Barbie – The Lost Puppy | Ep.30

Barbie – The Lost Puppy I can’t believe we’ve got more homework! I know! Can’t Miss Jenna give us a night off? Oh well, hopefully it won’t… (Dog barking) What a cute puppy! (Dog barking) Here puppy! Come on (Puppy panting) Ohhh! He’s so friendly I wonder where his owner is? Yeah…it looks like he might be lost Maybe I should take it home and look after it? At least until we find its owner (Dog barking) But I thought Barbie and Ken didn’t really want a pet? (Dog Bark) Hmmm, you’re right Leave it to me I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve (Dog barking) Good luck! (Dog panting) Now you have to be quiet We don’t want anyone to know that you’re here! (Dog barks) That’s not being quiet! (Dog whimpers) It looks like the coast is clear Come on Let’s go up to my room Come on boy…quietly… (Dog barking) Chelsea! Is that you? Quick! Quick! Go in there! Hurry! Hurry? Who has to hurry? Oh…ummm…me! I’ve…got…to…hurry up and do my homework! Good to hear I was just… (Dog barking) What was that?? (Coughing) Sorry…my cough It doesn’t sound good does it? Not at all! You sound like a little Chihuahua I was going to say that dinner will be on the table soon Ok… I’ll just be in my room (Dog barks) Shhhh! You’ll be back on the street if you don’t be quiet (Dog whines) Hmmm…maybe you’re hungry? (Dog pants) Ok, let me see what I can do Do not go anywhere! Good timing Chelsea! Your plate is ready! Do you mind if I eat this in my room? I have to do that homework I suppose Bring the plate back when you’ve finished! Yep. Thanks Barbie (Dog barking) There’s that cough again! Oh no! Puppy? Where are you puppy? This is not good! (Dog barks) There you are! I told you stay here Who’s room did you go into anyway? (Dog barks) Hmmmm… Well here’s your dinner (Dog barks) (Dog eating sounds) You’re hungry aren’t you? Chelsea? Oh no! How’s that dinner going? Did I cook that steak well? What? You finished already? Yep! I was hungry! Alright, well take that plate downstairs Did that blanket just move? Yeah Ken! It moved all by itself! You’re right… I’m being silly I’m going to change my shoes I’ll see you… Downstairs… Chelsea? Did that blanket move again? Ken, you need some rest… Maybe I do… You did well Chelsea It was yummy! Can I have some more? More? Let me see what’s left… (Sniffing) Something doesn’t smell good in here Arrrr… These shoes are more comfortable And …put the other one on… (Squish sound) What the…… Ohh gross!! Thanks Barbie That’s ok Your cough seems better! It comes and goes Ok… Who’s responsible? Responsible for what? For pooping in my shoe! My foot smells like a dirty diaper! I have no idea what you’re talking about Me either… (Dog barking) Ok… Maybe I do So that’s why I took him home I only wanted to look after him Well I must say, you’ve done a good
job of taking care of the puppy I’m going to call him…Noisy Because he barks a lot (Dog barking) Can we keep him? Chelsea, it looks like he was lost His owner is probably trying to find him right now If we can’t find his owner, then can we keep him? (Dog whimpers) Well…we’ll have to… (Doorbell rings) Let’s go see who’s at the door Noisy! Hello Oh, sorry to disturb you I was wondering if you might have seen (Dog barks) My little puppy!! You found him! Yes Well Chelsea did and she’s been
taking really good care of him Thank you Chelsea! But how do we know this is your dog? Well… Does you dog love eating steak? Yes, he loves it! Does your dog bark a lot? All the time! Oh, ok… Does your dog poop in people’s shoes? Definitely! Hmmm…Is your dog’s name “Noisy”? No, that dog’s name is Buster Ha! This can’t be your dog because his name is Noisy! Chelsea! Oh, alright Here you go I really love your dog Thank you again Chelsea Maybe Buster and I can come visit sometime? (Dog Barking) Yes please! I’m going to miss that dog Well you really did do a good job of looking after it Does that mean we can get our own dog? We’ll see…Maybe Can we please get one that doesn’t poop in shoes!!

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