Best Interactive Cat Toys – The Bird Catcher (Like Da Bird Feather Cat Toy)

Best Interactive Cat Toys – The Bird Catcher (Like Da Bird Feather Cat Toy)

Looking for a interactive cat toy that both you and your cat will love? A cat toy A cat toy that gives you more quality play time with your cat? Something that drives your cat wild with excitement and keeps your cat active, healthy and happy at the same time? Wouldn’t it be great to have a cat toy that does all these things?! Introducing “The Bird Catcher”! The incredibly fun INTERACTIVE feather cat toy you and your cat will go ABSOLUTELY crazy for! This isn’t any ordinary cat toy! If you and your cat haven’t seen “The Bird Catcher” in full aerodynamic action before then both of you are in for a real treat! “The Bird Catcher”, produced by Pets Can Play, Inc. taps directly into the cat’s animal instincts by mimicking the sound, look and movement of an actual bird in flight! It immediately captures the cat’s attention and turns it into predatory stealth mode and PERFECT for lazy couch potato cats all over the world! You’ll be in shock as you witness your cat run, jump, pounce, even twirl through the air trying to catch the flying bird feathers! Your cat will enjoy lots of fun and become more active…and more activity means stronger joints and better long term health for your cat! Highly recommended by veterinarians as an excellent form of exercise for cats. Makes a great way to bond with your cat and can improve upon any behavior issues your cat may have as well! With improved construction quality including a durable gel cover and hard handle for increased safety for both cats and cat owners! “The Bird Catcher” creates more happy, healthy, active and confident cats! It’s AMAZING what this little feather toy can do! “The Bird Catcher” Interactive Cat Feather Toy is made from non-toxic, environmentally friendly materials. REMEMBER to hide “The Bird Catcher” when your cat’s play session is done because they will keep an eye on where you store it…… YES!!! THEY LOVE IT THAT MUCH! Cat owners rave about how much more fun they are having with their cats now! So what are you and your feline friend waiting for? Buy “The Bird Catcher” and bring more activity, excitement and fun to your play time today!

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  1. The original Bird Catcher – We addressed the issues surrounding current cat feather toys and came up with the Bird Catcher!

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