Cat Calls People To The Wall To Save His Kitten Friend Stuck Inside Of It | Kritter Klub

Cat Calls People To The Wall To Save His Kitten Friend Stuck Inside Of It | Kritter Klub

The neighborhood’s cheeky cat But don’t touch meow belly! Yeah~ That’s the spot~ Local/ Out of the blue, she strolls around and doesn’t leave Wut, you got sum problem?! Not only does she not leave but also seduces hoomans with his charm Push-and-pull expert After following her Followed me well, hooman Local/ If you try to touch her, she goes The closer you get, the farther she gets and winds up in the corner Just follow me, hoomans You’ll see.. But then..! Meow, meow PD/ Uh! What’s that sound? A crying sound coming from the wall She also listens attentively.. Following the sound.. The sound is coming from the gas exhaust pipe..? Using an endoscope camera Uh! I see it! I see it! Bright eyes starting back from a kitten!! Upon hearing the news The vet arrives on site.. Vet/ The kitten is exhausted The kitten can lose consciousness like this For hydration Provides water Setting aside initial wariness The kitten drinks hurriedly Rescue team/ We can’t take the kitten out through artificial means We should tear down the wall to rescue the kitten The kitten is in too deep, so there’s no choice but to tear down the wall With the residents’ permission To tear down the wall And rescue the cat The kitten cries out to let them know..! Now all that’s left is to cut the pipe PD/ The kitten is here? Around here! Slightly above the kitten Cutting little by little Towards the light The kitten slowly comes out..! I was scurred What’s most worrisome is the kitten’s health Vet/ The kitten must’ve been starving so action needs to be taken immediately Transferred to the hospital and gets examination Vet/ The kitten couldn’t eat for days Dehydration is the most dangerous issue.. Stay at the hospital to keep updated with the kitten’s condition But.. How did the cat call for a rescue of the kitten..? Vet/ Animals also have a sense of ethics and morals So when the kitten was in danger The cat was signaling for a rescue The wall gets restored To prevent it from happening again The hole is blocked The cat is no longer seen A few days later, visits the hospital again The kitten’s condition improved..! Vet/ The kitten gained weight and was hydrated and has no other health issues If adopted by a good owner, the kitten would be so happy Are you waiting? Yeah.. Thank you for saving me..!

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  2. These people put in so much effort to save a kitten. In my country, beggars die every once in a while on the roadside but nobody even cares to give a Look or stop by to buy some food for the dying souls. Poooh. I wish I will be born in South Korea in my next life if there is a reincarnation.

  3. А первый кот смотрю любит полежать)
    P.S. спасибоо за спасение!

  4. Ahhh human, a devil and also an angel.
    They can destroy the world, but also can save the world.

    This video was so heart-warming

  5. Реву невозможно 😭😭😭 спасибо, добрые люди . И кошке спасибо, что привела людей на помощь !

  6. Дайтека угадаю, это не в России, у нас даже человеку такую помощь не окажут

  7. то чувство когда котика лечат лучше,чем тебя в платной клинике рф

  8. Supongo que se dieron cuenta de lo del gato y en vez de actuar al instante, prepararon cámaras y todo para grabar antes de siquiera llamar al veterinario ._.

  9. Кота туда специально засунули и создали ТОП контент для дураков))
    Сразу у них в руках оказалась шланг-камера, большая болгарка, маленькая болгарка. Преждевременно закрыть решетку трубой не додумались.
    И не похоже чтобы кот другой подзывал.

  10. 優しい韓国人の方達

  11. У нас бы уже давно болт положили , тип нехер гос.имущество портить , пусть умирает !

  12. لم يبقى لكم الا الشهاده وتكونون قد اخذتم الدنيا والآخره .الله يهديكم ويهدينا الى صراطه المستقيم .

  13. Me conmueve cuando las personas se comportan de una manera tan humana y realizan actos tan maravillosos como estos :") si tan solo todos fueramos como el gato que sin poder comunicarse con nosotros no dudo en pedir ayuda para su amigo atascado.

  14. takes him to the hospital
    dies of starvation
    takes him out of cage
    Well shit.. cut the cameras… we’ll get em next time boys

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