Applying transdermal methimazole to my cat’s ear

Applying transdermal methimazole to my cat’s ear

how to apply transdermal medication to a cat. to
a cat’s ear. My cat has been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism about two months
ago as you may know there’s several different options of
how to treat

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  1. thank you…my cat is not cooperating with ingesting the pills. I have the liquid being delivered to me tomorrow from the pharmacy. Thanks for the demonstration. Is there anything that is not on youtube? 

  2. If you're using the liquid, it is not the same thing.  Mine is a cream and is absorbed through the skin.  A liquid is usually swallowed.  Make sure you double check on that 🙂

  3. Thanks! I was applying the medicine a little lower in his ear so I'm going to start doing it this way. I appreciate your help!

  4. Thank you for the informative video. We just recently started catsitting a kitty that needs this, and this video makes it easy. Out of curiosity, where is your unique accent from?

  5. thank you for this informative video. .. i really appicate it.
    but my kitty Socsy has only had me put the trasdermal on his ear 3 times first the left, thwn the right, then the left again today and now i just went to pet him and his ears are super hot and really red. why is that..

  6. Thank you so very much for posting this. We are starting this medication with our cat tomorrow and you gave us a great heads up on just how to do it. This was very helpful and thanks again.

  7. Thank you! I'm taking care of a friend's cat in an emergency, and she wasn't there to show me how to do this.

  8. Thanks for demonstrating this. One of my cats was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism last week. Soon the medical cream for the ear should arrive and we'll be needing to apply it to the ear like you do (twice a day). My poor cat is down to about 5 pounds because of it. If within a couple of months things look better, we'll consider doing the radiation therapy.

  9. Thank you so much for this. And Cassie for demonstrating it. I'm so sorry for your loss. We always carry them in our hearts.

  10. Thank you! This post was very helpful. I am fortunate to have a pharmacy that compounds pet medication. I used this technique and it was helpful. Hope your kitty is getting well.

  11. Thank you! My cat just got diagnosed and this is what the vet recommended will be getting my script this week. So this was really helpful. I hope it helps him

  12. THANK YOU!! FANTASTIC VIDEO! front desk tech at our vet told me to put in inside the ear canal! Thank goodness I only wasted one application. Could you give us more info on how you found a pharmacy that created the meds for you? We live in Canada..not sure this is possible here? Thanks again!

  13. Thank you so much! Such a good idea with the glove fingers, too! My cat kept vomiting up the pills. We start this tonight.

  14. Thank you for sharing this! It helps to watch real people who know how to do it and not the video from the company.

  15. My vet and even the pharmacy didn’t give me any direction on how to apply the cream. They say put it on the inside tip of the ear, but many would do like you said and try to put it further into the ear instead of the tip. Thanks for showing this. My cat had lost over 8 pounds before I realized he had an issue. Now they say the thyroid problem can mask renal issues too. So my cat must have blood work again after 3 months of the thyroid cream.

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