After Rescuing This Calico Kitten From A Dumpster A Woman Realized She’d Found A Unique Treasure

After Rescuing This Calico Kitten From A Dumpster A Woman Realized She’d Found A Unique Treasure

After rescuing this calico kitten from a dumpster a woman realized she’d found a unique treasure In The fall of 2016 a woman detected sounds emanating from a pile of trash Upon investigating she was presumably distressed to discover a miniscule abandoned kitten yet Little did she know what a wonderful treasure the poor creature would turn out to be The kitten seemed to Biba moaning the absence of its mommy who wasn’t anywhere to be seen at Only around 7 days old the poor creature was blind dependent and doubtless in need of someone to care for it Sadly one of its legs was also broken and one paw was hurt. It was not in a good State The kitten could only meow and draw attention to its plight Thankfully its luck changed when a woman who happened to be nearby heard its cries of distress She was likely sad to find the dumped kitten especially seeing as it was in such a bad way and still so young It’s tragic situation served to spur the lady into action though and she brought the injured creature back to her home the kind-hearted woman subsequently became a constant caregiver and Set about tending to her charge at all hours well the kittens certainly must have used up one of its nine lives it had been given a second chance at life and All our love and care appeared to pay off despite losing a paw The Kitty began to recover from its wounds in a short period of time to gain some weight The break in its leg healed and it seemed to be well on the road to full fitness in Fact the lady was no stranger to rescuing animals in need and helping them out She had such a big heart that she’d rehomed multiple creatures over the years So there might be many households that all have this woman to thank for the addition of their perfect pets This time however she was completely smitten by the can that she fished out of the trash So she decided to house the furry creature permanently so that and she gave the plucky kitten a name calling her new housemate Martyr now the adorable animal was truly part of the family in January 2017 the woman’s niece who goes by the name of vodka Holy posted on imgur about the episode and received hundreds of comments Some focused on the brutal nature of whoever deserted the kitten in the first place Going as far as to state that they should rot in hell The cute snaps show the kitten holding a bottle of milk Which it needed as it couldn’t feed from its biological mother The cat is mainly white down the front with beautiful tortoiseshell markings on top of its head and the back of its body Martyrs continued growth spurt was so quick that its new owners reported on injury in January 2017 that it was Growing up super fast and in another post they declared that martyr was a normal. Happy kitty healthy as a horse So it seemed that martyr had made the most of his new environment Three months later the people providing for the kitty said that their patient was doing great getting fatter by the day No doubt reassuring online followers of their sweet story But there was to be another twist in this tale it’s unusual to delay identifying a kittens gender for a month or so after the birth as Otherwise there’s a chance that there will be a mistake and when the day finally Came for the lucky kittens new owners to find out the sex of their pet they discovered that martyr was in fact a boy This is extraordinary because calico cats are almost always females and males are very unusual indeed This is the opposite of the pattern and ginger toms, which as the name suggests are almost always male so not only was the chance encounter between Martyr and his new mom really quite fortuitous, but he also beat the odds genetically to Martyr landed on his feet meeting his protector and as if their original encounter wasn’t dramatic enough She eventually unearthed this secret and an expert in the field apparently agreed writing on imgur vodka Holy repeated the professional opinion the vet said it’s really rare for calicoes to be a male. What a special boy indeed statistically speaking the chance of a calico being a male are about the same odds as a human being hit by a meteorite and Imgur user expressed their amazement at the news writing, that’s actually incredible. You would usually seek those out from breeders another commenter seemed thrilled to come up with a pun for the occasion calling martyr a Calabro cat Martyrs rarity came at a cost however because of his quirky calico chromosome He’s infertile so as he’s unable to reproduce there won’t be any mini martyrs running around in the future But we can at least rest assured that he himself will enjoy a good standard of living Although they aren’t plentiful another male calico has also received coverage on social media in recent years Sherman dr. Andrea Berger at the Humane Society Silicon Valley even compared him to a mythical unicorn He was a candidate for relocation through the organization’s neighborhood adoption center And hopefully he found a new home as delightful as martyr Nowadays martyrs unfortunate starting life is hopefully a distant memory Apparently he’s become partial to perching on his owners shoulder like a parent and is quite clingy According to his owners. He is loving and cuddly – Thank goodness martyr me out loud enough on the day of his discovery and that the stars aligned for his happy ending in This instance he was saved from an uncertain fate, but is now living a good life And hopefully other cats and terrible circum chances can become beloved pets like him

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  1. Unbelievably cute kitten and God bless the woman that rescued. It.How does a human being have it in them to just leave this beautiful creature to die? It's beyond me. I am very happy all turned out well .

  2. l hate male cats. l only like female cats and all dogs! Male cats is a turnoff to me. Kill all male cats.

  3. One man's trash is another man's treasure aww SOO sweet maryr is one beautiful handsome I feel the same way if you're not gonna take care of you're pets then take them to a non kill shelter get them fixed but the svumbag that there a tiny baby kitten breaking his leg and hurting his little paw should BURN IN THE DEEPEST DARKEST PITS OF HELL ANIMALS ARE AWESOME AND THEY LOVE US UNCONTROLLABLY THEYRE SO HAPPY TO SEE US STAY BESIDE US WHEN WERE SICK AND SOME PEICE OF SHIT AND THATS EXCACTLU WHAT THEY ARE THOWS A INFINT LITTLE CAT IN A DUMPSTER I GUESS THEYD THROW A BABY CHILD AWAY TOO PEAOPLE ARE KUST CRAZY WOW SICK JUST SICK IM SO GLAD HE WAS HELPED AND FOUND HIS ANGELS WERE WITH HIM THAR DAY GOD BLESS ANIMALS ARE AWESOME.

  4. I've been a cat person for over 50 years and this story brought on a few tears. From little baby to grown baby and so cute.

  5. My aunt had two tri-colored calico males that were almost identical twins except one had one green eye and one blue eye while the other had one blue eye and was completely blind in the other eye (or at least I am assuming it was blind in the one eye) as the eye was completely white and appeared to have no iris and no pupil, it was just a plain milky white marble looking eye and that's how his (blind) eye was from the very first time he was able to open his eyes.. sadly neither of them made it past two years old because they were very sickly and one somehow contracted Feline AIDS and passed away while the other died only three days later in its litter box for no discernable reason except that he possibly grieved himself to death over the loss of his twin

  6. And remember everyone, you don't have to adopt but please be kind to all feral creatures. The love you show them might be all they ever get. Show the love 🙂

  7. I don't like cats too much and I'm allergic to them but I would never ever want to see an animal go through something like this

  8. Good on that rescuer …. Ive saved 6 kittens from the crutches of nieghbors who poison cats and owels (supersticious village fools) that they actually are ! Its been an absolute pleasure doing it !

  9. Kismet. Martyr certainly looks like he shows he appreciates his new mom. I am sure they are bonded more tightly than most pet/companion relationships considering his savior was the first thing he saw when his eyes opened. Wonderful story, it surely is much more of a gift to have the opportunity to help a creature in need; whether they be animal or human much like the adage about being better to give than receive (which I truly feel).

  10. Beautiful story about a unique cat. I'm so glad this beautiful boy is ok now.. but let's not ever forget the heinous act of someone having put him in a dumpster as a few days old kitten. 😢 Thank God that lovely woman heard him and took him under her care. She's a sweet angel, and the person who dumped that kitty deserves the fate they tried to inflict upon this poor baby. A terrible beginning with a happy ending. Thank you for sharing. xx

  11. I so happy for a very good loving beginning for Martyr. God Bless that Angel in human form taking him as her own. Kisses.

  12. Awww, this beautiful calico breaks my heart and she looks so much like one of our rescues! So wonderful that she's been found by someone who cares 🙂 Our rescue kitties give so much love back!

  13. It's actually very possible that the kit wasn't dumped by a human. Mother cat will look for somewhere warm and dark to have her kittens and it's quite possible that she actually had the kits where this lucky thing was found (depending on its contents of course!). If she had been disturbed – again a logical possibility – she would have moved them. Either she was on her way back for this one or knowing that he was injured, she decided to leave him behind to give her full attention to her fitter babies. Sounds cruel but nature is like that. At a week old, it's quite possible that he was the kit of a feral cat – or even a house cat who'd left home temporarily to have her kittens in secret. Any cat lover should know that all of the above scenarios are possible and not that uncommon. Cats are fickle creatures – it's why I love them 🙂

    If the poor thing had been dumped by a human, however, I'd be happy to join in the crowd ready to see how he/she liked that sort of treatment!

  14. Sweet ending for this colico kitty , thanks to his mum that take the time to nurse him to big kitty and what a handsome kitty ..may mom and kitty be blessed

  15. The cat was male, which was rare for this breed.
    There. I just saved you almost four minutes of waiting for an answer.
    Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for this rescue and thankful the kitten got a wonderful home, but I hate the click-bait titles of these videos that take forever to get to the point.

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