Abandoned Cat Hissing with Foster Dad She’s So Scared and Calm

Abandoned Cat Hissing with Foster Dad She’s So Scared and Calm

Hello friends. This cat was Abandoned yesterday. The abandoned cat is unlikely to live on the street. I took the cat to the safe zone. But she attacked other cats. So I couldn’t put it in the safe zone. Also the cat is very aggressive because it is in the mating period. I’m looking for someone to adopt this cat. If no one adopts, I’il feed her on the street like any other cats. She’s scared she’s been abandoned for the first time. In this case, chances of living on the street are low. But I will do my best. Pspsps I just gave her cat food and water I also gave him a little house made of cardboard. But she didn’t want to go inside the house. Pspsps Come here. Pspsps I’il do my best for her It will take time to get used to living on the street because she lived at home before. She’s scared now. She’s scared when she sees another cat Meow Pspsps Come here. Pspsps Pspsps Come The cat wants to mate. Come on come on.

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  1. Sedat bey çok üzüldüm bu kediye neden atmışlar ki dışarıya ben istanbulda yaşasaydım sahiplenirdim lütfen yardımcı olun o sokakta yaşayamaz

  2. OMG.. why would anyone dump a beautiful sweetheart like this.. what kind of a monster does that.. hope she'll be ok…❤❤❤❤❤ full watch including ads 👍👍👍👍👍

  3. Hello, Sedat! Subscribed channel friends can trigger the notification bell. I always give thumbs up to any video to help the community of the channel gets bigger and bigger! Have a nice day!😻💞💌💞

  4. Yahu eve alistirip sonra atmak nedir,insaf yoksunu yaratıklar, aç ve susuz kalmaları bir yana,duyguları var onların, üzülüyorlar; bunu yapmaya hakkınız YOKKK!!!!

  5. Oyuncak değil o,canlı, nefes alıp veriyor,hissediyor,mutluluğu da mutsuzluğu da,bir bassın kafanız artık yaa!!!

  6. Bonjour Sedat !
    J'espère que tu vas bien t'occuper d'elle car j'ai beaucoup de peine pour elle parce qu'elle a été abandonnée et elle est très belle et très gentille ! ♥♥

  7. Poor beautiful baby 😔 thank you dear Sedat , remember Jennifer cat of Onur ❤️ for me this monster people have abandon her because she is in amour ….😥

  8. That just shows our thow away society.Breaks my heart,makes me sad and sick,at the same time.Thanks, Sedat for helping this innocent beautiful kitty.😼💖💖💖🐾🐾That poor baby.💔I missed something Sedat,she seems to be in heat, no wonder they threw her out, instead of spaying her.Sad as it gets.

  9. Oh my goodness I don’t know why anyone would just dump that little sweetheart kitty she deserves so much better than that I really hope she can find a good home and shame on that person who just left her that just breaks my heart ❤️🐈

  10. You know, that the cat was abandoned yesterday? Who did
    it and why? I suppose the cat is female. She is in heat or could be pregnant and abandoned because of pregnancy? Many questions. 🐈

  11. If there will be nobody to adopt her, I hope she gets used to live in your shelter with the big cat family. Thank you very much for helping her, Sedat. 🐾🐾

  12. Hope she doesn't go in the street. I pray she can be in the safe zone without fighting. Thanks for looking after her 💗💗💗

  13. 😿 Hello, Sedat. Let me help you with English.

    A female cat is ‘she’ or ‘her’. She has white fur. Her fur is white.

    A male cat is ‘he’ or ‘his’. He has black fur. His fur is black.

    Thank you for caring so much for all of these cats. Kind regards from a friend in England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿.

  14. 😪 A new year but with the same sh*t of despicable humans who throw their pets outside when they need to be spayed. When you can't afford a pet, don't get one! Would you throw your child in the streets when they got too expensive⁉️😡 Soon, she will be pregnant…more mouth to feed 😪 Thank you Sedat for keeping an eye on her 🙏❤🐾🌹

  15. She's so beautiful, you can tell her fur is gorgeous, she's all white but is so dirty! I feel bad for her!! ☹️
    The other cats will scare her, she doesn't know them and thinks they will attack! I wish you didn't have to leave her out, with all those cars around!

  16. Beautiful cat!!! That tail 🤣🤣 p.s I feel bad for her…hopefully someone adopts her. God bless buddy you're amazing

  17. Wow. That's so sad. She's already been up in a car engine for warmth. Thanks for all you trying to help her.

  18. Awww! She's so dirty! I bet she cleans up beautifully. I hope someone sees her and takes her home. The owner was probably annoyed by her "heat" behaviour and threw her out. Some people should never own an animal. They are like children and need to be taken care of for everything. People think that cats can survive on their own but surviving is not living. She's going to make more homeless babies. Very sad. Thank you for watching out for the helpless little ones, Sedat. You are a champion. God Bless.

  19. She is such a beautiful girl, such a cutie!! So cruel her owner abandoned her like that. I really hope she gets a home, she will not do well out there since she is used to being indoors!! 🙁

  20. I'm glad you found this cat. She looks she could use a good brushing. You could try giving her the food instead of bringing her to it. She might see it. Just a suggestion. Your doing a great job. I hope she gets used to you and, the other kitties soon, just give her time to get to know them.

  21. She is sooo terribly in heat Sedat…somebody threw her in the streets because of this change in character…she is not aggressive …just scratching everybody to find the strongest mate for her future kitties…challinging them…absolutely normal…the owner probably got fed up when she started to be a teenager instead of a cute white kitten…please wash her…she can not take care of this dirty fur and more sorrowful kitties will be born…it is not her fault. She should have been spayed before this happened….❤❤❤

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