Bellgrande Nacho Fries?!(Siamese Samples)

Bellgrande Nacho Fries?!(Siamese Samples)

*Ringadinging* Uh yes, Do you all have the ..uh.. Taco Bell Nacho Fries Nacho fries Employee: Do we … Do we have what now? Nacho Fries? Taco Person: Yes, We do All right cool, beans i’ll be going over to get that Taco Person: Thank you. Come on Alright! HARDHJSYUWHGDHJHAR! Taco Person: *Spongebob laugh* Bubye! bubye! Taco Person: Bye.. *BOOP!* MISSION START! : GET NOMS MONTAGE START!! *TRAVEL TO TACO HELL* *POINT POINTINGLY TO NOM* *GRABS BAG GRABBINGLY* *TAKE BAG TO BASE* MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! welcome youtube facebook twitter instagram Furry Amino, and all those other places! This is your boy, Leone coming to you live from Millington, tennessee and welcome to the first episode of siamese samples Insert whatever the thing is here. Right now,today, what we have going on is (if the title has not Tipped you off) it will be the fact that, we have. Taco bell : Nacho Fries Bellgrande edition because I want to go (FATTER). So, let’s take a look, at what’s inside this here bag! We got ourselves a receipt.. and napkins!(never enough) In case you wonder about the audio, we’re going to go all natural today because I’m gonna have to replace that uh.. Original mic setup. Yeah. We got ,uh.. Sauce Packet! “I had…. ..So much fun.” Well I sure hope so! Man it’s so hot , it’s sweating! Let me Bring it Closer to the camera.. So you guys can see… Yeah. It’s sweating so you can’t really see it . I think I might need to open it.. *TOP FALLS* UGH.. See that? (exertion sounds) Sensational! All right, let’s see what else is in this bag… You’d think with all this friggin sodium I would have something to drink right here, but , uh, we’re going to leave that out- we want to actually catch the full flavor.(Do we?) Oh there is a lot of sauce packets in here…. ‘there any more? Wow do i really need all of this to Enjoy, the Bellgrande ..nacho Look at all that. Oh wow alright so exactly Exactly how am i going to attack this I may be a cat, but i’m a “Civilized cat”. So what we got here is our trusty- Handy, dandy fork Yeah, just a fork forking around… FORK! I don’t know if you can see it in the frame but whatever (Lel) We’re going to do a break-down! so.. What we have here.. Got to bring it back up so you can see What we have here is ,uh.. Some some fries, which I assume is where the nacho stuff is (it’s a bit warm underneath here) We got some , uh…Nacho cheese some freaking poor or poorer amount of meat on here Not enough to satisfy me, but i mean really they should have put more . You know They, have the whole pre measurement thing going on )It has some sour cream and some tomatoes.. tomatoes: The only healthy thing in here.. all right The smell hmm Smells like your every day taco bell stuff. It’s not really nothing too fancy or nothing . I mean the cost of this particular version of this is the supreme the Nacho fries supreme, but this is the Bellgrande edition Which she says is twice the amount of fries but if i was going to be honest, if it was like half of this was a long ways Ain’t worth that price it is not a. Supreme it’s like a, small fry by Mcdonald’s standards. all right Get myself a small bit I’m trying to get everything on there including the tomato (which i hate by the way) ..Good source of lycopene though! Yeah, didn’t taste too spectacular to me . I’m going to try again. Maybe i should put some sauce on it. Though maybe it’ll make me uh… me give me sec… Maybe I’ll add some hot sauce to that. I mean I don’t know If I can open it…>>Taking a, while to come out so yeah. Give me a second(again) EUUGH!>

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  1. What's up Leone? It's cool to see you upload, I adore you and your style! There's not many black people in this fandom and it's you that inspires me to be in it as a black furry!

  2. "thank you. come on." LOL
    I love your content and I love the trash that is Taco Bell more than any other food trash. This is content for me. The kind of video that makes me picture a total stranger walking in on the making-of and having to face whatever the hell is happening lmao.

  3. They look so appetizing from the commercial. Hopefully I'll get a chance to try them before they're discontinued!

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