Best Southern Fluffy Buttermilk Biscuit Recipe by Angela Roberts

Best Southern Fluffy Buttermilk Biscuit Recipe by Angela Roberts

Hi, I’m Angela from (I’m Marshall, I’m Ryder) and we’re gonna make biscuits together only I shouldn’t say we. They, six-year-old
boys, are gonna make biscuits and I’m going to guide them. We’re gonna make them by hand all in one
bowl. Are you ready guys? (Yes, Yes) Okay, let’s do the flower Ryder. We need two cups of White Lilly Flower. The reason that I put this in
in there is so that I know that this is not my regular all-purpose flour so i
cud out the label and I put it into the jar That’s a baking trick. Now what I want you to do its fill this
up all the way to the top and then level
off. One of the things I like about baking with kids is its teaching them teaching them about volume and
measurements and also cooking, let’s face, it it’s a
good thing to get kids cooking just be okay with the mess. Now Marshall, you’re gonna start adding in a teaspoon of salt which in right here and a tablespoon
sugar that’s already measured out. Pour that in…
perfect take this and put it over here… okay now we’re gonna do 1 tablespoon of baking powder and I want you to level it make sure
it’s very level dig in, this is a tablespoon. Just level nicely… perfect, because they don’t need too much okay tablespoon goes in there. Now I want you
to take the whisk and whisk all those ingredients together that’s going to aerate our flour and it’s going to make sure everything is evenly dispersed Next thing we’re gonna do is add 6
tablespoons of butter that has been cut into cubes
and frozen for about 15 minutes Who wants to put the butter in (Me, Me) Okay Ryder, you put the butter in (oh, can I put that, that milk thing in?, Can I put the milk butter in?) He’s going to put the buttermilk in. Get it all in there, and you…. lets roll your sleeves up okay get it all, yeah Now I want to take your hands and start… yeah… he has always loved to play with
flower and like I said, when we started making
biscuits together a couple years ago of course we have a big flowery mess, but
isn’t that part of the fun and now they’re a lot better with it and one day, probably when they are about 9 years old, they’ll be doing this all without my help, which is great. You want to try? They want to make their own videos, right
guys? (yeah) Keep going, get in there Get in there…yep…get it all squished
together it’s very important to get them to wash
their hands first including yourself and take off all
jewelry You should never bake or cook with your
rings on because your rings have bacteria so that’s another tip. You want it
crumbled up to small small green pea sized pieces, and as the butter this ice-cold butter stays cold in there
it’s gonna melt into the flour and make really flaky yummy delicious biscuits. Let me see
how we’re doing here Pretty good! (Sometimes you might want to wear something to keep you clean) Like an apron Aprons are a great idea, right? (right) (with patterns on them?) With patterns would be nice, its pretty (with polka dots or stripes or hearts?) (or like stars or dogs on them?) Yep I think we are almost ready for our….. if you see any big pieces, just smoosh em smoosh em in there. Now Ryder pour the
buttermilk in and I have taken a pinch of (Marshall, buttermilk) I’ve taken a pinch of baking soda this is what we want, now we use a spoon (can I do it, no, I want to do it) Take turns, take turns (MY TURN) OK, this is how we settle disputes. Turns. (Its my turn) Your turn is next let me wash your hands a little bit okay Now let him do it while I wash your hands
a little bit Just a little bit a kitchen patience
and kitchen kindness makes the kitchen a happy place you just have to be patient. You know
you’re going to sweep your floor when you’re done. This is the most important biscuit
secret I can teach you I want you have sticky dough You see that, how sticky that is? People
think you need to have dry dough like a pie dough or bread dough, but that would
make a terribly horrible rocky hard biscuit See how sticky it is? Can you touch that?
It is very sticky Now we’re gonna do something to change
this We’re going to get this into a pile like this
Here’s our magic Now watch…going to get a little bit a flower now watch this Pat this this is going to be…. to real live dough We don’t need to put this in the freezer Okay now watch, get your hands out there for second We put a little more flour (I didn’t even taste it) Alright, here’s what I want you to do Pat it down a little more with the palm of
your hand palm…this part…this part of your hand…
pat it down instead of using a rolling pin
we’re gonna pat it down okay…okay now let him do it…okay
and then we want it even okay what even means is we want the
middle and the end all to be exactly this same height Thickness. okay, hold on lets see what
looks like and show everybody believe it or not, look at that…that is a
soft…it’s really sticky inside which is exactly what you want and we put the flour on the top and
bottom (Are they watching us right now or not?) Well, they will be…. once we put this on YouTube Marshall, here’s what I want you to do.
I want you to take this medium-sized cutter we going to use the side, go right in the middle, straight up straight down, straight up…straight up okay, thats alright do another one (can I do one?) we’re going to try to get it stuck in there Just like that (All you need to do is twirl it to make it…) (…get it in the cutter) Okay that’s perfect…can put that next to that
one, have it touching that’s called kissing…touching…yep You each take a turn Okay, now Marshall’s turn put that in there…down… …and up. Got it Fine, thats fine, go ahead put that one in.
Perfect Yep, another one They don’t have to be too perfect (They don’t have to be perfect) Okay, I’m going to put this dough together very carefully And we can still get a couple more biscuits out of this Pat it down Well, we’ll get two, okay, go ahead You do it. Perfect (okay, I get the dough) He gets the dough, he puts it in and we’re
gonna bake these for exactly fifteen-minute at 450 Now Ryder, take that cream… …and brush. You can brush them with
butter when we take him out in the oven and I always do a little cream or a
little milk it just helps them to brown up And into the oven they go Okay, fifteen minutes later we’ve got these
beautiful super-duper fluffy biscuits We had a little bit of the
camera fail and we ate a couple biscuits then realized we were recording, so we’re gonna do that part over We’ve got the fluffiest biscuits and I’m going to show you… Who wants a strawberry jelly biscuit? (Uhhh…. Me, Me, Me, Me Me Me Me Me) Yikes, alright alright alright
alright alright Oh my gosh, tell the camera after you eat it how good it is! go ahead take a nice big bite guy cuz it’s so soft I’ll only cuz that was in the center in a
little too hot okay normally they don’t come apart see great
love be and the camera man wants what AppleCare Apple and butter he said okay this is not locale by any means so get your exercised on
when you’re gonna eat the biscuits but they sure are delicious cameraman you go thank you and don’t forget to
visit finance Tiger dot com cooking fierce
food a woman would love and a man would marry
or for right right ok

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  1. I had so much fun making this video. It's humorous and I promise you a good baking lesson. Most positive feedback recipe post out of over 500 recipes. Tested by several kitchens.

  2. I had just as much fun as the camera man…and of course getting to sample the finished product. These are the best biscuits ever!

  3. Great job!  Thanks for the recipe, going to try it now.  Your two boys are adorable and really made the video fun to watch. 

  4. Ma'am, Excellent choice of flour and the recipe is good except for too much sugar. Thumbs up just the same.

  5. Great video and recipe.  Dilemma:  I have White Lily Self-Rising Flour in the pantry, and since I'm only cooking for two, I'm hesitant to buy an additional bag of regular.  Is there a reason I shouldn't use the self-rising I have on hand?

  6. Lol im a nanny and kno all too well how much fun it is to bake with kids. Super funny vid and the biscuits looked incredible. I need to try this recipe! Thanks for sharing

  7. I'm with Marshall on putting the label on the outside of the jar, (!), and wearing aprons, lol, and I would go to Ryder, for the finer details, like what the aprons should look like and how to perfectly brush the milk on the biscuits.
    Two smart, talented boys, right there! Very cute!

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