cat city

cat city

[screech] [Record scratch] Wait a second, How am I gonna pay for this? Hey, can I work here? Sure! Thanks. [Distant yelling] Hey, it’s not my problem. [Yelling] [Yelling, again] [Again] [And again…] [And again] [Yelling] You’re fired. [More yelling] [Continuously yelling] Hey. Can you shut up? [music]

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  1. The cat when its owner came to look for him: 😰😳🙅🏼‍♂️ ❌ The owner: somehow belives the cat isn’t her missing one

  2. Still my favorite short animation to date. Absolutely incredible. Everything from the art style to the music was near perfection and especially how the music matches right up with the part in the story

  3. My cat just picks up chicks I'm pretty sure. We've seen a couple small cats with girly collars around our house lately :/

  4. Today I tried showing this to my school group but couldn’t find it, i sent it later to the chat we have and those fucking assholes just made fun of me for some reason. YES RODRIGO IM TALKING ABOUT YOU, if for some reason you see this, just know I’ll never share cool cat animated videos with you again.

  5. I can relate to this
    I have tried to move out 5 times but there is always a dame kid screaming and it drives me crazy

  6. I personally think voice acting ruins some films.. e-e

    And I didn't like the drinking part. But the ending was way too cute.

  7. Люди такие беспомощные! Только котейка может нас успокоить 😉

  8. I almost had an experience like this, except it only happened two or three times. It was always late at night, and the screaming sounded like a baby animal. We lived by a river and a lot of our neighbors had weird animals, so I guess it's only natural for some selection to go on. Still disturbing and weird, though

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