Business Cat : animated music video : MrWeebl

Business Cat : animated music video : MrWeebl

Business Cat just called to make sure that we’re singing from the same hymn sheet, That we’re optimizing, synergizing our portfolio, Diversifying our assets by investing in other kinds of business pets And he wants us to know, before he’s gotta go To the conference being held in Tokyo That he’ll take up the slack, and that he’s got our back When it comes to upper management Business Cat flies around the world, he’s a first-class guy – I’m his first-class girl! – You’re also his secretary. You’ve got a wife and family – But he’s married to his job… ‘Cause he’s Business Cat! Strictly business, On business, doing all the business, In his litter tray! Business Cat is back from the conference He is filled with new found confidence He’s exploring the paradigm, blue-sky thinking, Pushing the envelope, T O U C H I N G B A S S – Business Cat wants to get some face-time, See what you’re bring- -ing to the table, If it’s not commoditizable you’d better leverage the mind-share Le-le-leverage the mi-

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  1. At 0:35 i loved planes so i drawed a airport drawing and at the gate bussiness cat isnt allowed to england because he was to bossy for the goverment

  2. This is adorable. As beautiful as the secretary’s voice is I feel it’s a little too high for this song but it doesn’t take away from this I can say that. I love this whole thing

  3. Therapist: Business cat isn't real. He won't steal your coffee.
    Business cat: Business cat wants to know your location

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