Buying 100 Homeless Dogs Ice Cream On The Hottest Day

Buying 100 Homeless Dogs Ice Cream On The Hottest Day

– Homeless dogs in shelters
can really struggle in this extreme heat. So I thought today would be a perfect day to serve a sweet, cool,
refreshing treat, doggy ice-cream. (cool laid back music) This is our little ice-cream
cart that we built, and I’m really excited about it because you can’t serve ice-cream unless you have an ice-cream cart. Now I’m gonna have some of
the volunteers put it together and we’re gonna go run
and grab the ice-cream. We’re going to get the
doggy ice-cream right now. We actually tried a few things. (ice-cream truck melody)
I rented an ice-cream truck. They got frustrated when I wanted them to do my doggy ice-cream recipe. They bailed. We started making my doggy ice-cream in my stores, The Dog Bakery. It didn’t freeze right, it
was a couple of hour trip from Los Angeles to Kern County and so then I called some
local businesses up here and I have someone making a
special doggy recipe ice-cream for me that has no sugar in it. (laughs) And so, we’re
just gonna go get some tubs of soft serve dog yogurt, doggy ice-cream. And I brought muscle with me to help. (upbeat music) So basically what we’re going to do is we got the doggy ice-cream loaded up in this one right here, it’s no sugar added vanilla. And we are gonna fill up
tubs and tubs of this, for all the dogs. Which I’m kind of excited about, ’cause like anytime you
go to an ice-cream place, you have to have control, and we’re just gonna lose control and we’re just gonna let that thing keep serving and cranking and, I’m gonna put my head under
it maybe, I don’t know. – We need to make sure it’s not poison. Cheers buddy. Yeah that’s not poisonous, that’s good. – Oh that, that tastes really good. So we’re gonna fill these up, these are the tubs. – Can I try this?
– Yeah. Are you just going down the line? – Smells really good, I think
it’s got like cheesecake. – Oh it’s premium tart. Like you.
– Oh that is good. (Rocky laughing) – I found out later that while we were getting the ice-cream, the staff was back at the shelter working really hard to help a poor little dog who had
just been through so much. A little Chihuahua that
had his ears cropped, he had a pelvic bone
broken, and a leg broken. He’d just been through a lot. Now there is some good news with this dog but I need ya to stick around
to the end of the video, because I want your
help in naming this dog. More on that to come soon. But right now, let’s get
back to this doggy ice-cream. Just so you know, if you’re
ever getting tubs and tubs of ice-cream from a frozen yogurt place, you have to let it refreeze because it gets a little runny after. All right, give it a minute. (playful music) If you’re watching this video and you’re from the yogurt place, just call Zach, he’ll
give you his credit card for all the free spoonfuls. I’m gonna go grab ice,
you guys keep going. I’ll be right back. (playful music) I got a cooler. Ice ice baby. So as soon as we pay, we
can throw it in the cooler. Because it is hot, I mean hot hot. Like record hot. Just one at a time? – I can do two at time, or I can do three. I can put three on there.
– All right, can you do four? – Maybe?
– Can we do eight? – I mean, I can.
– Okay, let’s try it. Maybe this will be the most
your scales ever weighed. – It probably is, I’m gonna be– Oh yes, see it maxed out. – (Rocky) Ooh. (upbeat fast-paced music) (cash register bell ring)
$173.17. – That is the most I’ve
ever spent on ice-cream and hopefully one day I break that record. Oh, (laughing) heavy doggy ice-cream. Okay, phew! I think if there was ever a
dream job that I had growin’ up, it would definitely be
getting doggy ice-cream, for shelter dogs on an extremely hot day. If I had to, I would spend
$10 000 on doggy ice-cream. And I’d feed ’em ice-cream for 24 hours. – What could be more fun than feeding shelter dogs ice-cream and taking a bite like
every third serving? – Hey while you guys are chattin’ it up, we’ve got doggy ice-cream
melting, let’s go. Okay, all right I’m pretty excited. A bunch of volunteers are
here from Marley’s Mutts, and they’re gonna help serve
all the doggy ice-cream. We’re also gonna have some of the team at Kern Country Animal
Services come and help us so that we can get all of the ice-cream to all the doggos. (rock music) We have doggy ice-cream! – Yeah! – Welcome to Rocky’s Doggy Ice-cream, where the doggy ice-cream
if you’re a doggy, is free. All right, here’s what we’re
going to do. (cheering) You bark, I bark, we
all bark for ice-cream. Three, two, one! – You bark, we bark, we
all bark for ice-cream! (Rocky barks) – You’re not barking.
– No. (laughing) – I think next time I’ll probably get the adult ice-cream cart. (laughs) I was thinking like it’s small for dogs. I thought, is it bigger for dogs? (happy music)
Okay. – Is this vanilla?
– That one’s vanilla, there’s vanilla and a peanut
butter and a strawberry. (happy music) (synthesizer rock music) – Okay, everybody go for it! (synthesizer rock music) – This thing is the greatest idea ever, to come to the shelter and
feed shelter dogs ice-cream. Most of the dogs that
are in this area too, just came into the shelter
so they’re kinda confused. They’re just scared, you can
kinda see it in his eyes. (dogs barking)
I think this is beautiful. (synthesizer rock music) – Is this your first time
feeding doggy ice-cream? – Yes. – Have you tasted some
of the doggy ice-cream? – Maybe. – (laughing) Me too, me too. How many dogs have you got to so far? – Maybe about four? – Okay, all right, you’re on
two more before they melt. – Okay
– All right, go get ’em! – So pink coconut?
Banana? What else is in there? – These little chocolate chip things? – Carob, ’cause dogs can’t
have chocolate, right? – They’ve got to have carob. – They’re good, good work. Oh man, that was a messy
ice-cream high five. (laughs) Okay what do you have, what do you have? – I have strawberry ice-cream, carob. – Peanut butter, solid
topping right there. If I was a dog, I’d be
happy to see you comin’. Here’s the deal, our
cone to ice-cream ratio is a little off but I still have a whole another tub of ice-cream. So I’m just gonna throw
some toppings in there and Rocky’s gonna go in there like the king of all doggy ice-cream and just start scoopin’ out
doggy ice-cream to dogs. They’re gonna love to see me comin’. Let’s do this. I’ve got a really good
idea and I need your help. I wanna keep giving doggy ice-cream cones to dogs in shelters and I
want you to be a part of it. So here’s what I’m gonna set up. For everyone who becomes
a member of my channel, I’m gonna give an ice-cream
cone to a dog in a shelter. It’s $5, it’s so simple, and then you get to be a
part of something bigger. Something that we’re
doing on a regular basis where I’m going out and helping dogs. So to be a part of this,
to join the channel, you can hit the join button. Or if you don’t see the join button there, I’ll put a link in the description below. It’s great ’cause it helps to support me and I’m just gonna pass that forward to keep giving ice-cream in
dog shelters across the US. So, you wanna give an ice-cream
to a dog in a shelter, join the channel now. The thing is on a hot day like this, the dogs, they just, you
know, they’re just defeated. Imagine you on a hot day right, and if you’re a dog you
don’t know what’s going on, it’s a scary place so a
little ice-cream like this will just make your dog
day a little better. ♪ You’re my heart’s desire ♪ ♪ I just wanna love you ♪ ♪ Just wanna hold you ♪ ♪ Just wanna be with
you till we grow old ♪ ♪ Just tell me you’ll
stay or take me away ♪ ♪ I want you for myself every single day ♪ ♪ You set my world on fire ♪ ♪ You set my world on fire ♪ – (Rocky voiceover) One of
the neatest things about today was seeing all of the volunteers and the workers come together as they often do to show love to the dogs. And it was great to see my friend Zach spring into action when he heard about the Chihuahua that needed help. ♪ That you do. ♪ ♪ My life was gray till you added colors ♪ ♪ Like the moon needs the sun ♪ – Yeah so she has two broken back legs, broken pelvis and needs
out of the shelter. They’ve been gracious enough to keep her as long as they have. When dogs have this bad of injuries, there’s nothing they can do here. Yeah, we’ll need to do a variety of tests just to see what she needs. – (Rocky voiceover) All right,
there’s still a few more dogs that we needed to give ice-cream to so that all 100 dogs were shown
love and had a sweet treat. – Okay I don’t know,
what do you guys think? A success? (group cheering) Ice-cream hive fives (hands slapping) Woo hoo! Yeah! What’s this one’s name? – No name.
– Okay so no name. So I need you guys to do two things. One, leave a name suggestion
down in the comments below because Marley’s Mutts is
going to help this dog? – Mm hmm. – So Zach, the founder of Marley’s Mutts. By the way, go follow him on Instagram. It’s @zachskow, I’ll put it right here. Go follow him.
– Thanks buddy. – Yeah and.
– I’ll follow you anywhere. – Thank you, thank you. And we need your help naming this dog so leave a comment down below what you think this dog’s name should be. – So a couple of things you
should take into consideration. One, this dog has two broken
legs and a broken pelvis. And two, he has cropped
ears which is very weird to see in a Chihuahua/Min Pin. I think what people wanted to do was that they think this
is a Miniature Pinscher so they cropped the ears. It’s really unfortunate to see ’cause it doesn’t make any sense. But it might play into a fun name. – Also is it a boy or a girl? – It is a girl. – So we need girl names. (laughs) Okay. ♪ I just wanna love you ♪ ♪ Just wanna hold you ♪ ♪ Just wanna be with
you till we grow old ♪ ♪ Just tell me you’ll
stay or take me away ♪

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  1. I think a really good name and this word/name comes from my heart. Hope because she has broken parts and has cropped ears. And Hope means to get better and hoping she will get a home. She is a Fighter!!

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