Bordeaux Mastiff Puppies Cuteness!!

Bordeaux Mastiff Puppies Cuteness!!

it’s going to Alaska and other than that
that’s everything else is a Free For All [Be Sure To Subscribe] We are picking a puppy for a friend He likes all of it brown; doesn’t like with white they’re all got really good
personalities. What do you think? Yeah. Who is the mama? Nancy…I’m gonna get her spayed this time. You have this Female…these have white. yeah, that one is going to Alaska. This one’s going too?
This one’s going to Alaska but the male …this one’s a female,
that’s a male and let me see I’ve got two males…this one’s the
males oh let me see, male …you guys are
terrible huh what you guys doing doing? (baby talk) okay [Be Sure to Subscribe!] this one goes to Seattle. How do you keep
track? This one goes to Seattle and then there’s one what that’s a white on its
foot that’s a boy. All the rest are girls yeah that one all right
go on I am NOT here oh this one’s a boy right here the newer boys [baby talk] they’ve been wormed and everything two
shots they’ve been worm and now they just gotta win at sixteen weeks again at
18 weeks and then after that they’re done four shots a year. I mean aren’t you
just beautiful? [baby talk] [Be Sure to Subscribe] Hercules Hercules! [Be Sure to Subscribe!] *giggles and puppies panting (EMU)
trying to come behind me? [puppies chomping and playing sounds] Thanks for watching and please be sure to Subscribe!

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  1. They look so cute and isn't it strange that they look like a clone of the mother?.
    Im watching this video and the mother looks exactly like the Bordeaux Mastiff I had many years ago.
    The puppies look like their are fluffy toys.

  2. Not recommended to buy from a breeder who doesn't provide hips/knee/elbow x-ray checks from parents. Do NOT buy these from backyard breeders.

  3. They are so adorable. We had 9 litter from Lotus Esprit de la Maison de'Estrup and Badr Cum Sangreal (Bandit).Unfortunately, we lost Bandit last year. We lived on a tropical island in the Indian ocean. I believe the climate isn't too appropriate for this kind of breed. Check out my videos you will see Bandir Jr, who is a carbon copy of her Dad Bandit, although he was way taller and bigger in size. But the head is identical.

  4. I got an adorable french mastiff puppy with a black mask three years ago, he is so sweet and relaxed, i don't know how some people think that he's dangerous!

  5. I got my bordeaux before Christmas 2016. I always had people say oh they are not suitable dogs for first time dog owners. He's the most docile relaxed yet playful dog I have ever owned. However he's only 7 odd months and if he ever did attack for whatever reason I don't know how ide stop him. The strength in these dogs is something shocking. Also I took him for a walk and foolishly let him of the lead until I noticed a rottweiler coming with his owner.. bad move. The rottweiler attacked him and let's just say it won't attack another bordeaux. At this time my bordeaux was only 5-6 months and I ended up paying vet fees for damages to the rottweiler. It scared the shit out of me that when a bordeaux is aggravated what can happen. Gentle giants until provoked yet the most loving dog I will ever own

  6. Hey everyone, there's another litter of puppies available, but only 6! Two are blue!
    Let me know you're interested, they will go FAST!

  7. Please can I have a mastiff puppy for free. Love mastiff puppies so kind and strong.Please can I have one male .I beg of you

  8. Can i have one😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😊😊😊😊😊😊 love dogs

  9. Please do not buy just because they are cute.
    They are a handfull. They are strong and fearless. The are VERY loyal.
    The breed are originally a "Guard Dog Breed" in the Molosser "Family". Used to guard cattle and farms in France.
    As with all dogs, you want to do your homework BEFORE buying πŸ˜‰
    Arrrrrvvvvv….. Imagine having a pack of puppies like that crawling all over you. πŸ™‚

    Btw they are also called "Dogue De Bordeaux" and nicknamed "The Gentle Giant"

  10. I'm sorry but if that female buyer doesn't know which ones are boys and which ones are girls…………………..then…………….maybe she shouldn't own one.

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