover.

  6. im so sorry you lost such a great big guy. you guys do such an amazing job, taking care of all these big cats.

  7. Thanks for this, Afton 😢. Haven’t had such a hard time since we lost Mickey cougar. Hoover was the first rescue I watched.

  8. Crying no animal should ever have to endure abuse I'm happy he got a few happy years run free on rainbow bridge sweet boy

  9. You made Hoover's last years the best of his life. I'm grateful he got to experience the love and care at BCR. Thank you for all you do for the cats.

  10. I remember when Hoover was a new addition to the big cat rescue family. I can't believe he's gone. I'm bawling my eyes out crying here and I haven't even met the tiger. Can't imagine how the people working with him feel

  11. This brought tears to my eyes. I'm so sorry for your loss. Thank God your organization exists. Big cats are my favorite animals.

  12. I like your video very much. It's really great. I'll keep an eye on your channel. I am your fan and I will support you.

  13. There was a tigress in india called "sita" which single handedly populated bandhavgarh sanctuary in india later govt made it one of the biggest tiger reserves in the world and nearby villagers gave up their homeland for tiger's sake

  14. I didn't even really know him or his story but hearing the break in your voice near the end of the video made me cry💔💔

    Run free buddy❤️

  15. Bless dear Hoover and bless the narrator, too. You're so very strong and I'm hoping Hoover is at a nice place now. I don't really believe in that kinda stuff but I honestly just think he deserves it after all he's been through. Thank you for treating him well the last years of his life.

  16. Omg no Hoover! Atleast hes resting peacefully now. Sleep tight Hoover, i hope you're in a better place 😭😭

  17. I'm so sorry for your loss. I can tell you guys truly loved this big boy. You guys gave him a sanctuary of peace and comfort to spend his last years in, like you do for many of your cats. Gone, but never forgotten.

  18. At least he died in safe hands,, I am repulsed by the people who mistreat these great animals for their own gain,, it's just yuck!! I don't have the right words. Even if you don't love something, don't mistreat it!!! Thanks guys for the beautiful work.

  19. Awww… I have a soft spot for felines, and I want to work at my local big cat sanctuary eventually. I’m sure he was happy at big cat rescue.

  20. Circusses and the psychopatic trainers, STOP using these beautiful, majestic big cats! In other case we will boycott all of you !

  21. Cried so many tears during this, he was such a beautiful tiger and you guys did an amazing job giving him the life he deserved. 💛

  22. He thought he was in Heaven already when he arrived at BCR. Thank you for such a touching tribute and for being there for these wonderful souls!

  23. I really do miss seeing pics & videos of the Governor. I know they can't live forever. But it still doesn't seem right that he's gone

  24. I had the privilege of seeing this big fella in person this past summer – I knew he wasn't well at the time and I am sorry to hear of his passing. I bought several postcards that had his picture on it and sent them to cat-loving friends of mine all around the world so he will live on everywhere.

  25. What you need to learn from this if you want to do more for these big cats is to push for big corporations like Gillette, Nestlé, and Procter & Gamble to find alternatives to palm oil which requires massive deforestation for these plantations in which habitat for these big cats are loss.

  26. this was the best retirement a circus tiger could ever had. the alternative would have been that once he could not perform because of cancer or arthritis, he would have been put down in peru.

  27. Ap did he die if he did i will never forget this word because I love Tigers they are my FAVOURITE big cat 😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  28. This is heart-breaking…. But In circuses, they treat those wild animals badly…. When they don't do well, it can be they wouldn't eat or get beaten…. 😭

  29. It's sad, but just imagine how awful his end would have been had he not been in the care of a facility like Big Cat Rescue, surrounded by a huge team of dedicated professionals? Bone cancer? Horrible. It would have been horrible.

    No, it's sad. But BCR did the right thing and ended his suffering before it became unbearable. Animals in are care are 100% dependent on us for their comfort and quality of life. It is our responsibility and our burden to make sure that when the time is right, that they don't suffer.

  30. Hoover seemed like a gentle soul who appreciated every small effort to make his life better after the atrocities he faced. Sometimes those who deserve the most don’t get their happy ending. And as much as it breaks my heart to admit that it doesn’t do any good to dwell on it without fighting to change the future for others like him. I am in this fight with you BCR to stop animal mistreatment. You’re my favorite rescue and I along with Hoover I’m sure appreciate everything you to for these magnificent animals. I hope this sadness drives you guys to help more big cats in similar situations. Run free Hoover. You’re finally free.

  31. Afton I truly admire your strength to be able to pay tribute to Hoover. Hoover definitely was an amazing tiger and I loved watching him all the time. He will definitely be missed. May Hoover run free with his BCR pals.

  32. another warrior lost…..the people reading this comment might not know the power behind these words they are reading….But may he run the endless moors of StarSky, sleep in the cooling shade of the trees, eat prey with endless sweet flavor, and never feel pain ever again. May starsky guide your paws, hoover. We will all miss you

  33. Shit like this chaps my ass
    Those circus clowns need to just be shut down. Here in Europe they are but those damn 3rd world countries are still the problem with this occurrence.

  34. Thanks narrator for making me ball with your chocking up. I am right there with you sister!! As angry as I am that humans made him a spectacle for other humans enjoyment, I am so grateful to Big Cat Rescue for reaching out and being the good in the world to help the cats! Heaven has a wonderful Tiger exploring and being free from suffering.

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