Cat thinks he’s been cheated on

Cat thinks he’s been cheated on

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  1. Hi everyone. Thank you for watching the video. You saw D'Artagnan, D'Artagnan's girlfriend and the purring cat (the one that almost ruined their relationship) in this video. These are three of our seven outdoor cats living in our garden. If you want to see more videos from them, check out this playlist: Btw, D'Artagnan is also known as "the staring cat" in our garden because he always stares at us when he demands food. The 3rd and the 4th videos in the playlist are purely about D'Artagnan and his staring habit. Don't miss those two clips! 🙂

  2. Ive watched loads of beautiful cat videos / stories but this one always does it for me if ever there was a perfect ending for me this is it. And now i can get on with my life honestly ! cats are my life i simply adore them and worship them beautiful ending i couldnt be happier. Tony from Edinburgh / Scotland

  3. I don’t know how you captured this, but it was amazing. I’m going to give you mad props for the story writing, the video editing, and the creativity of it all. I thought I was watching a soap opera. This warmed my heart soooooo much. I have been a cat mother my entire life and know the temperament of cats. I think you did a great job with capturing their sensitivity.
    Thank you for this.

  4. “Just a friend” – just admit what it was. You’re ashamed, you got caught so you deflect what really happened. He caved because he cares, because he didn’t want to lose the magic he had but little did you know that bit by bit distrust is building in him. Negative feelings, will this love you once shared remain? What about the “friend”? Next time you stumble on them it may be “that time of the season”.

  5. I loved this.. the music, the cat fam. Instead of making me want to nuke the earth from orbit it made me calm and happy..

  6. Don’t u love when people anthropomorphize. Not every time when ur dog looks at you he’s thinking “Why’re you sitting in my chair 😡🧐?!”

  7. Damn, I'm gonna say it, @1:57 That cat must have had some crazy kind of cat blueballs, why was the cats tail end (butt area) painted or dyed blue? Had he been recently neutered? Vets sometimes mark cats in paint/dye or tattoos, and some cats act like this for a little while right after being neutered, but the poor cat in the video just looks so depressed lol, I hope him and his gf worked it out. Or whatever they were to each other, all the same.

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