Birds of a Feather (Calico Skies Sailing Ep. 35)

Birds of a Feather (Calico Skies Sailing Ep. 35)

No in this episode our boat neighbors in
the dock Nova Scotia turn out to be a couple of super cool folks and we end up
enjoying an epic day of skufing today followed by an evening of fun soon after though when I find ourselves
tracking a pair of an enormous Golden Eagles I get swept away and the
excitement of being so close to these incredible creatures so we were lucky
enough to have spotted Uma coming in to Baddeck the other day for
those who don’t know Uma is huge in the sailing channel world
we’ve been following their journey for years and today we’re doing a little
breakfast on their boat and then I think there’s gonna be some festivities after
involving skurfing so breakfast and now we’re gonna go
skurfing so I don’t think we’ve actually talked about skufing in our videos
and use our surfboard which is a fun word and we loading line a floating line
I had a branch branch and use a branch as a handle and we call it skurfing and
it’s kind of like waterskiing but on a wakeboarding with no bindings yeah it’s fun
kika has decided she wants to try it which is fine by me I’ve managed to
avoid skurfing not really into like the high speed water activities but he
go on to try it and I don’t feel like she’s really gonna do we’re gonna go
give it a whirl Bill’s gonna give a little demo skurfing down already this is the kind of setup that happens
when you’re hanging out with Kika and Dan are you have these sophisticated camera
setup everybody just did get some awesome this would be the best herping
footage we’ve ever had are you ready so bill just did a demo
but he’s gonna do another one I didn’t know how he fell it’s a very important
part of skurfing Bill’s coming on board to drive and
replace me it’s no fear she’s gonna do skurfing for the first time I’m never gonna smash into the island she
wasn’t turning she was kind of going straight I was like man I’m gonna start
cutting yeah you guys are inventing a whole go
get it Dan grant him for a little skurf again babe we had an awesome day today with pikas
in and their two friends with Dan and Kika we are back in the town of Baddeck we just
moved away from our little anchorage that we spent the last night i guess
just one night time goes by so fast when you’re having fun just one night felt
longer with Kika and Dan and they’re just sailing in not sure what the plan
is for tonight but we had an awesome awesome day and night with these two
there’s so much fun I made a pot of coffee at 6:00 it was that kind of fun
this is one of the things we love about cruising is you make friends really fast
and it’s just such a great way to yeah awesome all right your turn oh you so this morning before we get into our
little daily routine decided to go look for these Eagles that our friends Ryan
spotted Golden Eagles a pair of them there’s a little island right here where
we’re anchored and that’s where they live that’s what we’re going right now
so got my little Safari outfit going on
binoculars boots ready for the jungle so we’ve actually just spotted this giant
golden eagle and we’re gonna try paddling the dinghy so we don’t scare
him he’s huge so that Brown lump on the log is the
evil these Golden Eagles are actually scare sir the Bald Eagles and we’ve been
trying to ID him we’re pretty sure he’s a golden or not he just took off we’re
hoping maybe he’s like right around this corner maybe the paddling because he’s probably
used oh there he is Mike oh he’s got the way
he’s definitely a golden eagle look at the white ohhh look they are looking at me feathers oh no you just it up close like
I’m a just inferred yeah you’re supposed to be doing a little morning walk with
their coffee and turn into a full-on later that day bill and our friend Brian
are skurfing and I’ve decided it’s about time to face my fears so I’m
stepping up to the challenge yeah so one of the key ingredients in my
little blackberry blueberry loaf that I’m making is lemons these lemons bill
bought the other day in baduk for me are the biggest lemons I’ve ever seen like
you’re about the size of a large orange like here here’s for size reference this
is a mug of coffee for some reason it just really has me freaked out you guys
ever seen lemons this big I mean it’s crazy I don’t know maybe I’ve just been
out of like North America for too long or something something happened to the
lemons while we were gone for a year I don’t know anyway my father’s burning I get Bilitis to juice the lemons for me
she has a really good grip strength you

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  1. Nice to watch as we are getting a big snow storm today 😩. Check out this same spot in the winter ❄❄❄❄!!

  2. Hi you guys , Happy New Year to you both ! 😉 getting to see a Golden Eagle is really amazing ! and your wild berry cake looked
    really good too 😉

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