ASMR Beef steak for puppy dog 강아지 소고기 스테이크 먹방 Mukbang Eating Real Sound

ASMR Beef steak for puppy dog 강아지 소고기 스테이크 먹방 Mukbang Eating Real Sound

※do not season meat. Hello ~! ♥ Have a happy time today!

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  1. I missed your puppies, the real one cause she's so cute 😍🥰 and the chopsticks holder 🙈

    I hope at the end of this year you have 1milion subscribers 😘

    Day 131 of request, please eat Paëlla

  2. Hilarious!!!! Why didn’t you share half the meal with puppy how can you ignore those bright begging eyes 😂😂😂😂😘❤️😍🥂

  3. 주멍이님…..죄송해여 제가…..바쁜일이 있어서….그래도 재밌게보고 가겠습니다!!😍🤩(주멍이님 옆에있는 웰시코기 귀여웡!!😍😍

  4. My dog could never. She would literally k eat everything in 5 seconds and either puke it up or it goes out the other end.

  5. The puppy also asmr

    By the way what is the puppy's name is so cute i love you goodbye❤
    When i eat pineapple, my tongue is scratched

  6. I love this video it reminds me of my animals. They will literally try to grab stuff off my plate. Lol. Your dog is cute!

  7. The only person who wears black gloves is Zach Choi.
    And one of the only people who shows how to make the food is also Zach Choi.
    No it can't be

  8. Pappy!! I miss u😍👏🥩🐕️❤️
    The dog chopstick rest is also cute!!
    Puppy are so smart and u r nice friends

  9. お肉とか野菜ジーッと見てるワンちゃん可愛い😍勝手に食べずにちゃんと待てしてるのお利口さん!ステーキも美味しそう!食べたい😂

  10. The puppy is so adorable! My dog would either whine and try to jump to grab food or stare at me with his tongue out waiting for a piece. Awesome video as always ❤

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