Bearded Dragon, The Best Pet Reptile?

Bearded Dragon, The Best Pet Reptile?

Well welcome everybody. We’re here today to
talk about the bearded dragon and you might be here because you saw our other
video about the five best pet reptiles. And you thought hey the bearded dragon
that might be for me. Well I’m glad you’re here. If you haven’t seen before
it’s right there so check it out. I love bearded dragons.
We have ranked the bearded dragon, already, as one of the five best pet
reptiles for a brand new reptile keeper. And we’ve given them an overall score of
3.8 out of 5. Which is actually a very high score. Maybe isn’t
what you want on a quiz in high school but the truth is any reptile you get is
going to have some pros and some cons. And you’ve got to decide, given the pros
and the cons, is this the right reptile for me. And I’m telling you the bearded
dragon is spectacular in oh so many ways. Our 5 criteria, upon which we decided
this overall score, are handleability, care, hardiness, availability … that finger doesn’t work …
and upfront costs. So let’s start with our first category handleability. For handleability we have given these animals a 4 out of 5. And
really really the only reason they didn’t get a 5 out of 5 is because
you’ve got to be careful that they don’t poop on you. Which, I mean, that could
be a big deal for some people. It’s kind of a big deal for me. I have learned
how to get around this and that is because bearded dragons come straight
from nature basically potty trained. If you give them a little bath before you
handle them they will do their business in there. You give them a little rinse
off no worries. But that is a serious concern and I don’t ever want it to
happen to me. It hasn’t happened yet – because I’m careful. Other than that
they’re just unbelievable. I mean you can see how they are they’re just happy to
just hang out with you. They like to be in the highest place they can get to. So
if you put them on your arm they’ll climb up on your shoulder they’ll hang
out – they’re good to go. I’ve been places before where I set a
bearded dragon on a table and it just sat there for an hour, hour and a half,
during a class or or a seminar and just looked at people. And just looked around.
And for a while people like “is that real” and then it turns its head and they just
“whoa!” It’s the coolest thing they’ve ever seen in their lives – they love him.
They’re unlikely to bite you. I have accidentally been nipped as part of a
feeding response by a bearded dragon but I’ve never been bitten by a dragon
while I was holding it. They’re unlikely to scratch you, I mean superficial little
cuts. They do have nails but they’re not gonna break the skin or anything you’re
not gonna bleed because they scratched you. Something I adore about the Agamid
lizards, which are the group that the bearded dragons belong to, is that they
don’t lose their tails! I love that they don’t lose their tails! It’s the greatest
thing ever that a lizard could have as an attribute is it doesn’t drop its tail!
Because it’s the scariest thing in the world when they might. And you don’t have
to worry about that with a bearded dragon. A bearded dragon is no more
likely to lose its tail than your cat is. Additionally they’re big enough that
they can handle a little bit of rough handling. Not too rough, you always want
to be careful with them. But you can hand them to a relatively small child and as
long as they’re well supervised you make sure they’re not going to drop them or
kick them or squeeze them really hard something like that. With normal handling
they’re just gonna do great and they’re gonna be mellow and they’re gonna hang
out. I adore bearded dragon – you can tell.
When it comes to care we give them a 3 out of 5. There are actually a
lot of drawbacks to bearded dragon care. One of them, and a big one, is that their
diet is somewhat complex. These guys are omnivores, which means they meat and
plants and they need a lot of variety when it comes to meat and plants. So
you’re gonna need various different kinds of insect feeders – which could mean
things like dubia roaches, crickets, superworms and we’ve actually got links to
where you can get those things down in the [description]. You can find them
relatively affordably. I buy them in bulk online – I didn’t have to start doing
that until I started keeping bearded dragons because man they can go through
the insects. You’re also gonna need really good plants and a variety of them.
Things like mustard greens, collard greens, kale. These things are excellent.
Baby spring mix can be very good for them. Try to avoid things like spinach
and broccoli which bind calcium you don’t need to stress too much about why
but don’t give them these sorts of plants and just research – there are a
million places online. They’re going to need calcium supplements and other
vitamin supplements in addition to the variety of both insect feeders and
plants. They need to be kept at relatively high temperatures and you’re
gonna achieve this with basking lights. You need an ambient temperature of you
know 78 to 80 degrees with a basking area 90 to 100 degrees.
And then in addition to just heat, they also need UV bulbs. UVB is very
important to them. They’re going to need this UV exposure and those lamps
can be fairly expensive – we’ll get to that later. But that is something you’re
going to need to keep up with. You’re gonna need to replace that bulb every
six months to a year. Also, a common complaint about bearded dragons is that
they can be kind of stinky and I will be honest – they have a distinct bearded
dragon-ly aroma. It’s not necessarily a terrible smell but you usually can tell
at least when you walk into a room that this is a room that has had bearded
dragons in it recently. When it comes to hardiness, we’re giving these guys a 4
out of 5 and that’s a that’s a high score. They are a very hardy animal. They
can tolerate a lot of little mistakes. One of the easiest ways to kill them
would be to get them too cold for a long time or way way hot. You know, that
can be one of the the hard things about needing a really hot basking area is
it’s hard to achieve a really hot basking area in a very small enclosure.
So they need a fairly large enclosure so that they can have a good temperature
gradient. So they can decide what temperature do I want to be at and you
don’t accidentally cook your lizard. If you’re not giving them UVB radiation
from a UV light source. If you’re not giving them things like calcium
powder then you’re going to run the risk of them getting metabolic bone disease –
which can kill them off, not as quickly as heat or cold but fairly quickly. When
it comes to availability these guys are everywhere – we give them a 5 out of 5. You
go into a pet shop that sells reptiles they sell bearded dragons guaranteed. If
not they’re out and they will have more next week. What would be better would be
to go to a breeder and there are lots of breeders because bearded dragons are
easy to breed. This one here she’s got kind of the traditional bearded dragon
coloration and texture. Bearded dragons are a little bit spiky in nature, but not
always. This one’s got a smooth back it’s called a leatherback. And there are all
kinds of different texture and color morphs out there for bearded dragons. So
if you’re willing to look a little bit you can find some really neat looking
bearded dragons. The last thing is upfront cost. We give them a score of
3 out of 5. And this really, I mean the reason they don’t get a 5 out of 5
comes exclusively to their enclosure. The cost
of a bearded dragon is very very reasonable. You can pick up a bearded
dragon very cheap and for this reason a lot of people buy them and then they
don’t how is them appropriately. Housing is going to be essential if you want a
happy long-lived bearded dragon. They need a fairly large enclosure and fairly
expensive lighting. These are going to be your big expensive upfront costs. Once
you’ve paid for that, you’re still going to need to replace that bulb
periodically. Food gets kind of expensive for them. So they can be an expensive pet
but they are very very rewarding. Really excellent. For something with as much
personality as they have, that is handleable and hardy and just fun as a
bearded dragon – they’re hard to beat for any price. Once again, our overall score
for the bearded dragon is 3.8 out of 5. And we are so grateful
that you’ve been here. If you think the bearded dragon is for you let us know. As
always: like and subscribe. We can’t wait to see you again and we hope to see you
real soon! [Go.] That’s not the word. [Action!] With a working hand. One more time
with my hand that works right.

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  1. My bearded passed away a few years ago he was eight years old and one of the coolest pets I ever had. He was super friendly,never bit,ate everything I gave to him. Now I’m in a smaller house so I don’t have room for another one but I definitely miss having one just a dog for now. I love her too of course. And yes they are very stinky.

  2. my vet is the vet for the SD Zoo Reptiles- he says that if you gut load your bugs with laying-hen feed and keep your UVB/Heat correct, then you can skip the calcium dusting. He said he sees Beardies that get od’d on calcium powder. idk, just some info i’d pass on. We do this with ours and he’s a big, healthy 4y/o now

  3. QUESTION: can they be housed with other types of lizard? or only 1 dragon (and/or) lizard per housing? I'm sure this depends on their size, right?

  4. Hey Clint, I've watched a ton of your videos in finding my first reptile! You're very helpful and informative. I think I'm getting a bearded dragon (was between that, a Crested Gecko and Leopard Gecko). Would the Exo Terra 36X18X18 be a good size for an adult Beardie? I plan on getting a baby or young one but want them to be comfortable in the enclosure as an adult as well.

  5. I'm very very surprised you didnt mention they are venomous or talk about their third eye your usually great with small facts people dont know.

  6. I have 1 question, what time do I turn off the lights at night?
    Or do i keep them on low?
    Thanks for the info!

  7. My beardie, Khadgar, doesnt like pooping on people he cares about. He always does his business before breakfast, but if we happen to wake him up a little early he will walk away to poop, then vome back. Very good boi

  8. My beardie is now 7.5 yrs old and has been with me from the beginning. Khrono hatched around Jan. 6, 2012 and I got him on Feb. 18, 2012. He's like a slightly interactive potato :3

  9. When you mentioned bearded dragons are basically potty trained I realized I have an exceptionally well trained beardie. He just started going to the bathroom in the same spot in his terrarium every time.

  10. This is the video that drew me to the breed and a month later here I am with my new beardie he’s 4months old and beautiful

  11. Have a question plz awnser it I just got one so did my dad and I have the heat light and I am wondering should it be on all day plz awnser it they are baby’s btw

  12. I want my beardie to be very healthy. Before I got him, I bought his terrarium for about $140 and changed the Lights cost about $130. Then I bought a sand-clay substrate for about $30 and him for $80. (He is a citrus beardie, and i bought everything in germany bc i live here lol)

  13. He mentions kale, but kale does bind calcium, not as much as brocolli or spinach, but it's not a fantastic source of calcium for your reptile, so sayeth the google.

  14. Be sure to read honest and real reviews of The Bearded Dragon Guide on my blog before you buy. Go to gohonestreviews. com/the-bearded-dragon-guide-review/ Thanks, Alford.

  15. My bearded dragon has pooped on me and it wasn’t very pleasant… I’ve been pooped and peed on by a baby and a rabbit, but bearded dragon was by far the worst

  16. The worst thing about them is their defecation every chance mine gets he will take a dump outside of his cage so I strategically pick my times and give him a bath so I can play with him

  17. Clint, if I was to consider this lizard. I was wondering if I was to stick the Enclosure by a door wall would would that cover uv requirements

  18. My rating:
    Handing: 4.8
    Care: 4.9 you can go to some stores and get best deals on basking light in Home Depot.
    Harddenes: 4.6
    Availability: 5
    Cost: 4.3 get the babies it cost less

  19. Beardie is the only lizard I’ve ever cared for, alongside a ferret, the both of which were pets owned by my former roommate. And they are super chill, if not mildly boring.

  20. I’d give more of a 3/5 on handling their claws leave a bunch of scratches at least mine does and it breaks skin

  21. I got my beardie off of Craig's list for an upfront cost of $100 for everything. She was completely healthy and happy. I would definitely recommend!

  22. I am an animal fanatic in general, but after getting my first beardie, I have gained an even better appreciation for reptiles, and tomorrow I will be trying to convince my mom to let me get a corn snake (she's afraid of snakes). I have already got the information I need (thx to your video and a friend of mine who has one) and I have the enclosure I'd need (from a previously housed beardie who was moved to a bigger tank) so now I'll I need is the approval, which with the help from a little psychology mixed with my fantastic convincing and negotiating skills, I'm sure I can win her over. 😊

  23. 1 thing
    Bearded dragons only smell if their poop doesnt get cleaned thoroughly
    If you can clean its poop good, your beardie wont smell

  24. I recently got my first beardie. I quickly learned about the lighting and food costs lol. Its 100% worth the trouble. Shes one of the coolest pets I've ever owned!

  25. I adopted an adult bearded dragon with extreme mbd. He can't hold his own weight and he can't lift his head. I've been working with him for two months and now he can scoot around and get onto his hamic. The previous owners had him for 3 years and didn't have any carpeting or heating bulbs. They were going to put him down if it weren't for me… He is doing a lot better and that's all I can ask for. Yes mbd can't be reversed but he can get stronger. A little love goes a long way 💗
    I love your videos! You are the person who got me into reptile research and love.

  26. Dear Clint, you are probably not going to see this but I have an about 5 month old beardie but he is very mean. I try to pick him up but he bites me on purpose. When I stick my hand in his cage to do anything he opens his mouth and puffs out his beard. I just thought I would comment this and see what you say.

  27. What's worse a bearded dragon poo on you or a 8 foot board popping on you lol my boa had done it while I was holding him and walking around with him in my neighborhood lol it wasn't nice at all lol

  28. One of the calmest lizards I've ever had. All around good guys. I recommend a bioactive enclosure to remedy the smell issue.

  29. Not all bearded dragons are nice guys you can get bad ones anything with a mouth can bite and will be harmful.

  30. I'd like to add that Locusts are fantastic for feeding. Cheaper than dubias, slightly more expensive than crickets but way better nutritionally for beardies. I'd recommend them if you don't like the idea of breeding dubias.

  31. i dunno about everyone else, but my bearded dragon literally doesn't smell at all, only when he goes to the toilet

  32. I have a 3 year old bearded dragon and it mades me bleed with its nails.

  33. Whenever I'm thinking of getting another reptile I come to this channel cause you have the best care videos

  34. My husband and i lost our bearded dragon Ray of almost 7 years yesterday 😢 suddenly and in a sad way and i wanted to share with people how to hopefully help others from losing a loved one. Our little man never once puffed up or black bearded us and he never ran away or hurt us he was the sweetest thing he only tried to snuggle up and lick us 😢 we never had any health issues prior to the last week and the issues we thought he was having was impaction but its turns out he had fluid in his body cavity (it was there a long time we always thought it was fat and so did his vet prior to his xray) and that fluid collapsed his lung 😢 suddenly we had about 3 days notice and the only notice we got was a strange twiching we saw one day on his side and that he stopped pooping and he stopped eating we didnt notice a behavior change or a black beard 😢. Please if your beardy looks chunky and it hangs down a little like liquid have him xrayed or you may lose your loved one…ray meant the world to us we have cried non stop since yesterday please dont make our mistake just take your beardy to the vet spend the 100-150 for an xray over losing a family member 😢 we love you so so so much ray we are sorry we didnt know

  35. You do this about every reptile😂😂 not being rude, im just saying, i oove your channel

  36. I would rate them like this:
    Handling is a 5
    Care is a 3
    Hardiness is a 4
    Availability is a 5
    Upfront cost is 3
    An overall score of 4

  37. Are the different textures of the bearded dragons make them have different character? for example I have a smooth coat mini dachshund and they're known to be more high energy compared to the long hair mini dachshund. I know it sounds silly because I'm talking about dogs but I'm wondering if it's the same with lizards 😂

  38. I actually own a bearded dragon and she is the best. Yes she has pooped on me a bit but that would really be the only con for her. She is only two months old but amazing

  39. I know the Beardies the rest of the world gets are the Central Beardies (Pogona vitticeps). Due to policies in Australia I am getting and Eastern Beardie (Pogona barbata) does anyone know how they might differ?

  40. Im planning on getting a beardie for Christmas i'm obsesed with them right now. i made my own care sheet and it was so fun.
    Dont worry i'm doing my research.

  41. Be careful about buying them from pet stores because I bought a bearded dragon that got MBD while in the pet store. I recommend a breederz

  42. 4:50 ''Mentions Bearded Dragons may have a slight aroma'' Bearded dragon raises head as if to say ''Human, I have to put up with YOUR odor too!'' Hahahah Beardies are so adorable. Great video!

  43. I miss my little bearded dragon. I bought one after doing a lot of research when I was a kid. Unfortunately after taking him to a vet we found out he had parasites already when we bought him. After weeks of giving him medicine with a syringe he was doing better, but we just couldn't get him healthy. We ended up giving him to the vet because it was taking so much time, and costing so much in medicine and vet appointments. He is alive and thriving now at the vets office. Maybe one of these days I'll get another dragon, I'll just be more careful about where I get it from.

  44. Hello! I was wondering if you would consider maybe making some tank set up videos? you’re so honest and very informative I would definitely trust your advice on tank set up for different reptiles. have a good day. 🙂

  45. My bearded dragon is loved and tooken care of but you don't need to do all these extras they adapt to anything, I've only used uva basking light no uvb never heard of it, I've had him for seven months still sheds and everything, but uvb don't really need, I use zoo med repti basking lamp and my boy healthy

  46. My dragon only poops outside idk why but she does and it’s the best never have to clean her tank also mine never smells so I’d wouldn’t say they all stink

  47. My dragon does not smell… She poops in a shallow bath every other day during my lunch time. I only have to clean her enclosure after she sheds, when there is shed skin everywhere.

  48. I miss me and my bfs beardie, we rehomed her because his mom didnt like that they smell so strong and the crickets we kept for it were even worse and noisey. She is the sweetest beardie on earth PERIODT!! I made sure the home we gave her to was well informed about care and how much time and dedication it takes and they seemed v v determined to give her only the very best. I literally cried at repticon when i saw a beardie that looked like our old one because i miss her so much, she loved cuddling with us in bed and hung out with us on the daily, even got annoyed when we’d leave her in her terrarium for our own time to ourselves lmfaooo bearded dragons are such loving pets i really didnt expect them to become to attached to us. When we gave her away she looked so scared and nervous, she was flattening up and was so dark then after letting the new owner handle her for a bit she started to brighten up again and lick and climb all over her, im so happy shes safe and her new family lets us ask for updates to make sure shes healthy and happy (: miss you lizzy McGuire (yes were lame af for naming our lizard lizzy McGuire LOL)

  49. Just wanted to add – beardies are from arid climates (Australian deserts) – so if you live in a humid area – I'd recommend a dehumidifier.

  50. Omg because of your video my dad agreed to me buying one I am so excited I am a reptile lover! Do you guys have any for sale?

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