Abandoned black cat who cuddles other sick strays back to health at an animal shelter

Abandoned black cat who cuddles other sick strays back to health at an animal shelter

A black cat who fell sick as a two-month-old
kitten is now nursing abandoned sick animals back to health with plenty of purrs and cuddles.
Caring cat Rademenes is the resident feline nurse at an animal shelter in Bydgoszcz, northern
Poland, where he snuggles up to the dogs and cats that are brought in for help. The green-eyed
moggy was rescued by the shelter in October after he contracted an inflamed respiratory
tract infection and his owner thought he was too unwell to be saved. Veterinarian Lucyna
Kuziel-Zawalich took care of him and eventually adopted him as a permanent member of the animal
hospital, Polish news channel TVN Meteo reports. Dr Kuziel-Zawalich said Rademenes gives hugs
to every pet in the shelter, after previously being placed in isolation because of his grave
illness which saw him lose his shiny black hair. When animals are brought in, Rademenes
goes up to them and supports them – especially as they rest after surgery. In a series of
adorable photos shared online, Rademenes can been seen keeping a kitty attached to a drip
warm by giving it a cuddle over a blanket. In another cute image, he spoons a large husky
dog and curls up next to a beagle. The director of the animal shelter said sometimes the friendly
cat even licks the ears of other sick strays.

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  3. This makes me wanna cry! hello. I love animals. I have 3 cats.. This looks like my cat Iggy.. So Sweet. we rescued him.. He was gravely ill with an incurable disease.. so hard. check out my two cat videos.. they are sweet and funny

  4. Black cats are beautiful. I had a black cat who I had adopted from a shelter and who saved me by alerting me to an intruder in the house. 🐱🐈💕

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