Boy With Hairy Tail Worshipped As God In India

Boy With Hairy Tail Worshipped As God In India

COMM: Dulha is just like any other 8 year old boy. COMM: Except he has a tail. COMM: Dulha’s mother sadly passed away when he was younger. So now, he lives with his
uncle and aunt. COMM: Not long ago, locals who had heard about his tail would travel to see him and worshipped
Dulha, thinking he was the reincarnation of the Hindu monkey god Hanuman. COMM: His family have since attempted to discourage people from doing this, but many still travel
to see him. COMM: Dulha is an only child and attends a local school, where he has no shortage of friends. COMM: It is believed to be a bad omen to cut the hair onto this tail, but he is content
the way he is and he has no desire to change anything about it.

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  1. So that's just hair? Not a physical structure or spinal cord extension…. So he can cut it off, or get electrolysis if he wanted it gone?

  2. That is for one not a tail that is just a patch of long hair.. It just abnormal.. I guess they are referring to a pony tail then

  3. Well, we do have a tail bone that's connected to our spine on the inside but I'm pretty sure it won't grow out like that, if it would it would be more lower than that. It's not a tail, it's just hair. If you're able to braid it then there's no bone in the "tail", cause tails have a bone in it to move the tail around. But, that's just hair you're able to cut it off..I mean if you want.

  4. uuuuughh, i love the indian mentality. how they treat cows, and so. but its ridiculous that they see every birth mark as gods sign. come on

  5. same as this patch of hair on my back but did not tell to someone only my family know this ….but i agree this is no metter to worship someone ..i m a common girl like every girl …now i feel ki maine acha kia kisi ko btaya nhin people der nhin lgate meri pooja krne mein😁😁

  6. Someone needs to shave off his supposedly tail when hes asleep. Its litterally just braided back hair. Then when he wakes up noone will praise him a "god" anymore

  7. Ridiculous. That is just a patch of long braided hair. A little odd maybe, but certainly not any sort of deformity or condition.

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