Can Gory Police Dog Arrests Survive The Age Of Video? | NPR

Can Gory Police Dog Arrests Survive The Age Of Video? | NPR

KASTE: Raw video like this is changing public perception
of police dogs. Here, police in St. Paul, Minn. use a K-9
unit, a dog and a handler, to apprehend Frank Baker. Baker is an African-American man who was identified
mistakenly as a criminal suspect. [ BAKER screaming ] OFFICER: Don’t f****** move. BAKER: Well what I was hearing was, “Get out the
car, with your hands up and walk toward us.” So I walked toward them. And I took like about seven or eight steps,
and they said, “Turn around,” and as soon as I turned around he let the dog out on me. And the dog just started just biting me and
just tearing me up. OFFICER: Good boy. Get on the ground. BAKER: That dog, he made me a cripple,
deformed all my life. I can’t dance no more. I can’t play sports no more. I can’t run. My whole life I always played football and
ran track and did things, I can’t do that no more. I can’t do it. I loved dogs all my life. Now I fear dogs. OFFICER: Cuff that hand. Good boy. Good boy. KASTE: Baker got an apology from the police chief
and a settlement. And police K-9 handlers would say that the
severity of injuries here make this case an outlier. For decades now, police have considered dogs
to be a valuable tool for subduing potentially dangerous suspects. Bites are seen as a form of pain compliance
that quickly convinces a combative person to hold still for arrest. It does mean injuries, sometimes serious ones,
but police say that’s preferable to risking the safety of officers and civilians. Officer Dan Lesser of the Spokane Police Department says he weighs several factors before he lets his dog loose on anyone. LESSER: What is the risk of allowing this guy to
escape armed with a gun? What kind of damage, what kind of mayhem is
he gonna cause if we allow him to escape and go carjack a car or go kill somebody else? Those are the factors that I’m constantly
running through my head. You know, severity of crime, poses an immediate
danger to themselves or others, you know, he’s actively resisting, evading
arrest. KASTE: K-9 units can also be good public relations. They’re the familiar, likable face of law enforcement. Though the dogs also have some
very negative associations. Especially the lingering memories of their use
during the civil rights era. A series of lawsuits in the 1990s
led to tighter rules, and reformers say things generally got better. But in the last decade or so, the number of
police dog bites has been growing again. That’s according to emergency room
estimates by the CDC. And with the advent of police body cameras,
we’re now getting a close-up view of what K-9 apprehensions actually look like. Here, San Diego police are responding to a report of a man walking through traffic brandishing a machete. Though at this moment, his hands are empty. When he ignores verbal commands from the police, they quickly use a K-9 to try to get him to comply. OFFICER: …you’re going to get bitten by the dog. Get on the ground I said. Roll on to your stomach and stop fighting. Roll on to your stomach. Give me your hands. KASTE: We showed this scene
to a use-of-force expert, former cop and now assistant professor of law, Seth Stoughton. He says a dog can actually make it harder
for someone to obey an officer’s commands. STOUGHTON: It’s very likely that
when you get bitten by a dog, you just look at that dog as the source of pain and you do everything you can to address that pain, and you’ll deal with that other stuff,
those shouted commands– you’ll deal with that later when the pain stops. OFFICER: Hey, stop fighting
so we can get the dog off of you. Give us your hands. STOUGHTON: It’s going to be exponentially
more difficult for someone who is experiencing some form of mental health or substance crisis. OFFICER: Stop. Stop resisting. SUSPECT: OK, I’m not resisting. OFFICER: OK, let me have your hands.
Let me have your hands. Hey stop kicking. KASTE: Since Ferguson, American police have been
under pressure to de-escalate encounters like this, to find ways to slow things down and use less force. But videos show dogs having the opposite effect
— escalating things — especially when the suspect may be mentally impaired. Here’s our last and most extreme example:
San Diego police again, responding to a report of a naked man. He’s incoherent and pretty obviously unarmed. His mistake is telling the police “No.” OFFICER: Turn around Josiah. Turn around. SUSPECT: No. No. OFFICER: Get your hands on your back.
Hands on your back. Stop resisting. Stop resisting. STOUGHTON: Yeah, so when someone is naked,
that’s what we call a clue. It’s a pretty good indication that they’re
either experiencing some mental health issues or some substance abuse issues. KASTE: The biting lasted for 52 seconds, causing
extensive injuries. Generally, police are not supposed to use force
like this unless they have reason to believe a person poses a threat of serious injury
to someone else; in this case, they cited the threat posed by the man’s clenched fists, plus the fact that there were stones on the ground, which he might have picked up. STOUGHTON: So it’s not that dogs
are always excessive, it’s not that dogs have no role. They can bring a lot to the table
in the right situations. But we have to start from the baseline that
a dog bite is a very serious use of force. KASTE: There are no detailed national statistics
on police dog bites — we don’t have a reliable count
of how often the dogs bite people — much less how long the bites tend to last. So the public is left with these videos. Some handlers have resisted wearing body cameras
because they believe gory images of longer bites will be used out of context and misunderstood. The videos also make it easier to sue and
win settlements — which is what happened here. But Seth Stoughton says resisting the cameras
is the wrong response. STOUGHTON: So I’m a little bit skeptical
of the argument that we should be worried about video because it will require us to justify
things to the public. I think the right response there is: “Yes,
we should be justifying things to the public, and if there’s things that we cannot justify
to the public, then maybe that’s a clue that we shouldn’t be using them.”

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  1. @ 4:15 WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT FEMALE COP DOING?? THIS IS WHY NO ONE TRUST'S COPS, this bitch used excessive and abusive force.
    The one cop to the right ( dark uniform) even looked up/over at her like WTH.. Fire that awful cop..bitch
    Question for anyone
    *just curious*…
    is there a special Technic to get the dog to release his grip?

  2. 4:50 That man is mentally ill and the police officers must know that, they see a naked man that is not normal. They could handle that situation without the dog, he was naked and unarmed and not a threat. And they let the dog almost bite his leg of. Very sick.

  3. DOOD IT HURTS LIKE FUCKING CRAP TO GET BIT BY A DOG. How DARE you get mad that a person isn’t complying when they are being SHRED TO FUCKING PIECES by your dog. I’ve been attacked by a dog. It’s terrifying and people say “calm down, you have to relax” you don’t understand. I’m 14 and that is THE WORST pain I have ever felt. So don’t you DARE get mad at someone when they won’t listen to you after you COMMANDED your dog to rip them to shreds.

  4. gonna get lashed at in the comments but idrc, the difference here from what I see Is from the last video, the naked guy wasnt resisting, dog shouldve let go like the expert explained snd the handler instead of pinning the guy should have been on the dogs neck once the dog got the guy down, officer on his legs so he cant kick and then arrest him, not let the dog tip his leg to bits for a long time, I live near where in the uk the K9 units train the dogs in the local park, we are allowed to watch as long as we dont get involved, but damn our dog handlers tell the dog off and the dog let's go, this is crazy how the handler has to pry the dog of the guys leg, in my opinion train the dogs more and the handlers, not much to ask when it come go something which can kill

  5. I think a dog should be used if a taser didn't work but tif you can use a taser that's probably a better idea since it won't leave them eaten alive and hard to stop resisting

  6. 100% the handlers are responsible for any poor behavior. the last clip was absolutely TERRIBLE. This is coming from a strong believer in K9 Police Dogs. The handles are the ones in control of the dog. That was fucking insane. I couldn't even imagine how much anger and hate someone would have for those Officers responsible, for being chewed to fucking pieces by the Officers Dog like that. That would be extremely hard to forgive someone/ accept an explanation into why the cop didn't call the dog off. Man..

  7. Some people are blaming the dog in these videos. What you have to remember is the dog's only doing what it was taught. Bite, hold, wiggle, subdue. They don't know human limits and how much to bite. They just hold until their owner restrains them. That's all they know what to do in these situations. The rest is pretty much up to the cops.

  8. This is very blatantly an anti dog video. They mention barely 2 times that police dogs are useful but spend 7 minutes showing the absolute worse side of them. How about showing the multitude of footage where all the officer has to say is "I will release the dog" and the person immediately gives up? Or the situation where an officer was ambushed by 3 men and his dog fought then off and detained them. Or how about when someone with a gun is escaping and the dog runs them down and disarms them? How about the bomb sniffing dogs? The gun detecting dogs? The drug dogs? The police dogs that catch human traffickers. The police dogs that find missing people? You can't pretend to pose an argument and not even shoe the other side.

  9. definition of police: the retards who think there above the law and just arrest or ingure a framed criminal and doesnt even have proof or questions and almost kill them and never obey the law. the only time the cops do stuff right is when they see the criminal with an actual weapon. and they also want people to stop biting, but they are being bit and torn apart by a K-9

  10. naked man says no.
    cops instinct.

    stop resisting while I let my dog rip you apart and possibly bite your balls off and almost die so we can arrest you.

    price of shit police department

    and I like how the guy isn't even resisting anymore and the guy won't get the dog off.

    at least his balls were okay.

  11. What is the issue? I don't get it. K9 dogs are doing the duty. Doesn't matter if the men are naked or not. Rule #1, don't commit a crime or issue.


    Can all the bologna these people put out over the years have any effect on people who smoke or do drugs?
    I'm extra stupid… I kept smoking for a long after suffering their continuous assaults… WTF business is of theirs OR YORS for that matter?
    There's a point when it turns to harASSment. Not sure after how many years ago that was…
    Now be socially responsible and _ _ _ _ OFF.

  13. Good luck "not resisting" while you're being bitten. Hope we all enjoy paying for the injuries and the disability these bites can cause.

  14. That’s stupid fucking slut bitch of a pig she did not have to hit him with the baton Three times fucking disgrace

  15. Here is another video of the pigs letting the dog bite this naked man four 53 seconds That is uncalled for the cop should be prosecuted fucking pigs


  17. 4:54 Ironic how the man was at least dealing with it when he was frantically kicking back but the moment he stops resisting thinking the dog will stop biting that's when the screaming starts

  18. Look at the fing female cop at around 4:19, smashing the guy with her club! Should be fired, just sayin Look at the fing female cop at around!

  19. If the dog that is a K9 get the same thing done to the k9 teeth as army dogs then there is little damage as they file the teeth down on them or used to when my brother was a MSGT MP kennel master.

  20. ຕຳຣວຈໝາສຸດໂຫດ ຕ້ອງປາບພວກໂຈນ ໂຫດ ຈືງເໝາະສົມ.

  21. 2:05 that cop is a disgrace he is basically saying youre guilty until proven innocent. Its innocent until proven guilty you fucking piece of shit.. Im white and its 2019 color doesnt matter I feel like this was an act of racism.. Those cops are scum.. They should be put in jail. It was not the dogs fault m8 it was the shitty police men dogs should only be used in EXTREME cases. I have a german shepherd and my dog is only about 75 pounds and could rip someone apart but I know how to handle her. These police are going around like gang members

  22. (Naked man) They continued to let the dog tear up his calf! WTH! If the handler doesn't have enough sense or control over the dog to get him of in one command, these dogs are no better than a stray that attacks. Too dangerous. That's why handlers in Vietnam were told to shoot their dogs before they left. Too dangerous to take back to the States.We have tasers now. Stop training dogs to be vicious. It's not like he was concealing a weapon anywhere.

  23. You can find plenty of video about this but if you notice when you're on the ground being mauled by a are bitten buy a police dog and you're on the ground first of all my dogs biting you you're not going to just be able to lay there cuz the pains too bad secondly if you somehow manage to do that the cops will keep the dog on you even if they have a hold of you they won't pull the dog off until you're in cuffs I don't condone the use of K-9 units except to sniff out drugs

  24. Maybe the problem is us. It's not the dogs fault. Also they use Belgian Malinois now instead of German Shepherd. The Malinois are more aggressive and harder to call off. Definitely excessive. Definitely on the officers. Dogs are a great asset but it's up to the officers and training to not be excessive. Btw, I'll kill a motherfuckin dog for biting me.

  25. You have no reason to speak against k-9’s and their training if you’re a dumb criminal on probation for stealing from Walmart, dogs are still creatures with minds of their own and if they sense that their owners or themselves are in danger they will act accordingly

  26. Why do you let the dog bite him after he was apprehended?! He stopped moving and you just kept letting him eat him?!?!

  27. I'm all for criminals getting fucked up by dogs but that last guy's legs was a bit to much dude was already cuffed

  28. Thank you for producing and highlighting this video. I love viewing dumbass criminals, like the ones you show in this video. I love watching fools who choose to ignore the simple instructions given by the officers and then crying like little pussies when the big badass wolf eats their ass up for being a menace to society. God bless our officers and their police dogs who provide a wonderful service! You dumbass.

  29. Because of everyone's pent up anger at the gay, left wing, media, many people are willing to accept any amount of force used by the police as justified. (reading these comments prove it) This is what is truly concerning. People are no longer able to think objectively on a case by case basis because of this psychological conditioning that almost seems deliberate. This is the true dumbing down of our society. The things in this video were clearly unjustified, assuming that we are getting the full story.

  30. Jesus … could that last K9 handler cop take his time any more..?????
    Not like ur Dog is causing intense pain and permanent damage or anything. ….
    " oh am I resisting..??… Sorry about that. Darn instincts to Thrash around while BEING EATEN ALIVE. "

  31. Bottom line, if the police are doing the right things, they shouldn't fear the use of cameras showing them doing the right things!

  32. I dont care who you are what the circumstances are. If you release a dog on me, I'm going to level my gun at it and fucking end it.

  33. Police dog ard cruel and unfair punishment simple as that. They are not trained to let go which cant train it's a primal instinct once it bites it wont let go not until someone pulls off which is usually where the major portion the most damage comes from the officer pulling basically a very jagged serrated knife out full clamp. There not trained to subdue a person just cause as most damage as they can until someone pulls it off usually after the person is in cuffs which you cant expect any person to reasonably stop resisting a arrest with an 60 to 80 pound dog fully latched on there going to resist in some form regardless of how many times you ask them or use pepper spray, tasers. Hell you could point blank them with 4 bean bags there not going to stop resisting until the pain stops, goes unconscious or dies. Which the last thing is a very probable risk considering that body has numerous arteries in which police dogs usually attack arms, and legs. Not to mention the fact your never going fully heal after you rd attacked by any dog that fully sinks there teeth in you will atleast have that scar. Police dogs are comparable to just shooting someone in the leg or arm which police can't do. Cops frankly and quite sadly are trained to shoot and kill without exhausting other options, guy has knife no one around still shoot him, guy punches you shoot him, guys black just shoot him and and say he was reaching for a gun which even though intended as a joke is very true. Cops itch for a reason to shoots someone which could be one of many reasons the hiring of military veterans which PTSD is a normal occurrence regardless if you see combat or not because basic is designed to turn you into a killing machine that will follow orders regardless moral obligations or religious obligations , and even if you dont come out with some mental condition which worse which means you actually like to kill. Or maybe the fact most police departments hire mentally ill people or racist. While racism has collectively gone down since the civil rights movement I still see some rises in it and especially massive rise in racism in police and rise in brutality as a collective whole regardless of race. The future does seem dim indeed. Which if something isn't done about this then words of jefferson could be not any truer.

    The people cannot be all, and always, well informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented, in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions, it is lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. … What country before ever existed a century and half without a rebellion? And what country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.

    – Thomas Jefferson

  34. These cops are sadistic freaks. I can’t believe they get away with letting a dog start eating someone when they haven’f even tried to restrain the man themselves yet. If you sign up to be a cop, you’re signing up for the risks that come along with restraining criminals. To use a dog in a situation that doesn’t demand it is criminal in my eyes.

  35. 99 percent of the time people make it necessary to have a k9 unit used on them. Just watch live pd and see the morons officers have deal

  36. changing public perception? BS most applaud the dogs action and even cheer them on, more dogs less assholes. take a bigger bite out of crime by taking a bigger bite out of criminal assholes.

  37. Stop resisting?😁. 2 cops on his back hold him, one women cop hit his head with police bat and dog bite his leg and he say STOP RESISTING😳

  38. Completely naked man, no weapon. In handcuffs, being held down, still being mauled. Sooo… why was the dog necessary? Can you imagine how fucking painful that was? And he was being held down so he couldn’t even reach down to stop the pain, and obviously no “officer” cared enough to. Why is this allowed? Dogs should not be used to do the dirty work of humans. They could’ve very, VERY easily apprehended him. But nah, let the dog naw his leg off, then wonder why the public hates us and our dogs.

  39. Damn that last clip I thought that dog was going to rip his leg clean off. It wasn't the dogs fault, the handlers clearly have no clue.

  40. Stop resisting, stop fighting my dog, stop moving while he tears half of your calf away from your leg. Or give your hand! Oh im sorry, my dog is chewing on it.

  41. Why tell the guy to turn around when they are going to let a dog out on him also how do they expect someone to stand still while getting bit

  42. those cops don't have much control over their dogs!! and when they got the wrong man is disgusting!! but I mean to be fair you wouldn't stand naked in front of a cop dog that's just asking for trouble!!

  43. 4:17 look at the woman cop. You sure she is ready for takedown of criminals? Im not saying that women shouldnt go do police job, but atleast make them…more profesional

  44. 5:08 four cops on a man, who is nowhere near dangerous as he doesnt have any weapon clearly, two-three cops just standing around, and none of them thought "hey, maybe its a good idea to get that dog off the man who is clearly subdued."

  45. 5:26 good job police, he will only need to limp for a few months, deal with pain, and pay for hospital. Great job. Now you all probably feel safe, yeah?

  46. Police should not be using dogs because theyre too much of a pussy to do the job themselves. Dogs are not fit for this theyre stupid and are way too damaging to the suspect leaving them fucked up.

  47. Let this police officer also taste the bite of dog , and tell them not to resist then we will rescue them till the dogs eat the police officers

  48. Police don't teach the dogs to let go. Once it on, you have to do everything you can to get it off because it won't listen to their handlers. I think that's part of the problem. I've seen a video of an old woman taking out the trash and was mistaken for a criminal. The woman suffered the dogs attack until they finally pulled the dog off. Imagine if it were a child..

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