Bengali’s Water Bowl!

Bengali’s Water Bowl!

All right, what we’re doing, today, project for the day is to switch out Bengali’s water bowl. As you can see, here is Bengali; here’s his water bowl. His water bowl is a little crappy. These bowls, or these buckets, are great, but they are not made for tigers. So, every time he grabs a hold of it, pulls on it, he breaks it a little bit more. He’s managed to break the seam at the bottom of the bowl, so it’s time for Bengali to get a new bowl. So, we’ve got the bucket. We don’t want this handle on here, that’s just gonna give them something to grab ahold of. So, you can bend them up, get the, get the handle out of the way. Next biggest thing: let’s get that tiger out of there. Can’t replace the bowl with him in there. Next thing, what we want to make sure is, we don’t want to lock Bengali out here unless we know he has shade. It’s only gonna take us ten minutes or so to change this bowl out, but we don’t want him to be stuck in the sun that long. It’s so easy for a cat overheat. He’s got, at least, a big portion here that’s in the shade, so we should be fine. All right, we’re inside. We’re gonna take this bowl out. You can see the bowl’s leaking a little bit. That’s just, basically, from Bengali grabbing ahold of it, pulling on stuff. He’s broken all the seams. We have a little guard on top, so we can’t pull it out. First thing we got to do is take the hog rings off so we can get to the bucket. Now, I’m going to keep track of all these. I don’t want to make, I want to make sure that none of them are left here in the lockout where he could step on them, or even ingest one. Don’t wanna just dump that, gonna be working in a wet area. Get that from the outside. Okay, so, we’re back outside the cage. We’re gonna see if we can get this last hog ring on to secure this bowl and get a Mr. Impatient back into his cage. Have to use some fence strippers, stretch it a little bit closed, get this one. I’m actually gonna stick another one on there just in case because he is so strong. It’ll keep him, hopefully, from messing with it too much. I might stick a couple on there. All right, the bowl’s secure. New bowl in there. Put some water in it. We always wash out these buckets before we put them into use, just in case any galvanization or any kind of chemicals and stuff in there. So, this bucket already was washed up in food prep before we brought it out. Okay, so, we have the new water bucket in place. It’s not quite as easy as just opening up the door and letting Bengali back in there. Tigers are, they’re very curious and they want anything that’s new. They’ll think it’s a toy. Bengali will see this new bowl smells funny, smells new. He’s gonna rip this thing apart just to try to get the bowl and chew it up. What I’m gonna do is get a big block of ice, get some enrichment for him, and put it in there so maybe he’ll ignore this bowl until he’s a little bit used to it. So, that’s our next step. All right, so, our enrichment has ari.. has a, has arrived. Barbara, you got us a treat. Well, I’m gonna stick it in. Actually I’m gonna stick it in on his food block because I want it close to the water bowl because this is where he’s gonna come in, anyways. At least this, hopefully, will distract him away from the new water bucket so he won’t tear it up immediately. That was tough. Okay, it’s in place. Voila! New water bowl. Bengali, come here. Come here. You want that? Try it, it’s good. EDITED-EF-ACP-MGN-DQ

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  1. Thanks for sharing and aspect of your place we never think about. I have trouble with out house cats messing up thier water dishes. I never thought about big cats. That's great.

  2. I have a question for BCR: If I am allergic to regular house cats than will I be allergic to tigers as well?
    Thx I was just wondering because I want to joing Big Cat Rescue one day

  3. Well he's got a huge pool to play in but just likes to keep us on our toes I guess! You're right he's a good looking boy!

  4. Such a good looking boy & love the look he has as soon as Scott walks away, always checking to make sure he's not gonna get caught LoL You guys definitely care a great deal about these creatures. Keep up the good work. Luv ya guys <3

  5. @BigCatRescue nice job you guys are doing
    makes me sad that these tigers are endangered 🙁
    you should see them in the wild though, magnificent beasts
    specimens weighing 600 lbs have been documented

  6. @uching He probably sees that hes in that small enclosure and thinks thats his pen. But if you notice uching its hot out there and cats are lazy as hell! Hes sticking close to his bowl and the shade =)

  7. its good to see places like this actually continually think about enrichment, most places ive seen have tight administrators sticking a tree into an enclosure and simply thinking that'll do, why worry you dont see the animals from the office where you work do you! excuse the frustration just absolutely does my head in! right rant over nice name for a tiger btw a great homage to where there from 🙂

  8. What a beautiful, big kitty cat. Just like a real big house cat with a new toy, has to check it out, touch it, smell it, etc. Not that this would be a house cat, but I think I love his job.

  9. @NYhippie543 Good idea, but we like to empty the bowls completely every day, clean and re fill. We actually switched his bowl for a shallower/wider one and he doesn't try to destroy it anymore 🙂

  10. @19Jones91 Since this video was made we have replace his bowl with a larger but shallower one and he hasn't tried to break it again 🙂

  11. haha! Love the last part!
    Anyways,I am so amazed h0w u people w0rk so hard and r so patient with these guys.u r doing a gr8 j0b.

  12. So it seems he needs something to chew on and tear to smitherines, are there any types of toys you let him play with? And do you ever feel with big cats like you both understand what eachother is thinking? Oh yeah and there is this thing that they use for dogs and smaller cats like a giant hamster wheel (catwheel). Maybe someone can try to make one and see how it works out, they may like it.

  13. @wheelmanstan Yes they all have huge boomer balls and Bengali now has a big barrel too! Plus they get enrichment to destroy throughout the week and a pool etc… We have a big cat hamster wheel in an enclosure with one of our bobcats but he never uses it….?

  14. @BigCatRescue Thanks for the reply I appreciate it and it's great to hear. I like your videos but I would like see more of how big cats think and interact. A lot of videos of big cats I see on youtube are just shock value. I know big cats are powerful but how smart are they, how do their personalities differ? Do they test their enclosures for weaknesses, or somehow test you day by day? How similar are they to domestic cats have they ever befriended a domestic cat?

  15. @wheelmanstan Good questions, None of the larger cats have befriended a domestic cat, except for orphaned bobcat kittens who we rehab with a domestic cat mom. The cats definitely choose individuals who they like/dislike and test people they do not like, lots of good questions will think about how to show viewers things like this in a future video maybe, thanks!

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