Cat Care : Removing Ear Wax From Cats

Cat Care : Removing Ear Wax From Cats

We’re here with Daisy today, to talk about
removing ear wax from a cat’s ear. Now there’s various reasons that a cat will get ear wax.
Mites can be a big one. Fungus can be another. Mites, usually they look a little bit like
coffee grounds that have accumulated in the cat’s ear. A, a fungus will have kind of a
yeasty smell if you touch it and then put it to your nose. In those cases you really
want to take the cat to the vet and have the vet treat them for mites, or treat them for
the fungus. Some cats get a lot of waxy build up just because they’re kind of a waxy cat.
Or perhaps they have food allergies or some other allergy. So I’ve put a little bit of
ear cleaner, cat ear cleaner on this little pad and we’re just going to reach around in
here, there’s a lot of little crevices in the ear. The outside of the ear you really
want to get that because it can get some build up there. These little crevices back here,
oh yes, she’s being such a good girl. Daisy is an incredibly well behaved cat and I’m
not even having to scruff her. Which is great. Alright, with a cat that’s a little less cooperative,
you see this loose, loose skin right here at the back of the neck. You can just scruff
that. It’s a great way to hold this cat secure, you can sort of press down a little bit, keep
them flat against the, the sink, the towel is really nice, or against the counter. The
towel is nice to give them something to put their nails into something if it will make
them feel secure. And it keeps your counter clean. And we’re going to come over here and
do the other side. There you go sweety. How’s that? Oh not a whole lot going on today. Now
for some cats the easiest thing to do is swaddle them in the towel. I wouldn’t do this with
a cat that you don’t know well. But for one of your own cats it can help them feel more
secure, and it can also keep them from using their little claws to, to try and fight anything
you’re doing that they don’t like. So you just want to get in here and clean around.
You really don’t want to go any deeper than where your finger will reach because you don’t
want to damage their ear, their eardrum. And a just nice gentle massaging motion. Hopefully,
it could actually, the thing that’s amazing about cat grooming is it can actually be pleasurable
for the cat if you take the right attitude. Doesn’t that feel good? Doesn’t that feel
nice and clean? Oh aren’t you a good kitty Daisy? Yeah, and look your ears are so pretty.

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  1. Just had one problem with one of ours. But ours are mostly indoor and harnessed when out. My wife and I don't like the loose cats coming by because we don't know where they have been and under proper vet care. It takes just one bite or scratch to make your cat sick because of someone elses. CHEERS!!

  2. Just about any word can take on any part of speech, so technically, it is, though it isn't in the dictionary 😀 In this case a noun was made into a adjective.

  3. I notice the speaker uses the same pad to swab both ears-it would be more prudent to use separate swabs so as to not possibly contaminate one ear if there is a problem in the other.

  4. @ChrisRokers
    Not really. I've seen so many comments like this an it really irritates me.

  5. f*** f*** f*** f*** f*** … that's all i see in YT comments. a lot of folks got filthy mouths today. maybe it can be cleaned like the filthy ear of the car 😀 … great vid there, & nice cat too ^^

  6. you're only getting 30% of the ear wax. The point is to clean the ears. The ear cleaner solution is meant to dissolve and loosen the wax deeper in the ear, so you're suppose to pour a few drops into the ear, rub lower on the ear, then wipe the excess near the top of the ear. The way you did it is like cleaning your own ear with a cloth. Yeah the outside is clean, but you completely miss the wax problem you were suppose to deal with.

  7. Being we have 3 cats I appreciate these videos . So I can help our kitties. Those of you that are rude .Why do you watch these videos? That doesnt make sense.

  8. @Snuggieschnauzer LOL I just read the description, and she is not a trainer. But I'll give her credit, it's a start in doing something for your cat. I have 3 cats and had a vet show me the proper way or read the instructions on the bottle of ear cleaner.

  9. @fairylvr she used the same pad on both ears because this is simply a ' how to ' video , she was showung ypu how to clean them cats ears. Common sense would to use another pad once its dirty. Also, you noted how it could spread infection. She clearly stated that if there is an infection you need to go to the vet. This is for cleaning ear wax only. Thought I'd help clear that up for you since you felt compelled to put the lady down for her guide on cleaning ear wax. Lets see your video!

  10. Honestly lady, where do you get these cats from?! SO well behaved!!!! My cat…hates water, hardly likes to be held unless you hold her like a new born baby on her back. If I tried this with her, she would try and wiggle her way away from me and then maybe scratch me in the process

  11. @Kim JaeJoong : You should never use human products on a cat unless you know it's safe, because there may be things in the product that cats are sensitive to, or it might even be toxic for the cat.
    If you don't have the product used in the video, I would suggest maybe using a little water instead – not much though, just enough to moisten the cotton pad. But I'm no expert, so ask your local vet if you want better advice. Good luck!

  12. My cat has a lump inside of his ear along with ear mites, I'm not sure if this lump is life threating or anything, but I clean the whole ear to prevent the cat from scratching it.

    Any solutions?

  13. My cat (God rest his soul) just had such nasty dirty ears, wash it out with a cotten swab and it'd be soaked with wax and such. Poor guy hated it but felt better afterward.

  14. I saw a video here of a cat with a lump, an the vet drained its ear and stitched it. Look up "ear hematoma" in cats.

  15. Had to treat my kitty with ear mite medicine and clean her ears. She is a sweet gentle kitty but doing this she tried to tear my face off hahaha! i had to take her by the scruff of her neck and hold her down and swaddle her tight in a towel. She was twisting, turning hissing and trying to bite and scratch me. I made it out with no scratches or bites thankfully. Hope the treatment works cause little kitty is very bothered by the mites. she is ok now…sleeping beside me on the bed 🙂

  16. This video demonstrates cross contamination by using the same cleaning cloth on both ears.  This video should be deleted.

  17. Well if my cat was that easy to groom, then i wouldnt be here. First thing i apply the drops for ear fungus ( doctor said Surolan is great) then i apply blood stopper to my wounds…

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