Bradley Whitford Went to a Rowdy Screening of ‘Cats’

Bradley Whitford Went to a Rowdy Screening of ‘Cats’

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  1. I saw a screening of Cats on a Monday night and it was BATSHIT. I probably heard maximum 10 lines of dialogue throughout the entire film, cause everyone was screaming in horror at everything they were witnessing on screen. Everyone was standing and swaying to Jennifer Hudson singing "Memory" and, no joke, by the end of the movie, 2 bottles of Jack Daniels' finest had been downed by the group in front of me, with a 3rd bottle accidentally smashed on the floor and someone had thrown up in one of the seats at the back of the theatre. Simultaneously my best and worst experience in a cinema.

  2. Lol James didn't even try to say anything good about Cats and Taylor was introduced as the star of Miss Americana (a docu that's not out yet) instead of Cats while presenting at the Golden Globes, really shows that the actors hate it as much as we do. It was clear that Tom Hopper didn't do enough research about cats because he had no knowledge that catnip exists and Taylor's dad had to chime in for some scene ideas.

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  4. Cats is the most fun I’ve had watching a movie in a theater and I love it, and James Cordon is a traitor for throwing his Cats family under the bus!

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