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  1. Priya may enjoy the trip through the tunnel more than actual vacation.Β  She always does a celebratory roll when she arrives.

  2. I feel like Priya is on a mission to steal the hearts and minds of all the people that see her. She plays to us and I'm totally unequiped to resist.

    Every time she's on a live I unconsciously talk to my phone.

    Yay Priya I love you

    And ty BCR for saving her. You would never believe what condition she was in when you got her

  3. I'm wondering who is getting this vacation move as a Christmas gift. Priya, so she can do her "I'm a Star" tunnel act one more time this year, Cameron so he can take the Holiday off from being annoyed by his neighbor or Zabu who wants them both to give the faux fence fight a rest. Three way win? That is unless Cameron does get snoop around her enclosure. If that happens get the popcorn ready, wait for the bell to ring and the "Let's get ready to rumble" yell because Priya is going to up her "bother the lion next door" game.

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