Armchair Fan – Simon’s Cat | SHORTS #80

Armchair Fan – Simon’s Cat | SHORTS #80

♫ Theme tune ♫ Mew Hmm [Scratching sound] [Footsteps] ♫ Simon humming ♫ [TV Turns on] [Channel changes – Audience laughter] Meow [Channel changes – Scary movie screams] Meow [Channel changes – Muffled football commentary] Ooooh Ooo, Hehehe. Ah… Mew! Meow! Meow! Come on… Hmmm. [Muffled scratching noise] Meeoow! [Football crowd cheering!] Uh.. Haha! Hehehehe. Hmm. [TV channel changes – dramatic opera singing] [TV Channel changes – Football crowd cheering] Hey! Off! Come on… Oi! Move! Huhooo. [Crowd cheering] [Cat purring] [Crowd excitement] [Ripping noise] Huh oooh… [Springs springing! Crowd cheering!] ♫ Theme tune ♫

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  1. They did a teaser about the kitten and it seemed like it was woozy like coming home from the vet. Is this going to happen??


  3. Awwww love Simon's cat he got me to get a kitten because of his drawings I called her biscuit

    Ps. Keep up the good drawing and vids you inspire me a lot

  4. This is such a catpersons house. Furniture somewhat used , clawed. Houseplants , somewhat maimed, this is Texas , mine stay outside in shade ( 100 plus here), don’t bring in till winter or whenever in 30’s, our winters don’t last long. The death count is easily 60 percent of the poor plants.

  5. I have a a cat named Mr.Pocketts and he does all kinds of crazy funny things and he does stuff like this. It's hilarious when he does it to my dad too!

  6. Reminds me of my cat (one of them). She will squeeze in behind you and gradually push outwards until you are perched on the edge of your seat and she is comfy.

  7. this is a really famous garfield joke of him picking the catr up and pulling the cushion off then sitting on the hard couch.

  8. My 8 year old Tuxedo male cat, Ripley, will come up on the couch and pry to get between me and the back of the couch. I end up sitting on the edge while he stretches out behind me. Doesn't matter the entire rest of the couch is open, has to be behind me. I was never in charge. Always "Cat Staff." hahaha

  9. Absolutely love these, my cat does so much of the stuff in these animations, it always makes me laugh lol I love how the cat asks for food, gets me everytime 😀

  10. Our dog did a similar thing mum thought he wanted to go out she got up and let him out then the dog pinched her chair!!

  11. Amo i gatti mi sono sempre piaciuti e questo cartoon di Simon il gatto e davvero ben fatto per quello che riguarda le animazioni ed e proprio divertente

  12. I love this video! I also have a suggestion for another one. Cats get their claws stuck when scratch a lot, so then someone has to get them out. But usually the cat tries to push the human away and do it themselves. Maybe you could make a creative video of this? 😉

  13. Simon is a damn genius !!!!!!!!!!!!! fantastic animation , fantastic sound ! GENIUS ! i can watch all these videos 1000000000000000000000 times over and over again

  14. Esse gatinho é muito fofo é tudo de bom…amoo..parabens pelo video pois em nenhum momento o dono do bixano o reprova ou briga com ele pq é apenas um animalzinho carente q precisa de amor e atençäo…

  15. Thankyou for the brilliant cartoons. Cats can be relentless on insisting they get Exactly what they want. No the lap won't do if they decide they want the armchair. Another day it will be the lap or nothing. Still at least with Simon's Cat we get to laugh about it.

  16. What planet does the pet have more authority than its owner?! I don't believe there are people who let the pet give the last word. This cat seems to be possessed, lives up to the owner who passively does not take any action.

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