CANADIAN LYNX –  Amazing Animal Species

CANADIAN LYNX – Amazing Animal Species

Ranging throughout canada, alaska and into
some parts of the northern united states The canadian lynx is a shining example of
feline adptability Earning its spot at the top as an apex predator Its most defining characteristic is its furry
ruff Looking somewhat like a double-pointed beard It also has long furry tufts on its ears And a short tail with a black tip Its broad oversized paws help this animal To easily maneuver through the deep snow As a specialist predator The canadian lynx preys almost exclusively
on snowshoe hares Which change from white to a rusty brown depending
on the season Because of their well-balanced relationship Both populations fluctuate together In a 10 year cycle From abundance to scarcity and back again Canadian lynx populations face pressures placed
on them by human activity Trapping is one of the main sources of population
decline Each Lynx pelt can fetch upwards Of several hundred american dollars And are often used to make fur coats Because the canadian lynx is such a rare animal There are no up to date population estimates
for any region Making it difficult to increase its conservation
status For now they are listed under the category Of least concern

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  1. How cruel to trap such an amazing animal just to make silly coats. I can't stand people like those. We can keep ourselves warm without an animal's fur. And using animals to experiments without even a good reason is also silly. I mean come on guys!! They are living creatures. Not things you can just cut!! Can't they understand that!! I'm not even adult, and I know that doing something silly as this is a waste of time!! You can lay a trap if for example, to move an animal from this place, to another so that it can live a happier and healthy life. But laying a trap to kill them and because of something they have that we want, is just sick!! I love animals and I HATE animal killers!! Especially those who does it for silly things!!!

  2. canadian lynxs are literally the most beautiful creatures i have ever seen i cant belive how beautiful they are

  3. How some people don't feel bad to wear such a beautiful creature's skin ??? The more i think the more i don't understand.. I guess i'il never understand this practice. If someone stole those people clothes they must be the angriest even if it doesn't do any harm to  their life yet they stole the skin from others that need to be paid with their innocent life without any single benefits for them.. All they get is "Being Skinned".and  "Sleep forever". . 🙁   

  4. whenever I see a woman wearing natural furs, I literally get sick to my stomach. I got a pair of natural seal fur boots as a present when I was a kid, and I could never wear them, I buried them in "storage" to find them completely eaten by moths ten years later, when I was cleaning up the closet.


  6. God dammit humans you all disgust me you pathetic and stupid race. I am sad to be part of this "race". Why must this earth be plagued by you discussing creatures. You kill innocent animals for their fucking skin. For shame and damn you all to hell!   

  7. I was lucky enough to go on a hunt for one of these cats last year. got a really beauty, and the taxidermist did a great job stuffing him. its now a life size mount in my man cave. every time i look at it i get great memories of an amazing hunt with amazing friends!!

  8. If you want to keep up to date on lynx research as well as seeing some interesting wildlife photos from said lynx research, check out and like

  9. You would think that their numbers being difficult to track would be reason enough to protect them

  10. Even though they are listed under the category of least concern this doesn't mean hunters and related people have to keep on hunting them…

  11. I'm pretty sure if humans die out due to climate change or nuclear war it's gonna be good news to animals because if climate change is the cause animals could slowly change and adapt to the different climates and for nuclear war we can look at how wildlife has adapted over the years in Chernobyl. No humans = better Earth.

  12. I saw a post on Nat Geo #Paulnicklen instagram of this creature. It's so beautiful. Not a cat person but I'd like to see one and hold it once! <3

  13. I will really never ever understand how can a person wear a fur of an animal in these conditions of world. They deserve the worst thing's worst if they know what they do. if they dont we have to show them.

  14. Why was Newfoundland left out of the Habitat? We get them here… Quite common actually.

    Question: If nobody has done a recent population survey, on what grounds do you have to say they are rare? I've been hearing the same thing spouted about Seals in the North Atlantic but they are also marked under least concern.

  15. came here to see a lynx. Was not disappointed. Gotta love the bond between the lynx and the hare. both beautiful creatures.

  16. I use to trap. Until one day I was checking my traps and saw something that most trappers see on a regular basis. A bobcat had crewed it's foot off to escape. Like an alcoholic, I had what you call a moment of clarity.. I never trapped again after that. I sold my traps and bought a camera and started shooting pictures of what I use to trap… The lynx is such a beautiful animal. It sickens me now to see these great hunters killed for their fur.

  17. The music incredibly unfitting. It sounds like you're talking about lost fairies or something instead of a wildcat that's having its food or life taken away from it. Not to mention, you could talk a fucking auditorium to sleep.

  18.…Hi all Canadians whom love animals and wish to see Canadian animal protection laws upgraded please see and sign this online Cdn gov't petition the gov't is currently debating bill C-246 to upgrade the laws, we nned all MP"s to support to pass this bill.

  19. Every animal looks beautiful with their fur on, where GOD put it!!! There is no reason to kill an animal for it's coat, when any animal fur can be manfactured to look like any animal fur!! Make the fucking coat, don't kill for it you asses!!

  20. The Sick People who buy Fur products are environment criminals . In this day and age there are plenty of Man made Fur imitation cloths .

  21. There are. 480 million wild cats in the U S A that have wiped out more than 200 species of birds 🦅 To save our birds maybe we should ask these trappers to get rid of a few 100 million of these wild cats . I couldn’t believe that their is a market for these precious lynx furs when there are way too many wild cats that are smaller maybe but it’s virtually the kind of creature now , now that they have adapted to the wild , I believe they should be hunted and trapped to a manageable level and replace valuable lynx fur with another wild-cat fur and save our birds . Anyone game ? Not sorry for the pun .

  22. It's so mean to trap an animal they have life too I wish all of these humans that trap animals would be dead I would be very very happy if they would animals have lives too like you humans they are beautiful creatures why would you humans trap them

  23. Beautiful cat. If I saw him I would leave him alone though. I wouldn't mess with him. He looks cute but could be dangerous.

  24. Decline?…you mean decline to the level of "Least Concern"? . They are doing just fine, while continuing to be trapped, as they have for decades and centuries. Lynx are not going anywhere, ESPECIALLY if they continue to be hunted/trapped – which adds far more interest AND conservation money to their cause than any bleeding heart emotional stance full of Disney driven rhetoric ever has/will. Trap on! (I will be…)

  25. Le lynx, animal somptueux, qu'il faut protéger au mieux! et préserver aussi son environnement pour qu'il puisse survivre comme tant d'autres espèces animale, vitale pour nous et notre avenir!

  26. There’s a whole lot that could be said but as long as you have dumbass’s that has just got to have the fur from these Gorgeous animals,,, they’ll be the next species on the endangered list …. All for money and so called development….

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