AVENGERS Endgame HAMSTER BOX FORT! 🐹 Animal Avengers

AVENGERS Endgame HAMSTER BOX FORT! 🐹 Animal Avengers

I like carrots and carrots like me I
like baby carrots so do you yummy yummy carrots oh look at my tenant
sculpt see what I see and all there’s a lot of people coming for me Oh Sally a
lot you need to defend the hamster at all cost why is there a hamster crawling on my
chest new hamster he’s part of the family I don’t have a name for him yet
so farm thinking about hammy or mr. hamster Jake I’m literally allergic to
hamsters are you allergic to cuteness that’s the only thing this little guy
has and they’re right mr. hamper stood still working on the name Jake where did
you even get a hamster I got him at the pet store then yeah I might have used
your credit card but that’s me because he’s the cutest thing in the world Logan
and all the viewers wanted him running around his little ball hey what’s going
on everyone its Papa Jake and we are back with a brand new video and today
guys we have a brand new member iramsterdam person named name is still
in the works because we actually haven’t named it yet because we wanted you guys
check I got a friend just not a hit thinks he has known hamster that is a
plastic figurine inside a ball this is a real living thing we still don’t have a
name for it yet so of course we wanted to have all of our viewers welcome our
new member to the family and help us out by choosing a name for him so if you
guys have a cool idea you know maybe mr. small paws or tiny feet I actually
kirlyam falling in marshmallow and he also looks like he’s an epic DJ in that
right marshmallow but guys with any new member of the team
of course we have to have them do their very first video and for mr. hamster son
which is what I’m gonna call him for the rest of this video we decided that we
would do the world’s smallest box for it but guess what Logan what what what mr.
hamster son is a massive fan of the inventors in fact he’s watched every
single Avengers movie twice I even had to sneak him into endgame because he
wanted to go so bad it’s pg-13 and he’s only two weeks old
Jake speaking of mr. Hampton where is he mr. trying to film a video with you
you’re gonna be new Avenger and your world swells bones for what do you doing
over there tea is a massive Avengers fan so we
decided we would make him the ultimate world’s smallest Avengers base I’m
thinking we have a car for him I’m thinking we have a helicopter for him
I’m thinking we have everything that you need in your top secret avengers base
but it’s gonna be hamster size nobody and if you guys think that’s awesome and
wants to do more videos with hamster man camps arson or whatever we decide then
guys be sure to smash that like button let’s try and crush sir how how many
likes would you like I would love a little eggs okay let’s try and crush
50,000 likes for the newest member of the team but guys I’m gonna go put him
back in his cage upstairs and we’re gonna head downstairs and start building
his Avengers for it okay guys so we’ve been working on marshmallows world
smallest box hoard as the newest member of the team we wanted to give him all
the cool stuff that he could possibly want inside of his fort so we started
out here with the base of the fort up here on a table and we’re actually gonna
be using fake grass for him because the hamsters love being outside so we got
this really cool fake grass it’s ultra fluffy and soft so he’s actually gonna
have this as the exterior to the fort and then over here I’m thinking will
actually build his fort up now this is a world smallest box more challenge so
obviously we don’t want to make this as big as possible but because it’s an
Avengers base I do want to make it pretty awesome to have a bunch of cool
features so I’ve got some surprises up my sleeve one of them might include a
hamster mobile but I’ll save that for a little bit later we need to start
building this thing and get him inside and guys remember right now we’re
calling him marshmallow but you need to comment down below what should we name
him is it mr. fluffy hands is it mr. we hands I don’t know why I keep saying
everything with hands but comment down below we’ve been working on the hamsters
Avengers box board for quite some time and of course it is the world’s smallest
I think this is the world’s I mean my head can’t even it can’t but that
doesn’t mean it needs to be the world’s lamest no no no this is legit okay this
is the Avengers base that our hamster is gonna be living inside of and now it’s
not fully complete at all in fact we still have a ton of stuff to add to this
but right off the bat guys we have some cool features so if you know this
insight it’s a little dark right now we have up top here a nice little
chandelier that lights up because obviously he’s a billionaire Avenger so
he’s gonna have a really sweet chandelier over here is one of his
lookout stations security is one of our number-one priorities with this place
and he actually gets a live feed of a telescopic lookout camera up here oh
yeah night vision for sure so he’s gonna have all that we still have an elevator
to install we still have his secret armory we still gotta work on lighting
in this place but check this out here is a secret door it’s not actually an
outlet so don’t worry you’re not gonna get electrocuted but don’t touch outlets
behind the outlet is a secret tunnel which leads to our hamsters secret
garage he’ll come through here and then into his box garage
pop opening fly right out it is officially complete the world’s smallest
Avengers base for our hamster now check this thing out his very first box fort
is equipped with everything that our boy would currently want and need look at
Captain America who’s got Captain America defending the front gate he’s
also got Hulk over here we actually have this awesome front gate here that opens
and closes so that’s how you get inside the fort there’s also don’t tell anyone
guys aren’t this is Topsy but there is a secret escape door right here that you
can go in and out of I don’t know if they Hampshire’s gonna fit through that
but nonetheless escape door over here we have the hamsters bed the hamsters
kitchen you can see his water and treats over there all right and then over here
guys we actually built a tube system to get him up to his second story this is
the outlook story because he has both the zoom vision as well as night vision
so he can be on the watch out for anyone trying to attack his base and if that’s
not enough guys he also has a working elevator that he crawls into and is
pulled up using strength he then gets out here on the top he’s got a working
helipad with his very own helicopter and last but not least he has
with his own roller car alright Marsh mode check out your brand new Ford dude
this entire thing was built just for you wow look at all these cool things you’re
forced this way I think he just doesn’t know how to get
him we didn’t open the door Marsh ball the doors right here let me out let me
just open it for you here hello Captain America I am Meisner
I like big cars this is a big car I’m gonna go over here now I’m on a mission
to find my parents this is the biggest tube I’ve ever seen I shall go in it and
search for carrots as it looks marshmallow is going through the secret
garage entrance into his base I guess that makes sense okay marshmallow open
it up here for you to get in of course guys this is the secret entrance there
you go buddy into the back camp so it looks like right now he’s just checking
out his brand-new Ford he’s know looking around seeing all the cool features we
added to it kind of funny that he didn’t want to go through the front gate he
opted to go in through the back entrance but these are carrots but they are Yong
Yong Yong Yong he has found the treats – marshmallow has been checking out his
new fort he currently uh well he really just likes the kitchen that’s all he’s
really been in right now he hasn’t tried out his bed and he hasn’t gone to the
second-story yet or the elevator but I mean I guess he’s getting used to his
fort as a brand new Avenger guys this is the newest member of the Avengers he is
the front line to face evil I’m supposed to be the greatest youtuber in all the
world you can’t have a cute hamster what do I have the maestro you have me set a
robot a robot no I need something alive something fuzzy that we can put in my
hands hamster
so why don’t you just buy your own hamster unlike a 3-star think I am Clyde
I’m the maestro I shall have the best hamster oh I want papa jigs hamster it
looks like I need to call upon my minions to do my bidding and BAE will
retrieve that hamster for me Millions it’s lon how’s it going looks like the maestro
has a bit of a job for you you see tompa jake has a new hand step
and I want you all to get it from its port at any cost and bring it back here
it shall be the maestro’s hamster what are you doing you’re poor you shall also
be doing my bidding right that’s why I put you away
alright maybe you don’t need to do what I tell you to but the rest of you get me
my hamster and now sir yes sir do anything sir hey yeah I don’t really
know how I ended up here I don’t like papa jig as much as the
next guy but let me out oh yeah wait wait wait everyone do it do I have to
come along I think I might just go back to with the pig and the chickens I I
mean really my thing I like carrots and carrots like me I like baby carrots so
do you yummy yummy carrots oh good look at that
telescope but see what I see looks like we have enemy troops on the
horizon sir sorry I need orders right now cuz I’m
gonna go go gonna get out of here not gonna stay this see where are my carrots
where could they be hope this isn’t good we have enemy
troops approaching what do we do the captain’s not doing anything oh gosh
alright Hulk looks like it’s me and you post the gates we need to defend the
hamster at all cost watch out I’ve got the next ones
alright listen I’m in my way sir you are charged she’ll throw coming in Sarge we
need your help we can’t hold them off alone alright halt stand your ground
let’s see we got more coming enough of this child’s play it’s time
for me to get that hamster all right it’s now time for me to get out of here
before I get hurt that’s gonna move my hands no my only weak spot I mean I I
saved the day that was all me you’re welcome did our hamster just take
on panels yeah I think our hamster might’ve just saved the day
good job dude you’re really an Avenger now I think this is where we’re gonna
end off the video for today but if you liked our brand new member of the team
be sure to smack that like button down below and make sure to leave a comment
down below if you think that marshmallow or whatever we decide to name him should
be in more videos and what do you think they should be but guys this has been
Pappa Jake and the Logan ATAR and we’ll see you guys next time for another
awesome video

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  1. That is a mouse not a hamster a hamster is bigger than that I have one it is sitting next to me as I watch this video

  2. My below I hate New Hampshire in the future the names of him the word answer that so fluffy and Juliet end of the universe are you going to come with

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