Angry Female Cat Rejects All Male Cats | Kritter Klub

Angry Female Cat Rejects All Male Cats | Kritter Klub

The impregnable cat ‘Lana’ Lana is already 5 years old but she’s still a spinster A male cat A very ferocious temper 40 years old in human age We brought a very good looking male cat called Mongee A diabolical male cat Mongee Believe it or not he symbolizes fecundity A very capable cat I’m going to make you fall in love A standard procedure for flirting, the wave dance wiggle wiggle Can’t believe my eyes landed on him doing that So embarrassing You’re ugly Second attempt No cat has ever treated me this way I like it when cats play hard to get Hey there cutie Mongee can’t fight back Get lost Fine, you should just live alone This is what an impregnable cat does I think Mongee is having a hard time because Lana keeps rejecting him What do you know about love He’s crying

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  1. It reminds me of them picky girls who only wants assholes in their life then complain when they can’t find a good man

  2. Lana just doesn't wana get pregnant by some strangers ok:D a wise woman
    After all she might chose a career!

  3. When the creepy guy at the club keeps approaching you and asking for threesomes even though you’ve told him you’re lesbian

  4. Заплакал, бедняга, ничего, не сдавайся и удача придёт к тебе.

  5. looks to me like she's very stressed by his presence. why would they force her through this? all they do is fight anyway.

  6. This is what my love life looks like, only it's portrayed by cats and they're not listening to sad music while getting drunk. 😄😂😭🤧🎵🥃🤪💔

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