Camouflage Challenge: Simon’s Cat | GUIDE TO

Camouflage Challenge: Simon’s Cat | GUIDE TO

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  1. I love it! I chuckled out loud at his faceplant with the cone. And the music and animation together are just wonderful!

  2. Sorry Cat, you are not fully developed in tricks. But we do see you acting human like hunter for tasty food.

  3. I suffered with severe depression for many years and every time I always turned to Simon's cat. They make me feel so much better.

  4. Too good at hiding … not too good that I often only find them by (accidentally) stepping on them.

  5. Another masterpiece, My wife saves the cat hairs from our two cats and puts it out for the blue tits to use as nesting material.

  6. I ask Google to give me some random fun.. and here I am! She said, "Here, watch this cute video"

  7. No soy niño pero no dejo de ver las ocurrencias de este gato. 😁
    I am not a child but I like the occurrence of this cat

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