Black Lab Puppy Training- Sit At My Side

Black Lab Puppy Training- Sit At My Side

– Over the course of shooting this vlog, it’s come to my attention that someone is deliberately trying to take advantage of me. And we’re gonna sort that out right now. (light music) (dog barking) Over the last couple of videos, I’ve noticed editing the footage after that I’ve a lot less hair on the top of my head than I once did. And I mean, I don’t get a chance to look at my top of my head very often, and this whole time my barber. I’ve been going to the same
place for a long time now and they’ve been charging
me the same price. Which doesn’t really make sense to me. I mean, if you have someone do flooring you pay per square foot or if you have someone paint a fence, you pay per the length of the fence. But these guys have been
trying to take advantage of me and I very clearly have a lot
less hair than I once did. We’re gonna have a stern
talk to the barber in there, and I’ll let you know how it goes. (upbeat music) Thank you. So as it turns out, it’s a flat rate. She said even if I had half as much hair it would cost me the same amount. (upbeat music) Camera one. Camera two. Camera one. Camera two. Camera one. Camera two. We actually got a new camera and I think I’m going to be using it for the rest of the vlog today. It’s a big difference from the iPhone. If I got a call before and I was vlogging, it would completely stop the recording. So that was a bit of a problem. I’ve also got another big announcement. I’ve got a puppy. A black Lab puppy. He’s not actually mine, but Corey and Jen, good friends of ours, went away for the week. So we have Bruin and we’re
gonna do some training and do some fun stuff. But today, we’re gonna see if Bruin likes to swim. Deegan didn’t love to swim at first. Let’s find out if Bruin does. Is it a natural Lab thing? Let’s find out. (upbeat music) I also brought the long line just so that Bruin could have a little bit of that sense of freedom, but if I needed to intervene or help him out to be right then, I was able to do that. But let’s go for a quick walk. We’re gonna go back down to one of the spots we’ve been to before. Not near where I had that hike that went horribly wrong where we had to run past the bees. Well, no not those bees, but these bees. (bees buzzing) So we’re not gonna go that way. But we are gonna go a
little farther up the stream and see if there’s enough water. If it’s a fun spot for
the dogs to have a swim. (upbeat music) Leave it to a Lab puppy to immediately pick up the
first stick that he sees and decide to bring it along on the hike. (upbeat music) Now, I don’t know if the spot where we’re gonna go
today has that much water, has enough water for Bruin to get in up to his chest, but it’ll be a good introduction for him being a young dog. Having Deegan there. I actually wore my water shoes. As you can hopefully see there. So if I need to jump in and help him out or get him out, I’m ready to do so. (upbeat music) It is safe to say that he officially loves the water, and whether Deegan being
there was helpful or not, I don’t know, because he was really
committed to going in once he realized that
the water was down there. And the other thing that I love to see, especially with a Labrador puppy, is that he loves to
carry stuff in his mouth. Which is really adorable at this age, but also could be a pretty
functional skill in the future. So the puppies or the dogs and I are gonna head back to the house. Everybody needs to sort of dry off and have a bit of a rest and then I think I might
do a little bit of training with Bruin after. On a completely unrelated note, I watched the movie The
Kingsman last night. And if anybody hasn’t seen
The Kingsman and thinks, oh, I really wanna see The Kingsman, right now is the time you should probably pause the video, go watch The Kingsman, then come back, ’cause this is a little
bit of a spoiler alert. In the movie The Kingsman, a pivotal point, the main character is required to injure a dog. And this is like a real turning point. And it was at that moment
that I hated the movie. I couldn’t watch anymore. I put in my headphones. I just couldn’t bear with it. It was just awful. I mean, I couldn’t believe what they were suggesting
the character do. And I dislike the movie. And I didn’t really pay
attention to the end. So if anybody is a huge Kingsman fan, let me know in the comments below and let me know what happens in the end. But it made me think of
the movie I Am Legend. I can’t even watch that movie anymore, because of the dog. And I wondered, are there any other movies that I need to be aware of where the dog gets killed. I mean, I need to know now, because if I get half-way into a movie and something like that happens, I can’t watch the rest. And time’s a pretty valuable thing. Are there any movies that you guys would suggest I don’t watch? Because I felt so awful. It just completely
ruined the movie for me. (upbeat music) You know, we’ve heard all sorts of reasons why you should crate train your dog, and this is a pretty good one right now. So we have Bruin in the kitchen. Right now he’s in Bee Line’s crate, but he’s so comfortable
and relaxed in there. Okay, buddy. It’s just such a nice
place for him to hang out. This is a brand new environment. He’s never been in our house before. So it’s so nice to be able to just put him in his crate. A place where he can relax and chill out and certainly a place
he can sleep over night without getting into trouble. So if you’re sort of on the fence, like should I crate train my dog? This is a reason enough. If you ever have to go
away and need to take him to a friend’s or family
member’s or whatever, having a dog that’s
comfortable in the crate is a great reason to crate train. Okay, so I’ve come down to the studio where you may have seen
us film some videos such as this. – People are often concerned about using too much
food in their training. They think that if they use a lot of food, the dog will become too dependent on it, will only learn to listen when they have treats in their hand. In this video, we’re gonna talk
about the method of luring. And if it’s done properly, you can actually work towards not needing any food at all. I’m Kayl McCann. Welcome back to McCann dogs. – And what we wanna work on today, Bruin’s never done, Bruin’s done some of the Headstart program at McCann’s with Corey and Jen. And today, he missed his first lesson. So what I want to do with him is work on one skill, for example. And I’ve done a little bit of work walking on a loose leash. But I want to work on the sit
and start position with him, because he had a big day today with swimming and running
around with Deegan and things. So I want to do sort of a simple exercise that we can work on. And what I want to do is try to get him to the point where he can move into that sit and start position or what we’re gonna
call the get in position on a very subtle hand gesture. So you guys are gonna see us
work through that right now. And he’s never had an
opportunity to do that with me. Let’s see what we can accomplish. Here, bro. Get in. Good boy. Sit. Good. Okay. Get in. Sit. Yes, good boy! Good. Good boy. Good. Okay. Here, bud. Get in. Sit. Yes, good boy! Good. Sit. Good boy. And this is great, because he’s really holding
position quite well. Good boy. Okay. So now let’s try one with zero food. So I’m gonna put my food
back in the big pouch. Get in. Sit. Yes, good boy. He did great! Very good, buddy. That was no food in the hand. That was good. This dog’s really great
at following a lure. And I know Corey and Jen have probably worked on
that quite a lot with him. And he’s also great at
this sit-in position and he’s not getting out. (claps) Even when I do
little distractions. Yes! Good boy. Nice job, buddy. Very good. Nice job. Okay. So we’re gonna reduce that
signal just a little bit and see what happens. Get in. Pretty close. Try it again. Maybe a little bit more of a signal. Get in. Sit. Yay, good boy, buddy. Way to go. Nice job. He did so well. Good boy. Yes, good boy. Well, that was fun and Bruin was able to work
off of food pretty quickly. I was even able to work
the lure down a little bit, and I was really impressed
that he worked so well without a really strong lure. I mean, this was, you saw it happen. That was literally like three or four
minutes worth of luring. So, I’m really impressed with him, and I’m looking forward
to the next couple of days and I hope you guys are, too. On that note, I’m gonna shut things down
for the vlog for tonight and work on another couple exercises, maybe give Bruin the rest of his dinner. And I want to remind you guys to do something awesome
with your dog today. Thanks for watching.

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  1. Ken!! There's a whole website dedicated to if the dog (or other animal) dies or not!!

  2. I just got a black lab. Thank you for the help♥️ she loves to swim and likes all water excepts bath 🤣

  3. Can't wait to bring home our black Labrador puppy spring 2020 – they're not even a twinkle in Mum/Dad's eyes yet (waiting for her to come into season atm.) – so watching little Bruin is really helping my puppy yearning/impatience!! Haahaa xx

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