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hello and welcome to another video today
is January 7th and I’m super excited for a couple reasons for one because I got a
couple packages in the mail so I’m gonna be this one came open so a little
concerned about that but hopefully everything’s in there so we’ll open up
these in a little while and then I have Carly coming out today and she is one of
my college girls Carly’s been with me forever and she’s actually the one that
used to own muffin so Carly is hoping to get into a ranch
out west this summer as a Wrangler but along with her application she needs
to send a video of her riding so we’re gonna take some video footage of her
riding her horse Diego today and I’m gonna include that on my channel as well
so I’ll probably be posting that video tomorrow or so so you’ll get to see how
that whole process works out so one of the questions that popped up from
yesterday’s video is Miss Kitty and Diego I had them both in the arena and I
had mentioned on there that one is a paint and when is a Pinto well the
difference in that is a Pinto is a color and a paint is a breed so there is way
there are ways to register a Pinto horse there’s an association for that but a
Paint Horse is an actual breed where Miss Kitty her color is called Pinto
she’s got a mix of a few different breeds in her so she is not registered
so that’s the difference mm-hmm she does it all the time I can’t we back up she’s so silly so one
of the random tasks that this could happen at any moment is you can break
fence first break fence or human can break the fence but this is a very
important thing for people to know how to do if you’re gonna have horses
because you never know when you’re and you’re doing it every so many years and
not have to have maintenance would be I deal with wood fence you’re painting it
but the problem with fencing is it’s so expensive luckily it’s nice so usually
this kind of stuff happens when it’s like 40 below and wind and all that
stuff but if you’re gonna have horses you need to know how to do the basic men
Dean of a fence I’m just twisting this back on itself I
make sure to pinch it down because we don’t want anybody poking an eye out I
actually knew of a person who had a piece of wire come back and smack her in
the eye and uh yeah blood squirted blood was squirting out of her eye and it was
yeah it was pretty bad so you want to be careful when you’re working with fence
and something else too is it will shred your gloves in no time so try not to use
brand new gloves when you do this which mine are brand new these are the same
gloves to that if you heard if you’re watching our live video the mouse
situation one where I dumped gas all over myself yeah that was these gloves
so I have a feeling these ones aren’t gonna last very long
that’s fifty bucks for a new gloves okay so I’m splicing this is it broke and it
was the problem is it was too tight because
as our ground froze the post shifted and made this really tight between the two
and made this really tight so all it took was just being bumped in it just
snapped so that’s all right so wire has a tendency to stretch and then when it’s
high it breaks so it’s just it’s a lot of maintenance
but again it’s cheap it’s the cheapest fencing
and as long as you got horses that are good and respectful it works what I do
is I just have a bucket because you never know when this is gonna happen so
you don’t want to go digging through all your supplies I have one bucket for just
the quick fix fence repair stuff that makes it much
much easier I’m so excited because these gloves okay for one I really small hands
and I never find things in my side I never find cool stuff in my size and
these are super cool because they are gloves specifically made for still going
which I don’t care about that but what I care about is that they are waterproof
and you have to check this out they are lined and they’re waterproof so it’s the
simple things in life that make me happy what face is when I’m trying to work all
day and I’ve got two quail up my hose and my Glock my leather gloves get
soaked so yeah these gloves are just going to be coiling up the hose I won’t oh just an illiterate now make it to the end Karis the worker okay so now I was where I have to walk
it out otherwise I end up with water all over anymore no frozen homes lucky is that one right
there lucky he’s got one eye buddy turn your head so we can see see is no I lack
of eye Mainzer is filthy oh my gosh you musta laid in poop today tonight and I
think it’s time I like to occasionally get rides in on my lesson horses just to
make sure that they’re doing good with their training so Annabelle is in her
stall having some green right now what I’m doing a Fanta Bell right now is when
I call the box exercise and basically I side past them and then I’ll walk
forward beside pass them the other way and then back up so I make a box and
then after I do that maybe once or twice depending on how they do I always stop
when it’s really good but I’ll change direction and do it the other way and
again I always stop when it’s good as soon as the horse gives me a really good
try or I see that they’re understanding something that’s when I quit Annabelle
is a type of horse to kind of want to be in a hurry everywhere she goes so this
exercise is really good for her because it puts her feet to work and it also
keeps her mind busy because she’s engaged in a job the next thing that I’m
gonna do is I’m gonna work on moving Annabelle’s front quarters and hind
quarters separately so the first part that I’m gonna do is I’m going to keep
her outside hind leg in one spot and I’m gonna ask her front end to sort of walk
around it and I keep working at this and tell she’s stepping her right front leg
in front of the left front leg and when she gives me a really good try at this
that’s when I stop now when I changed like right here she gives me a really
good really good try so then I’m gonna back her a couple steps and I’ll take
her the other direction and same thing when it feels really good
that’s when I stop and just leave her alone on this the next thing I’m going
to do after this is I’m going to try to move her hindquarters just a little at a
time so I’m going to ask her to take her left hind to the left and just one step
and then I’m gonna ask her to take her right hind to the right it’s all I’m
looking for is for just a little try that was just right so I’m gonna call it
quits for the day now instead of taking Annabelle and
including her I’m simply gonna turn her loose in my arena and let her roll in
the sand she enjoys that so much more I think than the grooming process and it’s
a lot quicker and easier for me now I’m really careful I’m always watching my
horses when they’re rolling in the arena as you can see she’s kind of close to
the wall and she could easily become cast if she was a little closer so I’m
always there and watchful just in case she should get herself in some kind of a
bind Iona remember Sally Sally used to take me two
hours just to get near her so I could pet her and she didn’t like it and now
she is like she’s like my sidekick everywhere I go Sally’s gotta come with
so she’s a really good girl okay it’s time to wrap up this video but first I
want to show you what’s inside of these boxes I’m so excited because Daisy the
mini has her own bit now I’ve been waiting for this for quite some time and
in this box I have eight Chicks nets I’m a dealer for hey chicks and I have a
bunch of people that have just ordered and it was time to restock all of my
inventory as well because these things have been selling like hotcakes
okay well I hope you enjoyed this video if you did please be sure to give it a
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subscribers in 2020 thanks so much for watching I’ll see you tomorrow bye

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