Cat Tries VR

Here go nuthing. Maisel, Maisel, wear 4 art thow Maisel? This gonna kill. No Time 4 plan B That gonna leave mark Why me so bad at dating? Sale on nintindo switch???” Oooh…me listening. That expensive! That also expensive…but better. Can’t talk. Gotta date. So many characters 2 choose from Hey good lookin. Wow, dis look so real. Ooh food. Me skipped lunch.” If game say so. Did me miss can? What me say? What me say? This gonna be good. Wut? She no liek fishes? Let’s go! It 3 pm. Now it 3:02 pm! She no like to leave on time? Is dis right? Me should have fork! I hope he not dead. Yum. So yum. Why popcorn so good? What? He no liek popcorn? Ooh, this guy handsome. Me can handle this guy! Showtime! Wait. Me dead? Fish for u!” Controller for u! Wut this lady liek? Flowers for u??? Finally! Me learning! One step closer to Love Guru. Take this handsome! How u doin? (shock and pride) Your chariot bb. Your hand bb? Wow. Your hand taste liek Phil foot. Popcorn so good…” …to share!” This romantic. Ooh man love 2 straws. This one gonna be hard. Just in case. What the? It not raining. (sounds of computer glitching) Dis is it. Moment of truth. This gonna kill. Dad no liek chocolate? Dis football right? These my boyz. Phew that was close. Me vry comitted. Time 2 lie Yes! This thrilling! Look out, Maisel! Me da love guru now. Dropped someting bb? A lil mood musik?” Me write someting 4 u. Made with luv. Yes. Who this guy touching my girlfriend? Me never get gurlfrend now. (swoon) I guess me Love Guru after all.

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