Anaconda Devours Huge Meal | Monster Snakes

Anaconda Devours Huge Meal | Monster Snakes

NARRATOR: The green anaconda,
known as the heaviest snake in the world. They reach up to 25
feet long, and can weigh more than 300 pounds. [music playing] To support its bulk, anacondas
spend almost all of their time in and around water. [music playing] Camouflaged to blend
into plant choked water, this snake usually waits
for prey to come to it. [music playing] Eyes and nostrils positioned
on top of their heads allow the snakes to remain
almost completely submerged as they wait to ambush. The anaconda shares
this flooded plane with the capybara, the
largest rodents on earth, often reaching more
than 100 pounds. Capybara are social
animals and herbivores. Much of their diet
consists of aquatic plants, so they spend a lot of time
near water, prime hunting ground for the anaconda. [music playing] Underwater, it can stalk
without being seen, poking its head up just long
enough to gauge the distance. Then, it waits. It strikes, latching on
with six rows of teeth, coiling itself around
the large rodent. There is no escape. Anacondas don’t kill with venom. They are constrictors. They compress the blood
flow to their prey’s heart, causing cardiac arrest. Once the heart has
stopped beating, they begin to eat their
meal whole, toes and all. They do this with the help
of both stretchy ligaments and mobile joints
in their mouths. In the middle of the
anaconda’s upper jaw are two rows of
backward pointing teeth. These teeth can move
independently, biting into prey and helping move the snake’s
head up and over its meal. But eating this way
creates a problem. With its mouth
stretched so tightly, breathing could be a challenge. Evolution developed
a solution for that. The windpipe gets pushed forward
from deep within the throat. It becomes like a
snorkel, effortlessly breathing while feeding. It’s a huge meal. The anaconda will rest,
digesting its catch for weeks. A capybara this size will
satisfy it for months, but eventually, it will
need to feed again.

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  1. Green anacondas reach up to 25 feet long and can weigh more than 300 pounds. What intrigues you the most about this vicious snake?

  2. immediately the narrator mentioned evolution as a solution to anacondas breathing problem while swallowing it's predator,i lost interest because evolution is a lie from the devil!

  3. If I died and I had an option on which creature I would reincarnate into, I am not choosing a capybara

  4. I do not thing they vicious they eat w hen they hungry and do not waste food and they make beautiful hand bags belt and shoes they lovely creature and some part of the world I think India they make a very tasty goulash and test just like chicken!!!!

  5. Narrator: The Green anaconda, known as the heaviest snake in the world.

    Green Anaconda: So are you callin me fat?

    Narrator: Yeah, pretty much.

    Green Anaconda: Someone hand me a gun please

    Shoots narrator

    Green Anaconda: Nobody calls me fat.

    Lesson learned: Never call an anaconda fat (you'll die)

  6. I hate this kind of editing. Lazy crew, killed a capybara probably and threw it to the anaconda and start recording. At the end they edit the video so as if they caught the hunting on camera.

  7. The American females. The largest of human carnivores known to frequent any, and all fast food chains. Almost always with a child or two, in tow but never the father, or fathers of the children. Did she eat them also ? We may never know.

  8. Hmm….. I think the anoconda was actually came from the zoo… I can that part of hes body has a big wound I can even see thesnakes muscles…

  9. Please people, please! It not CapyBara; it is CapiVara. Why it is so difficult to say: CAPIVARA? Those animals are native from South America and their names was given by native Tupi indians ' CAPIVARA" ; not " CAPYBARA" means " grass eater". NOBODY in South America call these animals " Capybara".

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