Bald Puppies’ Benjamin-Button Mystery Solved. (Part 2) | Kritter Klub

Bald Puppies’ Benjamin-Button Mystery Solved. (Part 2) | Kritter Klub

Two-month-old puppies suffering from hair loss The Curious Case of Benjamin Button? The three, bald brothers And their mom who has luscious hair btw Their younger sister is also rich in hair Owner/ Only the male dogs are bald Why us? If it’s not the mom, then it must be the dad who gave us these genes Owner/ I saw a few dogs come and go One of them must be their father …The dad is unknownPD/ Have you seen a bald dog around here? Locals/ No, we haven’t. Dem puppies look like old grandpas Grandma got no chill;; Local/ Haven’t seen a dog like that A bald dog is nowhere to be found Owner/ I’m curious why the female dogs have hair, but the males don’t Let’s solve this mystery once and for all Vet/ I’ve also been running an animal clinic for 21 years But I’ve never seen such hairless puppies It’s an X-linked recessive inheritance The cause of their baldness Was an abnormal X chromosome passed down from their mother The bald gene came from the maternal line.. Vet/ The mother has one abnormal and one normal X chromosome So she shows no symptoms But the male dogs have only one X chromosome, met with their other Y chromosome Causing their hair loss Hey, I can’t help my genes. I was born this way The sister is XX (one abnormal and one normal) So she didn’t show any symptoms The brothers were XY (one abnormal X and Y) With no backup X, they were born bald Still cute tho Vet/ During summer, they need to use sunscreen During winter, they need to wear warm clothing PD/ You brush them so carefully Owner/ Bc each strand of hair is precious Imo, their baldness makes them unique A hat to keep them warm The three musketeers Your beauty marks is what makes you special!

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  1. Olha que graça o meu Deus cada um é mais lindo do que o outro Parabéns para vocês são cuidadores é muito bom

  2. Oh man, they are soooo cute! I wish I could have one. And the owner is a sweetheart. Those little hats! Love it! Great vid. :o)

  3. "Dem puppies look like old grandpas – Grandma got no chill"…. aaaaaaaaaaaaand this is why I am a subscriber 😀

  4. They are each adorable; but so sad. It’s as if they feel shame at being bald. They are so beautiful!

  5. So sweet that the owner puts little coats and hats on them to keep them warm due to the lack of hair…
    He really loves his fur babies ❤️

  6. Omg they were so cute. I would love to have one ..only i have 6 little dogs already. Who ever gets them will be lucky.

  7. Omg they are still very cute. If I lived in Korea I would definitely adopt one. I love the baldest one the white one. So darn cute. I think the baldness makes them more loveable and adorable. They will be snatched up very quickly by everyone potential adoptee. I just wish I could be one too. ❤🐕❤🐕❤🐕

  8. Chương trình của các bạn rất hay và ý nghĩa . Chúc các bạn thành công hơn nữa . Tôi yêu các bạn

  9. Oof grandmas roast them😳😨😩😢they really got no chill😦😟….but anyways even those puppies were bald its still cute😊

  10. morning all friends (^^)
    lucky puppy for having good owner, that a huge jackpot, as long they have good health and happy life tht most important..hope the three musketeer will have a very good glory day!

  11. Thank you Papa for loving them so much! Please take care of each other.. stay healthy and happy! God bless your unique and wonderful family!

  12. I'm so glad they have this good owner who take care of them and give them care and love. Some people would abandon them due to their condition.

  13. 😊😊😊😊So sweet and adorable puppye. Thank you for compassion and blissing 👍👍😇😇😘😘😘

  14. Again goes back to spaying and neutering not allowing dogs to just breed without any control. They are cute and look like Yoda.

  15. Soy
    Espanola veo sus videos los cachorros son bien lindos les falta el pelo de su cabecita no se las causa no hablo
    Ingles les agradeceria un rotulo en espanol para entenderles mejor se preocupan rescatan y sanan son admirables un saludo.

  16. Bald is beautiful! They are too cute. Too bad they don't make Rogaine for pups. It's good they have a caring owner but I don't understand why they keep all dogs outside on a chain.

  17. Love this channel! But is it in English I’m so confused I don’t understand anything they’re saying

  18. How he dresses them up for winter is so cute,,, "each strand of hair is precious – their baldness makes them unique," bless this man.

  19. Those puppies look so precious. I love the bald part!!! Its so unique and its what makes it special. It makes me wanna adopt them so badly! Anybody else fell in love with them by seeing them?

  20. This man is so careful, caring and unprejudiced with these puppies! Bless🙏🏼his heart and may there be more people like him with animals in the world 🙌🏼

  21. I love the vet the laughed during the sunscreen explanation. 😂 The patches of hair remind me of hyenas – I like hyenas!

  22. OH MY GOODNESS. Thank you God for creating such a beautiful creature and to those who rescued it. My heart is joyful. 04:55 🎁☯😚

  23. I feel soo relieved when innocent animals are cared for. Thanks you. You are real life heroes….😢❤❤ 05:12 😁✪🎁

  24. Thank you for saving that big beautifu dogl !! I hope he gets a great home soon! Bruno looks great. He’s getting the hang of being a tripod! 05:35 💕💕😊

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