Campur Bayi Ikan Maskoki  Dengan Yang Besaran🐟🐟, Aman Gak Ya?

Campur Bayi Ikan Maskoki Dengan Yang Besaran🐟🐟, Aman Gak Ya?

add more fish guys hello … we are new residents the occupants were just yesterday, being quarantined baby goldfish safe isn’t it, little goldfish with big ones the temperature equalization process for a while approximately 10-30 minutes is enough little goldfish funny guys for beginners, it is not recommended keep small fish because small fish are susceptible to disease / illness
(fast die) for those who want to quickly be able to use this method mix aqua water little by little then lifted one by one because of 1 place, it doesn’t take long to equalize the temperature press Like and Subscibe guys 🙂 agile this fish nimble fish shows they are healthy this is the type of goldfish Tamasaba the second, this is also Tamasaba the difference is the single tail tail shape like a goldfish next .. long tail ranchu rather unique, normal bull / short ranchu tail this is the result of human intervention so that new types of goldfish appear This type of calico, because there are 3 colors: orange, black, white the correct size is calico or not press Like and Subscribe active and agile, indicating they are healthy 3rd day safe guys it turns out they don’t look old / young / size cool aquarium boss lots of snacks here I hope you can live up to everything their size is much different but can still live peacefully and side by side Penguins are getting bigger I’m not the smallest anymore eat boss again press Subscribe and Bell nice home friend Thanks for watching have a nice day bye.. bye.. see you next video

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