Black Cat Episode 08 – “Journeying Cat” aka “The Sweeping Cat” – English Dub

Black Cat Episode 08 – “Journeying Cat” aka “The Sweeping Cat” – English Dub

Man, I’m freezing! That’s because it’s winter. Who said it was okay
for winter to start? You’re cold because you sold your coat
without considering the consequences. And what on earth are those? Emergency food? He says they’re paw pads… Aren’t they slick? I don’t understand… I don’t understand
your sense at all! Hey! Don’t go
blowing snot on me!! L- it sure is cold,
I guess… Honestly, at least
fix the heater! We don’t have
that kind of money! Why!? I help out a lot with your
sweeper work too! It’s because you shovel
down food like a pig! You’ve been leeching off me
for six long months! By the way, Eve,
what’re you reading? “The Desperate Trio:
Their Escape from The Pits”… Sounds like you’re reading
a difficult book… Idiot. Eve’s trying to improve
this situation in her own way, so… Man, I’m freezing… If you wanna complain, complain after
you capture this guy. Ha! Okay, then! A small fish like this,
I can do it alone… Me, too… – Huh?
– Huh? I’ll do it, too. Do what? If we capture that person,
we’ll get money, right? It’s too difficult for you! Anyway, you can just leave this guy to me
and go quietly read a book or something… Then, Train, do you wanna
compete with me… in a game of tag? That’s how it always starts…
under the azure sky After making a vow,
I now set off Yeah, the desert glitters with a golden hue
(The wind is scorching) I’m searching for a diamond flower
(I keep on wandering) Now, for the first time in my life, I live for someone else There’s something
I wanna protect I’ll never,
ever lose it again Resound,
my heartbeat! A heartbeat smaller and fragile,
but tougher than anyone’s. Traveling Cat Boss! We really did it! Don’t get excited
with small change. That’s our boss!
You’ve got a large caliber! In any case, the effect of that
drink was really something! Please let me have
some too next time… Boss? Where are you going
to spend your vacation? I haven’t decided yet… Then, I’d love for you
to come to my vacation home. You can stay
as long as you want. If you want,
y- you can stay forever… I have to go now… Where to? That’s a secret… Tada! Here it is. With my skills, stuff like
this is a piece of cake! There you are! You playin’ hide and sheek? Umm, who might you be? Come on, Elena-san,
you must be drunk. It’s me! Me! Why don’t we shhpend our vacation
together at my vacation home? You can’t be… No vacashionn…
Haha… So, I shee you like books. Y- yes… especially things like
medieval Italian literature… I love that shtuff, too,
that Italian whatever… Oh? Elena-san,
this is… Looks like you saw it… Yes… I saw it. In that case,
I have no choice! How about a cocktail? I’m in a hurry, so… Don’t be like that.
Have a drink with me… Rinslet Walker, the thief… Who are you? I’m Jenos Hazard. Chrono Numbers! The name of the cocktail is “Fate”. In token of our new
acquaintanceship… Stealing a confidential document
within only five minutes… What a skill… If you’ve got something
to say, hurry up and say it. Cinderella doesn’t
have much time, huh? Elena-san! What do you want? Half a year ago, I was
pursuing Torneo’s bio-weapon… I was taking over for Black Cat,
who left Chronos. While I was investigating,
I came across your name. Your skills are amazing,
getting the better of Chronos. Well, that’s not
important any more… The situation has
changed a little, and we don’t have time
for that right now. A force that opposes
Chronos has appeared. Opposes Chronos? What a reckless bunch… They’re a group of Tao users. Tao? It’s an uncanny power that
has been passed down in Itairiku. The Tao users were eradicated
by Chronos 20 years ago. But lately, there have been
criminals who use that power. With power like that of a monster,
they did whatever they pleased. But, in every case, their bodies
destroyed themselves. There have been three
incidents like that up until now. The common thread among them is that,
before they committed crimes, they were visited
by a suspicious duo. Are those two also Tao users? Probably… I heard that the three
who gained the power of Tao were given a strange
drink by that duo. A drink that gives you
the power of Tao by drinking it… It’s interesting, isn’t it? Are you asking me
to steal it!? The three that died an unnatural
death had something in common. They all escaped from the
same prison half a year ago. The Office of Investigations thinks there was someone
who helped them from the outside. These two are the ones that remain. The Tao user duo
will probably visit these two. If you know that much,
why don’t you steal it yourself? I don’t want to aggravate
the matter at this point. I need your thief skills. Find someone else. 10 million gold… Plus necessary expenses… How is that? Shoot! That wasn’t nice, Elena-san! My heart’s pounding! Why are you following me!? I feel like you’re my fate. I’m gonna slug you!! I wanna hear about the duo
that came to see your boss. What were they like? If you don’t tell me,
I’ll hit you again! A- a man with a hat
and a young woman. And!? We were told that the man with the hat
helped our boss to escape from prison. Our boss told us he had to help
that man as a token of his gratitude. But your boss died… It’s their fault. They made our boss… Drink something… Is there some left? Begafurt, Rubek City, Desburg… Considering the route they’re taking,
it should be this way. You shouldn’t do that. Flowers are alive, too. I’ll teach you
a lot about flowers. Okay! I’ve looked all over for you, Igor. I’ll teach you next time, okay? Okay… Charden-san… The battle with Chronos
will start soon. I want to… …live here quietly. You mean an escaped prisoner
lives in a rural area like this? I got the information from Annette.
It’s definitely correct. Three miles to the town. We aren’t there yet! Help me push the car. We’re out of gas. I’m exhausted… Let’s hurry up
and go capture him. Igor Planter.
Occupation: Forest Keeper Seems like he’s
your average guy. There’s no need to rush. We don’t even know where he is.
Let’s take a break. Then, I’ll go look
for him by myself. See, this is why I think that an
innocent princess’ll give us trouble. Princess? A princess, huh? You got a point there. So, what can I get for you? Oh? – Ahhh!
– Ahhh! You’re that waitress
from Blakio City… You’re the pops who
skipped out on your bills! Don’t say things
that’ll hurt my reputation! This brings back memories!
It’s been half a year, hasn’t it? Why are you here? A lot has happened
to me since then… I quit that restaurant
and broke up with that guy. – Then, I traveled to that
country and met that guy.
– Man, I’m hungry… – Then, I broke up with that guy
and met that man, and…
– I’ll have this, this, this and this… – Then, I broke up with that guy
and met that man, and…
– I’d like this one. – Oh, that one?
– Now what do I want? Oh, and, this one, too. – Hey, listen!!
– Huh? Daughter…
Not sure… Father… So you’ve got a complicated
family structure… – Brrr, I’ll have some hot milk, please!
– Hey, isn’t there any meat? Vegetables are nutritious. That’s right! And you’re scarfing
it down while you’re complaining! Hey! What are you guys doing
in a place like this!? Why is that assassin here? A lot happened… Hey! I’ll settle for the cheap stuff,
so bring me more food! Tao users?
What’s that about? It’s a mysterious militant group
that uses uncanny techniques. Uncanny techniques? In any case, it seems that these two
have been building up a circle of allies by having vicious criminals
drink some strange drink. Now, drink it. What happens
when I drink it? You may get
an amazing power, or you may die. Did you drink it, too? It’s incredibly effective. First you take a sip. Then once your body becomes familiar
with the Tao power, you take another sip. If you go too fast, your cells
won’t be able to bear the rapid change. Who commissioned you
to pursue those two? Chronos… When did you start
working with them? Don’t worry. I didn’t tell them
about Eve, so… I read the article. He couldn’t do it… He couldn’t control
his own power. Will I be like him? You said you wanted the power
to get revenge on society. Th- that was just… I didn’t do anything wrong,
but I was apprehended… – so, I was angry…
– Oh! I know! That’s called a false
accusation, right!? That’s right. I didn’t do anything wrong. So, the Tao users are so dangerous
that Chronos keeps an eye on them? I heard that they can fight
on par with the Numbers. S- seriously!? – On the house!
– Yeah! Oh, these are just
bread crusts… Be happy you got this! So, why are they in this town? Half a year ago, a man with a hat helped
five vicious criminals escape from prison. One of them is in this town… – This guy!
– Igor-san! You know him!? Where!?
Where is he! Hey! Are you after him, too!? That’s right!
He’s our target! Hey, where is he? If you don’t tell me I won’t be able
to pay you for the food here, either! He’s at Desburg Botanical Garden! A botanical garden? That’s right! So you’d
better pay up this time! Hey, what happened to Eve? Huh? Oh? The wanted
poster’s gone, too… The garden is closing soon. Who are you? It seems I’ve
forgotten my name. Really? For a long time, I’ve only dealt
with flowers and trees, so… Flowers don’t do things
like call people by name, right? You like flowers and trees? I like them a lot. More than humans? I’m surprised you
understand, young lady… Eve! But, I’m really touched
you’re so worried about Eve. Crap! At this rate, I’m going
to lose the competition! Hey, that’s not the issue here! Train, wait! No, wait,
you don’t have to wait! In any case, find Eve! I think that nothing in this world
is quite so pretty as flowers. They show their beautiful
form in each season. Look… They are my sweethearts… Igor Planter… This is your name, isn’t it? Yeah… I found you… Are you playing tag? I’m “it”… What a cute “it” you are! That’s… I’m a sweeper… Are you saying that you’re
going to apprehend me? I didn’t do anything wrong… You killed many people,
didn’t you? All I did was teach a lesson to hikers
who contaminated the forest. They trampled on flowers
that posed no threat to them, and they tore flowers
from the ground… But you shouldn’t kill… Young lady, are you,
also one of them? Don’t step on the flowers!! You have a cute face, and yet,
you trample on flowers, too!? Eve! You’ll be o-! – Kay now… I must punish bad children
who mess up the flowerbeds! Stop it, you monster! The trees and forests are angry. You can hear their
angry voices, right? You can’t get out of this
greenhouse, young lady… You’re gonna die here! Stop right there!! Is that…
performance art? Does it hurt? But you’ll feel better soon. You’ll now be eaten by a flower
and reborn as a plant. Isn’t that wonderful? Wh- who’s there!? A sweeper! Sorry for keeping you
waiting, princess! It makes no difference
how many of you come. I feel it! You don’t know
when to give up, pops! Do you like flowers? What? M- my eyes! Can you use
your gun like that? Train! This is it for both of you! Let those two go! Dammit! What the hell
are you doing!? Don’t shoot! What!? Guns don’t work on me. I’m now invincible! That’s right!
I’m invincible! Ha! He’s pretty persistent… Die!! I won’t let you get away!! My body… my body is-! Someone… help me! How ruthless… Now I feel sorry for him… I win, princess. That man’s body destroyed itself. What!? I rescued you, remember!? As if you yourself
weren’t in danger… Dummy! I was pretending! I did that on purpose! Shinkitou? Is this all!? There’s no way we’ll get paid
when our target looks like that! You really are a pops
who has no luck with money. Shut up! If you’re in that much trouble,
why don’t you help me with my job? The stars in the night sky
are my tears Goddess of the moon,
angel of the stars! Please stop time tonight! Please show yourself,
even if just a little Around the time the first evening star
appears, I hear footsteps approaching The only time I can see you
is when the moon is shining Please let me dream a little ‘Cause it’ll become
an illusion by morning Even though I know it,
I still feel lonely The stars in the night sky
are my tears You held me in your arms
and your passionate lips met mine Please don’t let go of me I’m about to melt in your arms But morning is almost here Goddess of the moon,
angel of the stars! I pray to you,
please stop time Next Episode Kyoko here! I’m traveling with
Charden-san to gather allies. But, I’m getting sick and tired of it
’cause they’re all weird guys. Oh, where’s my prince? According to a fortune-telling book, let me see, my love
fortune for next week is… …excellent!?
And, lucky items are… …popsicles and a black cat!? Alrighty!! I’ll have to give it
everything I’ve got! Charming Cat Alrighty!! I’ll have to give it
everything I’ve got!

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  1. Is it just me or train personality just change suh. At the beginning he was so cool, you know by the way he talk and acts tuff but now he is acting like a little kid. I guess when your free and don't have anyone ordering you around you just don't have a care in the world and just living life has it is especially when you just starting to know someone for the very first time and they got killed just because of you

  2. What the hell happened to train's personality? I mean it's cool that hes more energetic but just one episode ago he was all emo.

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