BL惡整 貓系女友大戰犬系男友!! 與主人洗澡HIGH翻天!!【炭粉PRANK】BL prank Cat girlfriend VS Dog boyfriend !!

BL惡整 貓系女友大戰犬系男友!! 與主人洗澡HIGH翻天!!【炭粉PRANK】BL prank Cat girlfriend VS Dog boyfriend !!

Everyone rarely came out together but do you know who did we miss out Blake They are late again We arrived last night He said he will come after us But no And he told me he will only arrive on 2pm Until now haven’t arrive Haiz…. He shouldn’t I think he didn’t keep that punish in mind So today You see all of us are in PINK We wanna be a day of Cat type girlfriend and dog type boyfriend for the whole day Now let’s wait for Blake 1 hour later Did he arrived? Here he come Where isit? Let me see Still walkking slowly LOL Fast Forward Wow still wear sunglasses GD Selfie It’s already 5pm Later must let him regret Finding way Why did he walk above the drain Red carpet? Thought himself very famous Walking red carpet? He called Wait Hey Tanfan, I think I had arrived You guys at the left building or the right building I can’t recognize left and right You walk and see each building Walk all? This place is big Don’t play Where There’s a white motorcycle and bicycle That building Yes Nope cuz you go to the wrong building Blake walk up to the home stay angrily Wild animals exciting Insane cat Quiet cat Master Blake is back Food is back Is this pranking myself Ride again Lassie Wait Ok Quiet Kitty Ason This programme Gonna squeeze till die And my ass been touched Cool down Sit Although Im a dog I will still top you Egypt dog close door skill What are you guys doing Cool down What you guys doing Wait What are you guys doing I just came in a little bit late Everyone sit Cool down and sit What’s going on Can anyone explain So you, you you and you are dog Cat Hi cat Ok let me settle down my things Get away Holy light? Ride again So now everyone don’t speak right? Lick Unknown action What is it Im not scratche
(Riding seat) Cool down Let me figure it Let me cool down first Laughing Is it time to eat? See what? Hey ! Speak! Isn’t it a cat? Don’t fight Don’t angry Don’t fight Scratch secretely You all mustn’t Keep on laughing How can you all fighting the same spesies Animal abusing? Shitting Im shitting Shut it This is so weird Im shitting Wait Shit la Come in continuously Later brings u guys out I can’t shit like this Later brings u guys outLater brings u guys out I can’t shit like this My shit is coming out Ok ? Cool down Ok just stay if you like to smell Heart dead Pity Blake only can take care of them while shitting Good boy Lonely cat You shouldn’t beat the dog You all are one family All of you are my pets Good boy Where’s your hand Why did you turn into cat Doesn’t you a dog? Suddenly turn into human Are you miz? Put it softly Making trouble Later bring you all to the park Hey the one outside What’s happening outside Go fater Hey police Cat abusing Hey Ason This is so wrong Too messy Horny cat fighting Don’t Ok I arrange Master who accept his fate Going to the park Second team Being witched? Drunk cat? What evil relligious group? Walking dog time Cat’s view Cute ass Group of crazy dog Human is so stupid Master’s view What am I doing Stucked Im so tired Lego fun Doggy style Dinner time According to taiwan’s statistic Quantity of stray dog Around 100k is sent to the shelter Please adopt instead of purchase Blake is Single Work in a cafe age 26 178cm/68kg Aries What he can’t put down Is this few little things Looking at their happy face I decided Stay single forever Bathing those little things Playing water OKOK Press I wipe it first WTH is he acting Get up Kitty Chin is enjoying Spraying water Espression getting weird BIte quietly Freaking hard Kitty Ason! Blake is going to angry Professional Cat abusing Haven’t stop fog rising Bang Tasen what are you doing Is it body shampoo? Ok~~~ Come Body shampoo Washing head with body shampoo?! Worst friend ever Time to sleep Sleep Off light Sleep And Mr Blake and these kiddo end their day peacefully The End A group of crazy cats and dogs 10 mins later Ason be like this Ok Sleep Cover your blanket Stop making noise Time to sleep This time must sleep You this bad cat bed wrestling Just sleep you this bitchy cat Sleep Good night everyone THE END DAMN Pinned comment teach you how to lucky draw
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  2. Melhor vídeo que eu já vi sobre cães e gatos só esses loucos pra topa fazer algo assim força Black se quiser ajuda pra cuida deles estamos aqui 🐶🐶🐶😻😻😻🦄🦄🦄

  3. 大點貓跟我家的幾乎一模一樣(大點比較帥),大點有養貓歐,不然怎可以這麼像

  4. The love story between Tanfan and Henny it never ends, even if they're cat and dog 😂

    I really enjoyed this video, already liked ❤️🤔

  5. 左右不分 x杯 太好笑了🤣🤣🤣🤣
    我快笑死 這企劃很可以哦😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. 碳粉頻道從來不讓我失望 希望BL系列繼續保持
    笑到飆淚 同樣牡羊的小黑有這群毛小孩真幸福(?

  7. 换个账号继续留言继续关注!
    等你的影片好久了 现在终于等到啦~

  8. The funniest part I think is 8:57, his face looks 猥琐,lol, 大點 is so cute, at the sleeping part😍😂

  9. Mais que gatinhos sapecas! aqui em casa tem whiskas e leite fresco… quero todos esses 7 filhotinhos pra mim 🐱😊

  10. 逗貓棒拿出來搖~



  11. 啊斯…這集很可以!

  12. 真的是瘋成一團ㄌ😂😂

  13. 大點扮的超像我家貓,不說話又不理人~

  14. 小黑 請你記住
    因為 這群寵物 隨時在你身邊
    BY 男寵堆

    啊哈 我改女鬼橋的預告 似乎改得不太好

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