Bindi and Chandler Meet Three Curious Lemur Brothers! | Wild Times

Bindi and Chandler Meet Three Curious Lemur Brothers! | Wild Times

– For him, this is kind of like a sprint, like this is very very
fast for a tortoise, so he’s really going. – I can’t protect you with leaves. – [Together] We’re the Irwins. – [Bindy] And this is Australia Zoo. – [Robert] Our dad, Steve, built this zoo to protect our world’s wildlife. Today, we strive to carry on his mission. – [Bindi] So come with
us, this is Wild Times. (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (both laughing)
– G’day guys, I’m Bindi and this is my lovely boyfriend, – G’day.
– Chandler. And we are with our adorable black and whiter ruffed lemurs. (upbeat music) They are hilarious. – They are hilarious. – You can see that they
are extremely fluffy, extremely hungry and unbelievably cute. We have three brothers. And the three brothers
are only a year old. – So we have Andro, Maro and Telo. And they are just loving it here. – And there’s a lot of your fluff in my face at the moment. – [Bindi] They’re like giant pillows. – They feed on mainly fruit and nectar. And having this thick coat of fur, the pollen sticks to
their fur really nicely. So as they travel through the trees, they are pollinating the entire forest. So they are the largest
pollinators in the world. – Now, they’re one of
very few known lemurs to actually build nests for their young. – Yeah, so their young, they’re born a little more underdeveloped
than most lemurs. So these guys put their young in nests while the mothers go and forage. – Hi (laughs) – And then after a few weeks, they’ll be old enough to
venture out with their mother. – They have like human hands. They have little
fingernails, really soft pads and they, you never know
when one’s gonna jump down and land on your hand. Hi, how’s it’s going? You’re very sweet. And they’re extremely gentle. So when anyone comes to visit them, they love to get fed and they’ll use those little hands to grab pieces of fruits and vegetables. They hang by their feet,
which is really interesting. A lot of people think that
they’ll hold on by their tail but they actually hold on by their feet. And what’s fascinating is when they run through the forest, through those trees, it’s like they velcro onto the trees. – It’s amazing.
– So when they’re moving at a great pace, they just suction onto
the trees and keep going. It’s the coolest thing.
– It’s incredible. – One of my favorite things about these black and white ruffed lemurs, is those massive orange eyes. They guys are critically endangered and that’s why we are so lucky to have them here at Australia Zoo. Because they need all
the love and protection that they can get.
– Definitely. – They’re so cute. (both laughing) (quizzical music) (upbeat music) (gentle, happy music) – This is Jarvis. And we’re in our awesome tortoise area. He’s an incredible Aldabra tortoise, isn’t he just massive? He’s so cool. And a little bit grumpy. (chuckles) So, Jarvis is only aoout 43 at the moment and he’s got a beautiful
little girl in with him, and she’s actually 66, and I know that does sound quite old. But these tortoises are some of the oldest living creatures on the planet. They will live up and
over a hundred years. Oh, he’s a little bit feisty too. But once they’ve got up to this size, they’ve pretty much got no
threats at all in the wild, cause they are massive. – He loves to eat sweet potato,
carrots, hibiscus leaves. These are some of his favorite things. But right now, it’s kind of mating season, so, he’s a little bit, – He’s very feisty but you can see he loves his carrots. But you’ve got to be quite
careful of your fingers because these tortoises, as you can see, they have that kind of beak shaped mouth. So, they have a really
strong bite as well. So, he would be capable of
biting down really, really hard. – The great carapace is
different in every animal. So they’ve got slight variations and they’re recognizable
by their carapace, kind of the way people are
all a little bit different. – Yup, I love their feet,
have a look at that. You think of sea turtles
and fresh water turtles and they have those kind of flippers, that sort of webbed feet. Whereas he has feet like an elephant. It’s incredible. So that really helps him to traverse that really harsh terrain and just plow through anything. They are the largest tortoise species and as their name suggests, they occur in the Aldabra islands, kind of off the coast of Eastern Africa. They’re really, really special creatures. The nice thing about tortoises is, they’re not like crocodiles, and you never have to
worry about them striking and getting you cause–
– I don’t know. – They’re not extremely quick. But for him, this is
kind of like a sprint, like this is very, very
fast for a tortoise, so he’s really going. – [Terri] I can’t protect you with leaves. (upbeat music) – The largest sand island
in the entire world is right here in Australia. It’s over 70 miles long. (upbeat music) (camera clicks) – This is probably one of the most amazing photography expeditions
that I’ve ever been on. And I would say one of the
most breathtaking experience I’ve ever had with any animal. In this image, this is
a huge humpback whale. You can actually see me,
this little tiny speck. And you can really see
that size comparison. That’s me, photographing this whale. And so the story behind this image, I was actually out on
the Great Barrier Reef. And then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, these two giant, kind of
ominous looking shapes just started rising up
out of the deep water. I didn’t know what it was at first. And then I realized, those are whales. And, oh, I didn’t even know what to think. They all of a sudden
were right up next to us. I was just, floating in the water, looking, just completely stunned. And then I went oh, I should
probably be photographing this. And so I got my camera
and started taking photos. And it was such a moving experience. Because these are some of the most powerful creatures on the planet. Some of the largest creatures as well. And yet, they were so gentle. And it was definitely an experience that I will never forget. – [Announcer] Next week, on wild times. – [Bindi] These guys love walking all throughout Australia Zoo. And then we always bring
a wheelbarrow with us in case they get tired. They have little tiny legs. (upbeat music)

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  1. If I ever make it over there. This will b my first stop. Its on my bucket list. Steve your babies have grown up so beautiful. Terri so happy for u and this amazing zoo. I hope someday to meet yall.

  2. Seems like yesterday when I first started watching Steve and Terri. I just can't believe he's gone and his kids are already grown up and taking over.

  3. Bindi reminds me so much of your mom. But I still see a lot of your father in you as well. But not as much as I see of your dad in your brother Robert.

  4. This is an extraordinary moment @3:30 for Terri: Steve returns for a few seconds through her son's voice, and gestures. She looks at him with adoration. I LOVE THIS FAMILY so much !

  5. I can't even. Please tell me I'm not the only one who almost bursts into happy tears when they see basically anything about the Irwin Family?

  6. Wow Robert … what an amazing experience you have had with humpbacks. Can only imagine what that must be like. Just l o v e  your photography.

  7. I‘m from germany and I made my dream come true to visit australia. I‘m currently in Sydney but will travel up the eastcoast up to brisbane to visit Australia zoo. I already feel like I‘m 10 years old, sitting in front of the TV and watching the crocodile hunter, my childhood hero. My dream would be to talk to Robert for just aminute. Wish me luck guys😍

  8. ive said this almost every video, but every video I am one step closer to heading out to Australia to work/volunteer at the Zoo! Every week i have one more tool to help me achieve my goal of becoming a Wildlife conservationist! Thank You Animal Planet for sharing these amazing videos with us!

  9. People really need to start watching Wild Times more. And basically all shows that talk about conservation of animals. We can't ignore the depletion of animals forever and these shows are really inspirational and it's just sad that people choose to watch Logan Paul and others over these.

  10. I was born in the Seychelles Islands. I grew up around Aldabra Tortoises! I had 2 in my backyard. Such great animals 💚💙

  11. god, I love Bindi. I remember watching her show (name?) on Discovery Kids or Animal Planet or whatever it was… Either way i've loved learning from her and watching her work for a long time

  12. jarvis is so passive aggressive lol he’s just like Robert i’m gonna get you if you don’t move out my property. The lemurs are so cute.The whales are so majestic coming from the depths that we struggle to even go ourselves without submarines,even with submarines we humans can’t go so deep without risking death. it’s james cameron and the two trieste scientists who’ve been to the deepest part of the ocean it’s incredible and frightening how massive the oceans specifically the Pacific ocean is.

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    a disability called cp sort of cerebral palsy that means that i can't walk and that why am in a wheelchair am a miracle people say i was born 4 months early i had to be pleased on a ventilator because i couldn't breathe on my own the doctors had to help me breathe they put a breathing tube down my throat the doctors said i would never walk or see or talk or eat at all and thay said I should not have lived a day but am a fighter i keeped on fighting 7/8th parts of my brain was affected also i have asthma that effects my lungs that means when I get sick we have to use a breathing treatment to help me breathe when I need it i also have a inhaler that helps me i call it a rescue inhaler am on medication for my allergies and my asthma i take a while pill for my allergies and a nasal spray and a birth control pill and 2 vitamins i love playing with my tablet or my phone after school am a senior in high school i go to stevens point area senior high school spash i am a special needs cheerleading i was doing it in green bay the gym i went to is called green bay elite i was on the shinning stars i tried the special needs cheerleading team here but it was not the same i am legally blind but i can see more than you think i can me and my mentor brittany watch clips of your show my parents names are jim barge and julie barge and i have a brother ian barge and a sister named Amanda pagle and 2 nieces named Lucy pagle and josie pagle and i have a brother and low named Brian pagle i love them so much i feel like my whole life has been about doctors appointments over and over again i have speech problems to become of my brain being affected by the trauma that happened when I was born some times i have to repeat myself a couple times and i get mad when i have to do that but my speech has improved so much people can understand me better i love you

  14. Sounds like Bindi has been losing her Aussie accent, I kind of find it funny how after all these years Terri still has a really strong American accent, I remember Bindi when she was a kid she sounded way more American than Australian… Robert was always just full on Aussie though, lol. He definitely amps it up quite a bit on Jimmy Fallon.

  15. The tortoise looked like it wanted to take a bite out of Robert.
    The animals are amazing. I have a dream of going to Australia and seeing the animals. I think I will have to visit Australia zoo.

  16. I had a blue tongue skink as a pet for over 25 years. . .what a cool creature. Wild Blueberry thanks for all the awesome memories!

  17. My favorite animals are Lemurs, Red pandas And Chihuahuas
    I couldn't leave my dog out 😁❤

  18. How fitting would it be if they had a kid named Joey? Not only is it an Australian animal but Joey and Chandler from friends

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  20. love how the guy tries to act like he knows what hes talking about. Let's be honest.. he just went to
    visit and got lucky. lol. he tells us what they tell him to say. Better yet he should just stay quiet because we come to here Steve's family….yes hell be family soon but he needs to learn before talking. btw… When did Bindi get bug boobs? 🤣 Hard to see her like that…seems like yest we watched her read what she wrote about her dad when he died.. Shes hands down the sweetest girl in the world. ALL girls should be like her.

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