Cat Stuck In A Tree Cries For Days To Bring Him Water To Survive | Animal in Crisis EP93

People’s eyes are fixed at.. A cat on top of the tree? Upon hearing a girl calling his name Bangwool the cat answers 4 days ago When the door was opened Bangwool went outside A family who was looking for him found him on top of a 10-meter high tree Managed to grab the twig The cat tries so hard not to fall The cat’s at risk of falling down from the tree.. People have no choice but to watch.. For 4 days The cat hasn’t eaten food or drunk water while hanging in the tree To help him out Lift the water bottle to top of the tree Must have been so thirsty Trying so hard to reach the water bottle Oh no, he’s trying to move The cat carefully moves to the bottle and manages to drink water Oh, he drinks! The cat’s slowly getting calm.. Since we can’t leave him on the tree anymore Called a rescue team for help Can’t he come down? The cat’s stuck on the tree? / Yes Vet : Where? As soon as the vet arrived The rescue begins As more people surround him Bangwool cries even louder Rescue Team : The tree is too weak, So fragile that it might be broken The tree is too weak and thin As time goes by Bangwool’s getting exhausted Vet : The cat could’ve climbed the tree with his claws But it’s too scary for him to go down the way went with his body toward the ground PD : Uh, the cat goes down It’s difficult for cats to go down due to physical limitations But then.. Magpies start to fly at him He might fall down from the tree.. Bangwool, no! To avoid magpies the cat climbs up even higher out of anxiety It must be so frightening for such a little cat.. Fire rescue vehicle’s arrived to save Bangwool Bangwool on top of the tree.. Even the ladder can’t reach Rescue Team : Can’t go higher or lower. That’s the best possible Top of tree isn’t reachable.. Rescue Team : If it was a tree near the road, the rescue is possible But the tree is placed too far away from the road The vehicle might fall to the side if the ladder goes farther There’s only one way to rescue the cat The rescue worker should climb the tree and catch the cat While everyone’s watching with concerns.. Decide to shake the tree to let him fall down to the safety net The cat’s gotten more scared and tries even harder not to fall Shake more Shake, harder! And then! The cat fell to the middle of the tree Grabbing the twig so hard, tries not to fall down Eventually.. The cat falls to the net! Owner : Bangwool, Bangwool In 4 days Bangwool finally went down to the ground The vet checks his condition Vet : He has little scar over here on both paws Also, he’s dehydrated due to lack of food assumption Except for that, he’s fine For the past 4 days on top of the tree.. Bangwool must have starved Hurriedly eats Sigh~ You went through a lot after running away from home It can be hard on cats’ livers when they starve for long Is the cat okay? Vet : He fell asleep when I was disinfecting his scars, He must be really tired Sleeps so hard.. Feeling bad.. Can’t imagine how tough it was for him After the examination is over The cat went back to his family’s embrace Vet : If it was a bit late, he could’ve had a fatty liver or problems in the liver which might require a long period of treatments Except for the high level of protein, he’s fine A few days later How’s Bangwool? Owner : He slept all day at home Think he was very tired after clinging on the tree for a long time Since then, he became a sleepyhead And one thing has changed about him Owner : He’s afraid of a high place now maybe because he’s struggled a lot on top of the tree Bangwool never dare to climb, but stays on the ground Don’t run away from home and be safe!

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