BATHTIME – Missing Cat Pt. 1

BATHTIME – Missing Cat Pt. 1

Hi guys!
Simon here. I hope you’ve enjoyed the first part of our four-part special
“Missing Cat.” Be sure to hit the subscribe button and keep up with a
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  1. The only way I’ve ever been able to wash my cats is to put on the swimming shorts and literally get into the shower cubicle with them. No escape and nothing for them to hold on to. Lol

  2. I’ve always assumed Simon actually has a cat. The sequence about the cat bath could only have been made by a non-cat person. Cats simply DO NOT HAVE BATHS. E V E R . Ask any cat owner.

  3. I had to give a cat a bath once. She came home with lice☹️ (not really my cat, but her people made her stay outside, even in the snow!😡 So, I guess I was her aunt?). Anyway, thank God I had a tiny bathroom I could close up. Dear God, I'll never forget that say!

  4. The only thing missing is for him to completely savage his owners arms whilst he is trying to bath him 😂😂
    The first time I gave one of my cats a bath it looked like I had been sleeping in thorn bushes, I was bleeding all up my arms and even a couple of scratches on my chest and face 😂😂
    She got her bath in the end though and we got all of the dish soap off of her (her kitten had gotten its head stuck in the washing machine and she wouldn't leave her side while my parents tried to get the kitten out, after trying everything they finally called the fire department who sawed off the bottom part of the washing machine and safety remove her head from the hole) 🙂

  5. Life with cat's , I have 4 🐈,🐈,🐈,🐈,🐆 sometimes poppy cat comes over (5) .
    My cats don't care for water but 1 of them will hunt in the wet. Creek bed .

  6. Idk if it was just me Buh who else saw the bubble on the screen when Simon when to get the cat and touched it at the right time

  7. I showered my cats, shower day is the worst day of the year for me and them, its exactly like in the video xD

  8. I lost Little kitten not come to here house never long month 2 😭😭😭 I can't search find hurt, sadness, cry 😢

  9. Oh my goodness, you have been around for 10 years and I have only just found you?  Just LOVE this channel.  Much Love from Mexico…. & 4 cats 🙂

  10. hello guys , any one here pls advice me if you know, how does this cartoon is drawn ? is it using adobe illustrator ? . i love artistic.

  11. I really enjoy watching this videos. It makes me want to hug to my little ball of fur.
    Duele…. menos. Pero sigue ese vacío.

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