Abandoned ‘Ugly’ Dog Finds A Happy Home | CUTE AS FLUFF

Abandoned ‘Ugly’ Dog Finds A Happy Home | CUTE AS FLUFF

COMM: This happy dog was once at death’s door. Murray and his three siblings were found covered in oil on Dead Dog Beach in Puerto Rico. The name Dead Dog Beach is attributed to this spot because it is a well known dumping ground for stray animals. Whilst in Puerto Rico, Murray and his siblings showed signs of distemper, a virus that can be fatal to many dogs. COMM: Luckily Murray was rescued by The Sato Project and transported to the USA to be adopted. COMM: Murray was due to be euthanized. However after a wag of his tail, the vet changed their mind and they did what they could to treat him. COMM: Due to the virus, Murray now has no teeth, causing his tongue to flop out the side of his mouth. MACKENZIE GALLANT: Murray, who is that? Don’t bite him, don’t bite him. Who is it? Come here dude. Who is that? Who is that? Who is here? COMM: He also has bone deformations that make him look a little different. COMM: But this didn’t stop him from being adopted by Mackenzie Gallant and her family. COMM: The pooch is now happy and healthy with his human and canine family. COMM: Mackenzie set up an Instagram account for the unusual pup, to raise awareness about the condition and the importance of adoption. Murray has gained quite the following and proves that being different is also beautiful.

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  1. Ohhhhh poor guy has no teeth
    Sooooi cute and different it must be hard for the owner with stupid people outside I hve a pinsher and people are always messing with me saiyng that its not a real dog that its a toy its not a big deal but for us that deal with them and love them its not that simple

  2. I have a blue nosed bully that has basically down syndrome for dogs he's a little derpy but the biggest lap baby in the world thankfully hes only about 25 pounds or so otherwise he would of crushed me by now because I don't know how many times I have woken up with him laying on my stomach and chest

  3. So there's supposedly and overpopulation of dogs in the United States but we're importing dogs from other countries and United States territories okay sure right

  4. "Raise awareness…" snowflakes! What a waste of money. Money that could be used to help humans IN THE SAME COUNTRY these animals are FLOWN out of! It is a dog. Do not be cruel to them, but please do NOT value them the same or MORE than humans. DIS-liked big time.

  5. Lost a dog named Archie to distemper in October, he was like my baby but it took from us when he was only 5 months old. We wouldn’t have put him down if it hadn’t been for his legs giving out on us. RIP Archie

  6. This lady at my moms job adopted a chihuahua puppy that nobody wanted because it was blind, he’s lived for 13 years now!

  7. do not call them ugly how would u like it if someone called u ugly that is very rude pups and dogs have feelings so do not say that

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