Calling 84 PetSmarts – Where do they actually get reptiles?

Calling 84 PetSmarts – Where do they actually get reptiles?

The background’s a bit messy right now So please excuse that But we’ve done some videos on pet stores in the past and why you shouldn’t buy from certain stores You can probably guess which ones cuz they’re in the title and one of the biggest and most important things is the fact that they Buy these animals from mills. Not only do many of the stores not really have sufficient care But the places that they give the animals from are even worse. However, the most frequently asked question about this More of a– more like a yelled out comment than anything else is how do we actually know that They buy from these places? It says that nowhere on Petsmart’s site. The primary mill that we focused on in the past was reptiles by Mac and it does not say it anywhere reptile by Mac’s site either now the only places it does say it are over various web sites but They all are using PETA as the source so they kind of a point Should we really trust this one source obviously you never really want to just trust a single source on any topic especially when it’s the controversial as Animal care and where animals are coming from when people buy them see because of this I decided to contact Pet Smart And actually just ask Where your animals supplied from and they said they couldn’t tell me because it’s different for every single store So the only viable option I saw Was to call a bunch of them also before we get into that (weird awkward movement to highkey show off merch) Are you looking for some clothing do you need a shirt or a hoodie cuz they’re back with a new design It’s link below if you want a certain color or style that’s all available They’re not sure how long they’ll be available it is limited time, but you can go ahead and grab one now okay now Let’s call a bunch of pet stores Okay, so we’re gonna start all the way down in San Diego, California, so we can get that bottom corner Thank you for calling Petsmart (annoying ring tone commence) (huff of laughter) PetSmart Employee: We do not. We get them from breeders Alex: Oh okay, what breeders it? PSE: Uh you know let me check Uh unfortunately my manager says that she doesn’t know Specifically which breeder it comes from I think that’s like a corporate thing Well that manager didn’t even know they said to call corporate Pet Smart, which is what I did originally They said to call the manager of the store Okay, I’m gonna call the pet smart that’s like two minutes away from that one just to see if they happen to know Stupid Hold me six kind of head???. Thank you for calling Pet Smart. Did you know that you can book your pet grooming appointment online? PSE: Thank you for calling Petsmart I can help you Alex: hey, I was wondering Do you breed your reptiles in stores there that you sell? PSE: we do not Oh okay, wh-wh where do you get them? Let me put you on hold and see if I can get answer that for you. Alex: Okay, thanks wha what just happened Thank you for calling PetSmart where pets inspire us (something super fast)
How may I help you? Oh, oh I was just on hold who is this [Name of PSE] what can I help with Alex: is is this still Petsmart in Oregon? PSE: Yeah Alex: oh, okay. I guess I got transferred. I was just calling to ask where you get your reptiles from like what breeder? PSE: Oh, um Corporate company and they go through a vendor Oh Okay So yeah, that’s all we know Okay, thanks. They don’t know what is what’s wrong with Oregon again nobody fricking knows I’m just gonna go to Idaho, thank you for calling Petsmart um I think ours come from either, California or Florida I’m not entirely sure were to be honest. Alex: Okay. Do you know that – happen to know the name of them? Where is it? Um? I think it’s called Reptiles by Mack (horror look) is where we get them from I’m not sure where exactly they were located though. Okay, thanks Okay, sure anything else I can help you with What’s a yeah? What’s a fancy bearded dragon? What does that mean? Basically, it’s just it’s just the coloring of them some of them will have more of an orange tint or a much paler or kind Of a yellow since for them, so yes, just coloring okay things We’ll do one more in Idaho, just that’s already here, yeah, they’re from our vendor Do you know the name of them? Um it’s reptiles by Mack. I’m so bad at talking on the phone Oh my god. I’m talking up petsmart for an hour hello this is petsmart. How may I help you it is it like from a breeder pour yeah Do you know the name of them by any chance? um Off the top of my head personally I do not know. Any other questions? Alex: Uh oh Blue Tongue skink S– are they different from armadillos or are they the same species Blue tank stinks and you say armadillos yeah They’re gonna be different. Alex: Okay. Do you sell both or either? We do not sell either. Alex: no one in Oregon knew I’m gonna call one more in Oregon I Don’t want to give up on Oregon. Thank you for calling petsmart where pets (Subslave: I give up, send help) how may I help you? I was wondering do breed your reptiles in stores there th- (interruption) do we breed? Like the reptiles that you sell. PSE: We don’t breed him here. We get them from like a reptile breeder Do you know the name of them any chance? I’m not sure. I don’t think California, because? they ship it But I am not sure what they’re called. I think I think it’s Flunkers- flunkers. FLUKER ???what I’m mistaken??? (subslave: stop talking so fast) Yeah, okay, thanks I think he meant Flukers. *mouth full of food Wait flukers is insects I am not giving up an Oregon. I’m doing one more. (*insert petsmart slogan) How can I help you hey? I was wondering. Do you breed the reptiles that you sell like in stores? we do not yeah, they come from a vendor up in Washington uh Africa North West *automated voice* calling pet Thank you for calling petsmart. How may help you? (editing cut)that you sell do you breed them there? PSE: no Alex: is it like a Wholesale breeder or something PSE: Uh yeah Do you know the name of them? It’s called reptile Sorry you cut out for a second like what was that It’s reptiles by Mack. Thank you for calling petsmart How may I help you? I was wondering. Do you breed your reptiles in stores that you sell? Do we have what was that sorry? Uh sorry hold on eating. The reptiles that you sell, do you breed them in in your store? No, we do not uh Reptiles by Mack. This is Sioux Falls in South Dakota It’s called reptiles by Mack Okay, is that like a good place do they have a good reputation here, I believe well, Minnesota There’s a ton of them in Minnesota by the way there’s 1,500 petsmarts in the United States Which is all I’m only calling about two from- two per state But I’m calling them from different areas to cover as much range as possible Do yo- do- do you know whe- where they come from? I’m not sure we have a vendor that brings them in but I’m not sure which one that is Okay Also, what’s like like the fancy reptile that you sell um chameleon they’re up there We have like scorpions yeah- Yeah scorpions are probably my favorite reptile Yeah, like Yeah, thank you for calling petsmart. This is (beepboop). How can I help you ? Do you breed those there? No we don’t. Do You know where you get them It’s through a company called reptiles, Mack’s reptiles. Oh okay Anything else? Mhmm bye Oh okay bye Wait while I transfer your call Calling petsmart. How can I help you the reptiles that you sell in stores? Do you breed those at the same store? We don’t. Alex: Do you know where they come from I’m not sure what oh okay Yeah, and I actually don’t have anything with their name on them, so I’m not exactly 100 percent sure Okay, also. I was looking at Calci sand. Do you know if that’d be good for my ball python? Why are so many hang enough, so there’s one like a few blocks away from that one that hung up on me Uh so let’s see if the other saw like sitting is do you know what the breeders? I don’t There’s an Osh? pattern where if like one person in the state doesn’t know nobody in the state knows I’m gonna try another, Utah cuz I’m not giving up. I’m getting tired of asking the same question first I’m gonna ask like something else first. I don’t know what. Hello petsmart- (subslave: wha-please speak slower) How could help you Hii do you happen to sell Savannah monitors in stores? What sorry. Alex: Oh Savannah monitors like the lizard Monitors for the It’s not the pet like a monitor to merit monitor, what sorry it oh It’s a lizard species, Savannah Monitors, I don’t know if they have any of them always oh You’re looking for Savannah monitors th-the pet. Alex: Yeah Oh sorry, yeah, we do not carry Savanah monitors. We don’t carry any monitors. Okay. Do you have any lizard? Yep? I guess you do Try google (at least he’s honest) Underground lizards (Subslave: this said losers b4) dot comm does there’s a guy a customer that says that’s a good place to check Under what’s the name? Underground lizard dot com. Google it okay? Does he mean underground reptiles? Yeah that doesn’t exist We have to move on from Utah literally none of them know what their tal- PetSmart where pets inspire us. We get them from the breeder Okay, do you know what breeder? It is I believe it’s a larger scale breeder I believe by the name of Lasco, but I’m not certain, Nebraska. Thanks for help you Hi do you sell ball pythons in stores there? PSE: We do. I don’t think we have any on hand right now, let me check. I want to check hold on okay I- I feel bad and making him check but I don’t actually want any I thought it was just gonna be like the starter question, and then… I don’t know I feel bad now. I’m wasting this time Three on hand and they sell for $59.99 each Okay, cool. Also do you breed the ball pythons there at the store? PSE: No we do not we do not Alex: Oh okay Do you know the name of the seller by any chance PSE: I do not okay? Thanks. You bet no problem Also a waste the time. We’re back a few days later ignore my hair also shirts and hoodies are here Link below So, we called quite a few so far I have a list of 60 something more I have no idea honey. We get our small animals from it’s called Barney’s pets. Not entirely certain off the top of my head, but you can call our whole office and they can let you know Who our vendors are for everything because I know we have different ones. Hi. You’ve reached Pet Smart headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona I was wondering if you could tell me what vendor you get your animals from Uh that information I don’t have I’m so confused. First I had contacted just Petsmart like the information that they had on there They said I need to contact each individual store I’ve been doing that they said I have to contact corporate Petsmart in their area. They gave me the number That’s what I’m talking to now. They said to call the petsmart *crying I’m suffering (Subslave: Please save Alex) I’m sorry. I don’t have any information. I want to say the company is called Lasco Reptile industry. I’m sure it’s gonna be reptile industries. I’m not exactly sure I’m not exactly sure myself. Well sure I don’t know we have no idea we get them from a place called reptile industries Reptile industry. mack reptiles it is actually pretty interesting You can see a pattern starting to emerge so we can probably assume that Nebraska is either Lasco or reptiles by mack I’ll just leave it as unknown since we didn’t actually get an answer. Our reptiles come from reptile industries Apex reptile. We get them from reptile industries. I’m sorry They said we are not allowed to give that kind of information out Like I’m not allowed to know or you just don’t know. The person I talked to didn’t, but she said that it’s Policy that we believe that we’re not supposed to according to that manager It’s against policy to tell a customer where they get the reptiles. Not only is that terrifying But every other state did Yes, sir I’m not allowed to give out that information. After asking 24 states two in a row decline to answer. it is interesting actually hearing a gradient of Accents from Washington to Louisiana we get them from reptile industry I’m calling to ask if you could tell me what vender or supplier you get your reptiles from Uh no we can’t I’m sorry. Okay. It’s alright. So there’s no one I can contact about it I don’t have a clue That’s something we don’t give out over the phone oh Okay, you know it’s not a local breeder or anything else. It’s a national account Our reptiles come from reptile industries. reptile industries. reptiles industries. reptile industry lasco. reptile industries. reptile industries Hello, PetSmart. This is- How may I help you Florida’s one that I can’t record so I’ll just call them and let you know how it goes Okay I called Florida as expected. It’s not reptile industries. She said Mack We get them from reptile industries reptiles by Mack. We have a few different one. We go through Lascox and Sunpet No one knows off the top of their head. No. I sure don’t we I’m sure Pet Smart a large conglomerate We probably only get them from one source I don’t know if I can just share that info. Mack. A company called reptiles by Mack Oh, yeah, reptile by Mack. Barney’s pet. Um we get it from the pet Smart brand. We have our own vendors in Florida so it comes from there We are not sure of the breeder that we get them from. From a location called reptiles by Mack We get down through reptiles by Mack. I was told I am NOT allowed to give that information that I’m actually not too sure The Lighting’s awful now, I know 84 Petsmart later Six and a half hours later. We have now created a graph, or a grid or a map of every Petsmart supplier and The general locations. Now this graph is not exact because I did not call every single Petsmart I graphed every or I gritted out all of my spots to make it as even and Accurate as possible, but there may be a couple issues again There’s some states that we did not get answers from there’s quite a few that completely declined and refused to answer But it’s very interesting so the two suppliers that we hear about the most when like we’re looking at the different investigations and stuff is Reptiles by Mack and Sunpet. I’m surprised. There wasn’t as much Sun pet as I expected I think it was two or three states. I got from Sunpet and then reptiles by Mac was the majority So that is pretty much what we expected and that kind of lines up with the investigations now the biggest question that remains is all these places or all these states that do not buy from reptiles by Mack or Sunpet reptile because those are the two that have investigations are these other places actually Okay for PetSmart to be buying from well I’ve looked into the far majority of them, and there’s essentially no information on them their sites are extremely simple There’s like no images. They’ll just be like some random clipart of reptiles. Yeah, but there’s really nothing There’s been no investigations on them or anything however the far majority of these call themselves wholesale places now I can’t just say that every wholesale place is bad We can we might have our opinions on that and we might be able to assume certain things about very large wholesale places But we don’t have any evidence of that so I can’t actually say in this video now There are some smaller places like Sand fire reptile which was in parts of California this place actually seemed pretty Okay, keep in mind I’m only looking to them a bit but it looks like just a normal smaller scale breeder that actually cares a bit about the animals if Every single pet smart can source different people assuming that sand fire is nice as it looks from what I saw There goes my last studio light battery. Assuming sand fire is actually a good place, then that would mean that It’s possible Petsmart could source from lots of local breeders instead of buying from these very large wholesale places However, it would not be as cheap for them. It would not be as easy as them It would not be a simple or a streamline because it would obviously be more complicated in my opinion It would be worth it seeing as these are living things that we’re talking about, but there’s mixed opinions on that however I personally still would not buy from these places since they are supporting these massive places that we do know are bad Including Mack and Sunpet? Sunpet overall although hold took forever and I spent approximately five hours of my life listening to *insert elevator music* The far majority of the employees were quite nice And I have no complaints they were courteous and did their thing and were willing to figure out the answer Some others not so much some were pretty annoyed some were a bit angry It was a fun assortment if you want you can just send this map to people That asked about it because it’s true like we said before I found tons of sites that said where they got their animals But they all went back to the same source that being PETA But now I know a bit better as to where some of the places actually get their animals well Hopefully got some enjoyment out of me having to edit five to six hours of footage down to 15 minutes (Subslave: 15 mins of torture) And I had to sit here talking to people all day. I don’t think I’m ever doing this again luckily I don’t have to here’s the graph you can- I dunno- send it to people if you want so they can have the data again it’s not a hundred percent exact But I made it as close as possible based on all the info that we got In this video if you made it this far in this video, then I mean that’s some dedication. (Subslave: why are you still talking) If you’re not subscribed This is probably a channel that you’ll enjoy since you did-are still watching And if you are already subscribed or not you can still buy a shirt or hoodie Lots of colors and sizes available over on the site link is below It’s a good way to support me and for you to increase your wardrobe by the way all the weird questions I asked like the Calcisand and the armadillos and everything those are all questions that I’ve been asked multiple times There’s your official answers from Petsmart, so I don’t have to keep answering them for you And no offense if you ask me one of those questions, but they are pretty bad. Okay, we’re done Goodbye (Subslave: THANKTHELORD)

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    I purchased two ball pythons from a petsmart in Murray Utah. Tried to sex them via “popping” and it’s almost like the one I believe is a male had his epipeens mutilated. But I may have just done it wrong. The striped one I am convinced is a female as there is no epipeens. The lesser being the male (I think) they are either extremely small or have been mutilated. But as I have stated I’m no expert on it.

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    I've seen your more recent videos so I think you would do a better job of this kind of research if you had to do it all again. You appear more confident in your more recent videos but holy crap was this one hard to watch. You made me want to call Petsmart to see how they answer the same questions when asked bluntly and with authority.

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    All native class ii or iii species in Tennessee require a permit. So in order to stay legal-if you even care about that-is to buy from a pet store. I am sure lots of people buy from out of state breeders though. They either don’t know or don’t care about our ridiculous laws.

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  25. i'm glad i watched this. i used to buy from local family owned pet stores in the late 90's. it never occurred to me back then to seek out a breeder. i thought that was only for professionals or businesses. i just didn't know what i didn't know.

  26. For anyone who’s barely coming to watch this, it’s sad you got no information from nevada. I live in the vegas area and while thats only the far south snippet of nevada, I can tell you as a person who cares for a turtle and loves reptiles and all animals at that, everytime I go into a petco (rainbow and spring mountain) or petsmart (rainbow and lake mead), their setups always look depressing. 4 inch Aquatic turtles like the red eared slider are cramped in 20 long tanks with maybe 2 inches of water, mostly covered by substrate bedding meant for tortoises, humidity levels are high in most reptile setups not meant to have high humidity levels. Their snakes seem to have damage on their scales from improper conditions, as much as 40 birds are kept together in a 3ftx2ft glass cage. Rodents seem to be the only animal that does okay in these pet stores, which im 99% sure that’s only because they’re more well received with the general population than say, a snake. Along with this are the workers who are only there to start their job experience as young teens or young adults who dont know anything on how to care for- fish, reptiles(except iguanas i guess), birds, or even rodents. The only time you’ll ever find someone knowledgeable is if you speak to the manager in store, which they never hesitate to call on anyways. Even then, managers usually only know so much and if youre looking for a store in the vegas area that sells reptiles from local breeders and actually takes care of their animals, don’t go to petsmart or petco. Nevada, or atleast the vegas area, is a red zone for these stores. (Though the petCO on rainbow and spring mountain does take care of their turtles which makes me happy but that doesn’t excuse their overall bad marks across the board)

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