Calico Cross Country – St  Louis

Calico Cross Country – St Louis

ever since Jefferson bought half the
country from the French back in whenever that was st. Louis has connected the
east to the west a fact they’ve commemorated with a nifty silver arch
that you may have seen and while we were there we discovered a special and much
more personal connection between a calico designer Kimberly on one of her
favorite clients Katie nice to meet you I’m Kimberly I met Katie in the year
2015 we were working on her formal living will let her know when she came
into my house and she instantly got a vibe about what my style was JD’s style
is very traditional classic style I like color I usually like to go out to the
home to get a feel for their style and I start to throw fabrics together for them
that I think could actually work in that way I came into the shop a couple days
after she came to my house and she absolutely nailed it and that happened
every time that I worked with her the key factor in creating of role is being
a good listener she came back to us and wanted to do her family room in their
new home she knows the needs of my family and what stages my kids are at
when I walk through Katie’s phone and look at her family world immediately I
felt it was that laughable win holo club I will feel to it that’s where the
talent is in the designer if they can integrate to make something very livable
for you and your family and then get the style component what’s the most
comfortable for you and to have somebody that you can work with like Kimberly who
can merge those two things that’s when you find a gem I love what the customer
can take a photograph of something they’ve seen and I can tell them what is
gonna work best in that room when she comes into your house she creates
something for you and your style which is so unique and difficult to do and in
designer I always recommend calico because I think they’re just so easy to
work with all the staff here in st. Louis including and especially Kimberly
she just identifies quickly what you need so it’s a really easy painless
process it’s nice that you get the in-home consultation and you don’t have
to worry about some designer fee up front and those things
matter to people so knowing that you’re gonna walk away happy is pretty much a
guarantee as we left st. Louis and started a long trek west a lot of
thoughts went through our minds deep thoughts about starting a unique design
project is like venturing into a new land now a calico is like your GPS
shallower thoughts like weather in the land of beef jerky there’s a truck stop
that may actually stalk something for folks with vegans and civilities stay

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